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What is the best thing to give your girlfriend for her birthday? – Top 37


Here’s our list of best things to give to your girlfriend on her birthday!


1. Disney Beauty And The Beast Enchanted Rose Desk Light

If your girlfriend is the sort who prefers to live in a fairy tale, then this charming desk light will make her dreams come true.



2. Chemex Classic Coffee Filter

Any woman who takes her coffee seriously will appreciate this useful and efficient coffee filter.



3. Utoplike Bamboo Bathtub Caddy Tray Bath Tray for Tub

With space for a tablet, a mobile phone, food, drink and more, this caddy tray has everything your girlfriend could need the next time she enjoys an relaxing bathtime.



4. Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolour Bamboo Wooden Box

Is your girlfriend a painter? Then she will appreciate this handsome bamboo box that contains a set of twelve colours.



5. LED Bedside Standing Book Lamp

Some “book lights” are intended for reading books with. This is a little different: a lamp that is actually shaped like a book, complete with “pages” that glow when activated. A lovely gift to keep at the bedside.



6. Philips One by Sonicare Rechargeable Toothbrush

What could be more convenient than an electric toothbrush? A rechargeable electric toothbrush! With this, your girlfriend can save both time and batteries.



7. Versace Pour Femme Dylan Blue Eau de Parfum for her

A smooth, intoxicating fragrance that will utterly captivate anyone who catches a fume.



8. Box 42 Date-Night-In-a-Box

For a gift that has everything, why not try one of these goody-crammed boxes? A number of different variations are available, from the Funfair Champions box (containing popcorn, cream soda, games, DIY kissing booths and more) through to the Undercover Agents box (with novelty disguise accessories, mystery puzzles, a Spotify playlist and other appropriate items).



9. Best of Breed Cat BB248 Glass Photo Frame 3D Words

If your girlfriend is a cat lover, then she will appreciate this 6×4 frame that is decorated with cat-themed words and phrases. Just the place to put a cherished photo of a furry friend.



10. Best of Breed Wooden Collage Dog Frame

If, on the other hand, your girlfriend is more of a dog person, then this frame will be more appropriate. With space for four separate photos surrounded by wood, there is ample room to celebrate a pampered pooch.



11. HappyPicnic Wicker Picnic Basket Set

If you enjoy spending time outside with your girlfriend, then here is a gift that you can take together; or, alternatively, she can use when on a trip out with friends. With plenty of compartments, there is room for a veritable feast in here.



12. Vistaprint Personalised Mug

The photograph of your choice can be turned into a lovely coffee mug. Just the thing if you have a cherished moment that you would like to see immortalised.



13. Hotel Chocolat Gift Subscription

The esteemed Hotel Chocolat offers two varieties of subscription. One is the Sleekster Subscription, allowing you to arrange for a specific box of chocolates to be delivered every one, two or three months. The other is the Monthly Curated Collection option, for a tailor-made subscription.



14. Long Distance Touch Bracelet Set

If you are prevented from spending time with your girlfriend for a while, then this two-piece gadget will remind her that you are always thinking of her. When you tap your bracelet, your partner’s own bracelet will light up and vibrate.



15. The Ozu Collection: Three Melodramas

If your girlfriend is a film buff, then she will appreciate this BFI DVD collection bringing together three films by esteemed Japanese director Yasujiro Ozu. Tokyo Twilight, Woman of Tokyo and Early Spring are all included, plus an exclusive booklet.



16. Blissy Silk Sleep Masl

Made of 100% pure silk, this is a comfortable mask that blocks light, cools the wearer’s skin and retaines moisture. It is also available in a range of colour schemes, each one with a corresponding travel bag.



17. Personalised Toblerone

The official Toblerone website includes a quick and simple feature for crafting a Toblerone in personalised packaging. Choose a design and flavour, then enter a name and message, and the custom Toblerone will be yours to buy.



18. Chococo Personalised Happy Birthday giant milk chocolate bar

If you would like to go further than just personalised chocolate packaging on your girlfriend’s birthday, then perhaps consider this plus-sized chocolate bar from handcrafted chocolate specialists Chococo. Your girlfriend’s name will be written on the bar itself in icing.



19. Prezzybox Personalised Face Cushion

If your girlfriend would like to snuggle up with you even when you are not around, then here’s the answer. Provide a photograph of your face, and Prezzybox will print it onto a personalised cushion.



20. Adopt a Penguin from WWF UK

With this gift, your girlfriend can help protect penguins (and really, who could turn down such an option?) and receive a cuddly penguin, a welcome pack, a certificate of adoption and regular updates on how the penguin is doing.



21. Ororo Lightweight Heated Vest

Is your girlfriend the outdoors type? Does she enjoy going on long trips even in cold weather, or take part in winter sports? Well, this heated vest will help keep her warm.



22. Pug in a Mug Tea Infuser

Is your girlfriend a tea enthusiast? Does she find pugs irresistible? (Let’s face it, for most people, the answer to the second question will be “yes”). If so, she is sure to love this tea infuser shaped like a pug.



23. What I Love About You Fill-in-the-Blank Journal

For a gift that will both prompt creativity and strengthen a bond, this charming journal will make the perfect gift.



24. Lush Relax Gift Set

This gift set contains everything necessary for a relaxing time in the bath. The full contents are a bath bomb, a bubble bar, a bottle of shower gel and some creamy body lotion.



25. Margo Purple Slouch Jersey Top and Pinecone Print PJ Set

This complete pyjama set must surely rank amongst the most stylish sleepwear around. The woman in your life will love snuggling into bed wearing this combo.



26. Love Letters Of Great Men Volume 1

Love has lasted throughout history, and this book collects together romantic missives written by some of the most famous figures the world has seen. You can double up the gift by also buying volume 2.



27. Hitched Personalised Rose Gold Hip Flask

A truly beautiful hip flask, one with both a message and space for your girlfriend’s name.



28. Posh Totty Personalised Russian Ring Necklace

This is a beautiful necklace with three areas that can be personalised with text. You can also choose between sterling silver or golf-plating, along with different types of chain.



29. Moon Lamp 3D Printing Photo with Engraved Words

For a gift that is both useful and deeply personal, this is hard to beat. A round lamp customised with a photograph of yourself and your lover, available in a range of different sizes and with space for a personalised message.



30. Smart Gifts Herbal Retreat Gift Box

Containing hand and nail cream, teas (plus a mug to enjoy them in), a luxury bath melt, a herbal candle, a relaxing eye mask and other lovely items, this will give your girlfriend all she needs for a relaxing time in the bath.



31. Personalised Rustic Carved Wooden Heart Dish

This is a delicately-crafted wooden dish, shaped like a heart and with a rough bark border. With space for a personalised message, this will be a beloved place for your girlfriend to keep trinkets.



32. Lovehoney Position of the Week Dice

If your girlfriend will appreciate something a little naughty, perhaps you could buy her these hilarious “position of the week dice”. One toss will determine how you spend your night.



33. 100 Cocktails Scratch Off Bucket List

Is your girlfriend a cocktail connoisseur? If so, this is a gift that will challenge her taste buds!



34. Hitched Personalised Velvet Quilted Makeup Bag

A gift that is useful, attractive, and blessed with a personal touch. What more could be asked for?



35. Adore Infinity Galaxy Rose

A truly spectacular conversation piece, this is a glass rose wrapped in coloured lights, all protected by a dome; the effect is just as magical as it sounds.



36. Lovemygifts Personalised Purple Reed Diffuser

Containing fragranced oil, a set of reeds and a place for your girlfriend’s name, this is charming and attractive gift.



37. Personalised Stainless Steel Luggage Tags – Life Is An Adventure

Finally, here is a charming two-piece set of luggage tags, bearing a positive slogan and space for each of your names.


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