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What to give to your boyfriend for anniversary? Top 36 gifts


Anniversary is one of the most important things in any relationship, be it 1 year or 10 years. It is major progress that needs to be celebrated. Most couples choose to take a vacation, while others prefer a night out (a romantic reservation). A large percentage of people would go for something low-key like watching a movie at home.


Regardless of what you choose to do on your anniversary, it is recommended to buy each other anniversary gifts to show them their worth in your life. Now, the problem comes when choosing an anniversary gift, especially for your boyfriend. Worry less since this article will help you ease the pressure of finding the perfect gift for your boyfriend during your anniversary.


Below is a list of 36-anniversary gifts you can give your boyfriend and feel you have done something. The list has everything for every relationship in terms of class and price.


1. A sexy book

You can give your boyfriend a sex-oriented book to spice things up in the bedroom. For example, a V sexy book is full of sexual challenges will make him feel challenged and be the best in different ways.


2. A tie set

Getting your boyfriend a single tie is not a thoughtful anniversary gift. However, gifting him with a colour coordinated tie set with socks, pocket squares, and lapel flower is something he will live to appreciate.


3. Silver rings

You notice his wardrobe needs some shape up; get him a grey titanium ring to shake things a little bit.


4. Jacket

Go for a lightweight jacket, the ultimate crowd-pleaser. A lightweight jacket is a perfect puffer regardless of the colour for the seasonal transition.


5. A sleek watch

Probably your boyfriend owns a number of silver watches. Therefore, get him a sky liner mesh strap wristwatch to look cooler.


6. A clean wine

Buy him a bottle of sparkling wine when in doubt. A good one is AVALINE, not too dry, a not-too-sweet blend of organic grapes.


7. Stripped sweater

A striped sweater with multiple colours will go with anything he chooses to wear. Something he will remember you with every day he puts it on.


8. Pressure relief pillow with cases

White is a perfect colour. These amazing pillows are a sign of love. Super luxe pillows offer a signature adaptive support and cooling effect thanks to the gel layer on both sides.


9. All-in-one frying pan

This do-it-all pan is a product that is worth the hype and anniversary gift. This pan is made as an alternative to 8 other traditional cookware. This will reduce his dirty dishes.


10. A duffle bag

Most men use their go-out bag until it has seen it all. Upgrade his old bag with a new, super sleek duffle bag.


11. A 3 in 1 charging stand

This is the best way he can charge three of his devices at once wirelessly without worrying about clattering his nightstand. Whenever he is not using a cable to charge his devices, you will be in his mind.


12. A wooden docking stand

This is more personal, especially when you craft his name on it. Gift him this amazing gift on your anniversary to help him have a nice place to rest his phone, wallet, glasses, and watch.


13. Toilet timer

These are among the anniversary gifts that will smile on his face. A toilet timer will help him when he takes too long in there.


14. Remote control monster truck

Who said that kids only should play with remote control cars? If you know he will agree with you, gift him a monster truck with high speed on your anniversary.


15. Play Station 5

If he is a gamer, why don’t you surprise him with this amazing Play Station to keep him busy all day at home?


16. Beer cocktail kit

Update his regular beer with a new set of kits to create a new drink when with the boys at home.


17. A personalised watch box

You can pick any personal font to customise the glass with initials or any favourite name. You can add a single new watch to add to his collection.


18. Annual garden membership

Learning never ends. Gift your annual man membership for gardening classes taught by professionals. Let him learn to make the same things in different, more improved ways.


19. Ribbed-knit beanie

Surprise him with a new ribbed cap. The colours will depend on his preferences and choices, but black is always accepted. Ribbed beanies are always stylish and cosy.


20.Beard trimmer

Of course, if he has beards. After several months of cuts and nicks, he deserves nice state-of-the-art clippers. It is ideal for a clean-up or full shave.


21. Wireless ear buds

Give him the freedom to listen to his favourite music for more than 8 hours without worrying about recharging these wireless headphones. He will have a personal moment listening to music when going to work or the gym.


23. Personalised boxer

Depending on how you two relate, a personalised boxer with “property of” will give him a smile as you unwrap anniversary gifts. Brand your name and anniversary date on it to remind him of the basics.


24. Personalised socks

Get a cotton sock. He will be happy either because the socks have his name or initials, or the irresistible soft cotton or both.


25. A vintage laptop bag

It is a perfect anniversary gift for a man who likes to go out. He can stash his workout clothes, electronics, and other essentials. These bags are comfortable.


26. Bluetooth speaker

Get a wireless speaker to reduce the number of wires running on the floor. He can play his favourite songs anytime and anywhere in the room or outside since BT speakers are portable.


27. Pyjama pants

He will need something warmer as winter approaches to wear on frosty nights. He could be out wearing shorts and in the house with black pyjama pants.


28. Personalised plant pot

If he has been longing to shake things up in his space, try to buy him a decorative or personalised plant pot in different designs.


29. Skincare starter kit

Men also love and need a good skincare routine. Therefore, ensure your Babyboy has the best skincare products to have precious skin.


30. Beard conditioning kit and beard wash

If he has been out for too long, he will probably need some grooming assistance. A perfect solution is to gift him with beard conditioning shampoo and beard wash.


31. Bike phone mount

It is not for texting or calling while riding the bike. This bike phone mount will help him when he needs to use the GPS while riding. Make the anniversary the best day to show him you care about the safety of his accessories.


32. A water bottle

If you have an extrovert boyfriend, he will appreciate a water bottle customised with his name.


33. A cigar box

If he is a cigar kinda guy, gift him with a cigar humidor box to ensure his beloved is in pristine condition.


34. Slides

There is nothing wrong with gifting your boyfriend with a pair of slides to wear every day. Black can do the magic.


35. Leather sneakers

If he has been talking about everyday shoes (dressy and casual), he will appreciate a leather pair of shoes.


36. New bed sheets

Nothing is more relaxing than going to sleep with fresh pair of sheets from your loved one. White will go with almost everything, décor.


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