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What To Give Your Coworkers When You Leave


Saying goodbye has always been a sad affair. When you’ve stayed with someone for so long, the idea of bidding them goodbye weighs heavy on the heart. Even in workplaces, people get attached to their colleagues, and when the time comes to leave, it’s never easier.

If you’re leaving, you can turn the moment into a bittersweet one by getting your co-workers a gift. In this guide, you’ll find the top 28 gifts you can get your co-workers when you leave.


Gifts for your coworkers when you leave 1-10


1. A What to give your coworkers when you leave

Sometimes the best gift when you’re leaving is a farewell card. You can purchase the cards online, at a physical store or make them yourself. Make each card unique by writing a special message on it.



2. Motivational Quote Wall Art

Staying at work all day might not be so exciting. So, you can make it better by getting your co-worker a motivational quote wall art with a message of hope or encouragement.



3. A Good Reading Book

Some inspirational self-help books that will help a co-worker feel learned and motivated will be a great leaving gift. Such books tend to appeal to most people, so you can never go wrong with it.



4. Chopstick Pens Set

Get creative by buying a pair of chopsticks for your colleagues. They look exquisite since they have a china-inspired exterior, and they come in a nice-looking box. Imagine gifting someone a ball of pens that are disguised as chopsticks!



5. A Thank You Candle

Candles are some of the warmest gifts you could ever get anyone. You could buy candles with the word ‘Thank You’ and gift them to your co-workers. Now imagine a scented candle with a message or wishes.



6. A Colourful Keyboard Cover

Help your co-workers avoid spilling coffee or drinks on their keyboard by getting them a keyboard cover. It will help prevent mishaps and dust while giving their keyboard more style.



7. A Cell phone Stand and Pen Holder

For phone addicts, this will be the perfect gift. Get them a cell phone stand that comes with a pen holder for holding their favourite pens, scissors and pencils.



8. Digital Photo Frame

Everyone deserves a photo frame, especially co-workers who have families. You could get them a digital photo frame of their family. What’s more, a digital photo frame comes with an alarm clock and multiple slideshow modes.



9. An Inspirational Desk Calendar

We all need some encouragement to get through tough days, especially those slow Mondays. An inspirational calendar with uplifting messages for all 365 days of the year will be a thoughtful gift idea.



10. Coffee Mug Warmer

You shouldn’t let your co-worker drink cold coffee. Why not get them a coffee mug warmer that will keep their coffee warm throughout the day. The coffee warmer will heat the coffee, and the mug will keep it warm.



What to give when you leave your job 11-20


11. Mist Mini Humidifier

Most offices and workplaces have the A/C cranked up, especially in summer. This creates dry air, and as a result, people get dry skin. Make your co-worker feel hydrated throughout by getting them a mini mist humidifier.



12. Golf Club Pen Set

The best gift for golf enthusiasts would be a golf club pen set. Let them enjoy the moment when writing proposals using these golf club pens. The set comes with tiny golf balls, a flag and pens, making it perfect for desk-side décor.



13. Personalised Stationery

Have you ever imagined buying yourself personalised stationery? Probably the answer is no. Therefore, it’d be a brilliant idea to gift your co-workers personalised stationery.



14. Poker Bottle Opener

Everyone needs a bottle opener for their kitchen. It’s even more important to a colleague that loves having a bottle of beer now and then. Get them a unique bottle opener with a poker design such as the ace of spades.



15. A Legend Mug

Another perfect leaving gift is a Legend mug. You can have a playful message written on it, such as “You’re a Legend”. Have words printed on the front and backside to let your colleagues know what you think of them.



`16. A Microwavable Heat Pad

You ever heard your co-worker complain about how cold it gets in the office? You’ll be doing them a favour by getting a therapeutic heat pillow. It can be microwaved to offer some warmth, and it even gives relief from minor aches.



17. Farewell Games Bundle

A fun farewell games bundle is a group of printable playable game PDFs that people can play to relax. It can keep co-workers engaged during slow hours or breaks.



18. Chocolatier Classic Gold Ballotin

Chocolates are irresistible, and one of the most popular chocolate brands is Godiva. It’s known for its unique flavourful Belgium chocolate taste. The Classic gold ballotin comes with an assortment of Belgian dark and white chocolates, all in different shapes and patterns.



19. Sushi Pushpins

Sushi pushpins are gag gifts and they are purely for fun. Co-workers can use them to hang important reminders and information on the board. They’re quite cheap and funny, making them a perfect gift idea for when you’re leaving.



20. Under Desk Footrest

Anyone would love having somewhere to rest their feet while at work. A good under desk footrest is a fantastic gift for any co-worker. It gives a lot of comfort and relieves aches. Having a footrest is just like going for a foot massage while at work.



Coworkers gifts when you leave 21-30


21. Smart Planner

People tend to forget things easily, so having a smart planner should come in handy. Such a gift will guide your co-workers on living a better life without missing important tasks or events. It is a practical work gift!



22. A Customised Keychain

If you had formed a strong bond with your workmates, leaving will be so sad. You can keep the friendship alive by getting them a customised keychain with a message that reminds them of you. This way, they will remember you whenever they reach for their keys.



23. Wild Child Wines

This curated wine box of 8 tiny bottles of wine will make your co-workers smile. It’s an excellent way of trying out new varieties since the collection has Italian, Portuguese and Spanish wines.



24. A Bouquet of Flowers

Have flowers delivered to your workplace during this special occasion. Get fresh flowers that will make your co-workers feel valued and remembered. Sunflowers, orchids and lilies will be perfect for the official setting.



25. Fidget Toy Cube

Help ease the tension in the workplace by getting your colleagues a fidget toy cube. It’s a fun way to pass time, but it can also reduce anxiety and improve someone’s focus.



26. An Appreciation Necklace

Become sentimental and show your gratitude by buying an appreciation necklace. It should be a simple and beautiful necklace that compliments any outfit.



27. Water Bottle with a Marker

Drinking water is healthy, and there is a recommended amount for each day. A thoughtful parting gift idea would be a water bottle with a marker indicating different levels.



28. Colleagues Photo Frame

Lastly, you can take a photo of the whole office staff and have it framed. To make it even more special, you could have a message written on it. For example, you could write “The best colleagues”.



29. A Plant

A plant is a great way to show your appreciation and can be a reminder of your friendship.



30. A Subscription

A subscription to a magazine, newspaper, or streaming service make a great gift.



31. A Book

A book is a great way to show your appreciation and can be a reminder of your friendship.



32. A Customized Coffee Mug

A personalized coffee mug is a great way to show your appreciation.




Gift to your coworkers when you leave – Conclusion


It’s human nature to want to be remembered, and there’s no better way to help people remember you than getting them a special gift. A simple gesture of getting your co-workers a gift makes them feel special and remembered. I hope you find something useful from the list above and make your soon to be ex-co-workers feel remembered.


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