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What to give to a friend who is grieving? Top 33 gift ideas - Gift Geniuz
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What to give to a friend who is grieving? Top 33 gift ideas


Top 33 Gift Ideas to Give a Grieving Friend


When a friend is grieving, it can be challenging to find the right gift. However, some fun and heartfelt gifts will make the person feel loved and appreciated. From flowers to books, here are 33 great ideas to help your friend cope with their grief.



1. A Wellness Package

This bundle contains essential oils, wipes, detox items, and other accessories. Your friend will use it for self-care and rejuvenation during this challenging time.



2. A Cuddly Card

Write a comforting message to your friend on a lovely card. You can add some of their favourite flowers, so they feel comforted. Flowers always make the situation better.



3. An E-Book

This is one of the most thoughtful gifts for anyone going through grief. You can get them books about loss, love, and grief, or you could even write them a book on coping with loss.



4. A Collection of Their Favorite Songs

If your friend like music, this is something they will love. Find music that is easy to understand.



5. A Group of Memories

If your friend wanted to create a special box of pictures, create a book of photos with all their favourite memories. This can be a very thoughtful gift that they will cherish for years to come.



6. A-List of Their Top 5 Favourite Things

This is an excellent gift for anyone who wants some reminders about the good times with the person who has passed away. This can help people from getting grief overload and keep them from feeling lonely and isolated.



7. A Comfort Food Basket

This is another thoughtful gift for someone going through grief. The person will be reminded of their favourite foods and that the world hasn’t ended.



8. A Gift Card to Select a Flower Shop

If you have time, take your friend to the flower shop and select flowers meant to help deal with grief.



9. A Fur Doll

A fur doll is very healing. They will feel comforted that they can cling to something in the rough times. They can hug the doll and feel better.



10. A Locket of Memories

This is another thoughtful gift for someone who is grieving. It can be a photo of their friend, an item they have made, or anything special they did while they were alive that will make them smile when they look at it.



11. A Grief Yoga Online Course

This is great for someone who is grieving but can’t get much physical exercise because of their grief. They can take an online course and learn about their emotions, mindfulness, and grieving. This will help them to cope better when the time comes to work through their grief.



12. A Gift Card for a Psychic Reading

This is perfect for someone who wants to know what they should do in the future or what they should be doing this week or month while grieving. The person can go online or go to a psychic reading in person.



13. A Short Vacation

Many people crave time off to get a break from their grief. A short vacation for a week or two will give them some mental focus and quiet time to reflect on life and what they want to do in the future.



14. A Service Dog

This will help someone who is grieving and wants some company. This will help them feel less alone while they grieve.



15. A Custom-Framed Photo

They have lost a loved one. This can be a helpful thing to do as they grieve and understand more about their loss. They can take a picture of their loved ones, and the portrait will be set up in a beautiful frame.



16. A Teddy Bear

This will help them remember them more often even though they are away from home. A teddy bear is not only going to remind them of their loved one, but it’s also going to help comfort them when they feel sad or lonely for some reason or another.



17. A Coffee Mug

This one is going to help them get their daily dose of caffeine. They will be able to nurse a cup of coffee or tea as they are trying to get through each day while grieving.



18. A Comfort Gift Box

A box full of hand-selected items can help them get started on the road to recovery. They can grab a few items, and they will open the box and be surprised with a little memento or token of how much their loved one was loved.



19. A Flower Bouquet

Flowers have always been a favourite gift to most people. Maybe you can consider getting this person a bouquet once they are ready to move ahead and start on their next day.



20. A Compassion Throw Blanket

These will be an excellent item for them to add to their house or their favourite chair. They won’t have to keep the blanket tucked away in a drawer, and they will be able to use it daily when they are feeling down or not quite ready for bed.



21. Scented Candles

These will make the room smell nice and sweet for their house so that they can smell something nice and sweet every day.



22. A Gift Card

This is going to be perfect for them. What better way of saying thank you to the person that helped them through some tough times to give them a gift card? Let them know they are not alone.



23. A DVD Player/Games Console

This can help pass the time when their loved one is gone. Put on a movie or play those games that the person was into when they were with them. It is also a big treat, showing how much they care.



24. A Bar of Chocolate

There is nothing better than getting a piece of a bar of chocolate. This person has been through a lot, and they will be so happy to get something nice.



25. A Succulent Plant

This plant is going to need a lot of care. The best part is that this person doesn’t have to give it water or anything like that. This will provide them with something nice to look at, and they will be able to talk about their loved ones when they are lonely.



26. A Shopping Voucher

This is going to be perfect for them. Let them know that they are not alone, which is a way of saying thank you. This can include clothing, home decor, or even a new cooking appliance.



27. An Adjustable Bracelet

This is a token of their love. Let them know that they are missed and that you do care. This is a great way to tell them that you will always be there for them.



28. A Gift Jar

This is going to be perfect for them. If they have a kitchen, this will help them organize their recipes and cooking utensils. It will also be great for storing anything they need in the kitchen.



29. A Onesie

This will keep them warm and cosy, plus they can sleep in it all the time. They won’t be cold or uncomfortable at night. They will feel safe and comfortable.



30. A Back and Neck Massager

This will help them relax and forget about their pain. They will have a nice time using this machine, and it can help them get past that soreness. This will provide them with a fabulous gift.



31. An Infusion Infuser

This will be great for a friend or family member to make tea in the evenings with the addition of the infuser they received. There are so many different varieties of these; you can make iced tea, hot tea, and even herbal teas.



32. A Memorial Plant Gift Tree

This type of tree will last for many, many years. It can be planted and cared for by family or friends. It will provide them with beauty and will honour the memory for many years to come.



33. A Dinner Date

There are so many restaurants in and around the local community. You can find the best restaurants in your area and take your grieving friend on a nice date. This will be fun relaxing, and they will enjoy every bit of it.



A gift to a grieving friend – Conclusion


There is nothing as difficult as dealing with grief alone is a tricky affair. If you have a friend going through such, you must be with them all through. Treat them to these gifts and experiences and let them feel loved.

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