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Sustainable Products on Amazon – The Amazon Aware Collection


Amazon has come under fire from customers and environmental groups in recent years for its lack of green credentials. From incinerating unsold inventory to its reliance on non-recyclable packaging, the retail giant seemed a long way off from achieving the net-zero goals laid out in its 2019 Climate Pledge. That plan established some rather bold objectives, with the retailer aiming to achieve net-zero carbon status by 2040. Whether or not Amazon can make good on these commitments remains to be seen, but the recent unveiling of Amazon Aware collection is a step in the right direction.



What is the Amazon Aware Collection? In what way are they sustainable?


Amazon Aware is a new range of products that have been certified as carbon neutral. The range includes just about everyday essentials you can think of, including beauty products, apparel, soft furnishings, and more. Every product in the range meets strict carbon neutral certification, although this doesn’t mean that products have been manufactured without producing any carbon emissions. Instead, Amazon assures customers that any product emissions have been neutralized by carbon offsetting schemes.



Amazon Aware Fashion and Apparel


Fast fashion is a growing concern. The fashion industry is thought to be responsible for around 10% of annual carbon emissions. Furthermore, garment production requires around 93 billion cubic meters of water every year. This accounts for around 4% of Earth’s freshwater reserves. Many manufacturing centers are located in developing countries, with garment production not just consuming local water supplies, but also polluting them. All of this might be easier to accept if it wasn’t for the fact that around 85% of textiles end up in landfills every year. In simple terms, the fashion industry in its current form isn’t sustainable.

For consumers looking for a more environmentally-friendly choice of fashion, there’s the Amazon Aware collection. All products within the range score top marks for sustainability. Many product lines have been created with fabrics from recycled sources, while other products boast Organic Content Standard (OGS) certification. This means that any new fabric used is derived from sustainable sources that have been grown organically. Across the board, apparel sold under the Amazon Aware banner comes with a significantly reduced carbon footprint.

Eager to commit to a greener future, but don’t want to sacrifice your style credentials? The Amazon Aware collection won’t disappoint. Looking for premium knitwear that won’t break the bank? You’ll find an impressive range of crews made from sustainable sources. Ready to embrace wholly recycled materials? The Amazon Aware range includes plenty of garments that have been produced with reclaimed fibers for minimal environmental impact.

Just because you’re dealing with a garment made from recycled materials, doesn’t mean you should expect anything less when it comes to finishes and fit. The Amazon Aware Women’s Sherpa Jacket is made from 100% recycled polyester, with the sherpa fabric just as soft as anything made from virgin materials. Meanwhile, the generous fit makes it the ideal piece for layering.

Looking for something more casual? The Amazon Aware Women’s Puff Sleeve Sweatshirt is an ideal addition to any wardrobe. Made from a combination of organic fibers and recycled polyester, this relaxed sweat makes perfect loungewear or an ideal base for casual ensembles. It’s also available in a range of beautiful colors that will effortlessly coordinate with your everyday staples.

Male customers are also well catered for, with a full range of everyday essentials and more stylish staples. Standouts include the Amazon Aware Men’s Sherpa Jacket, which is available in classic white, black, green, and tan. For the snappier dresser, the Amazon Aware Cotton Straight Leg Chino is sure to impress. Available in an array of versatile colors, these chinos will become a firm favorite of any casual wardrobe.

Whether you’re looking for ethical outwear, sustainable staples, or rugged denim that will last you for years to come, Amazon Aware apparel has something for everyone. What’s more, just about every piece from the range holds its own against off-the-rail fast fashion when it comes to attention to detail and design credentials.



Sustainable Bed & Bath products on Amazon


Looking for sustainable alternatives to your usual soft furnishings and textiles? Amazon Aware’s bed and bath range includes plenty of options to consider. The Amazon Aware 100% Organic Cotton Sheet Set has everything you need to bring some comfort to your bedroom. Available in a variety of colors, these sheets also boast a 300 thread count, making them a luxurious option for those seeking eco-friendly alternatives to Egyptian cotton.

As well as bedroom linen, there are plenty of bathroom staples to discover. The Amazon Aware Ribbed Bath Towel collection includes everything from washcloths to bath sheets. You have a full range of colors to choose from, while every piece is made from 100% organic cotton for comfort and sustainability. Despite their green credentials, these towels are very absorbent, while double-stitched edges make them incredibly durable.



Sustainable Beauty products & Cosmetics


While the fashion industry regularly comes under fire for its carbon emissions and water consumption, the environmental impact of the cosmetic and beauty sector tends to be overlooked. However, the combined factors of microbead and plastic pollution, excessive resource consumption, and non-recyclable packaging make the beauty industry one of the worst offenders for carbon emissions and air pollution.

Thankfully, the Amazon Aware collection has plenty of solutions for consumers looking to reduce their carbon footprint when buying cosmetics and beauty products. Take Amazon Aware Daily Body Wash for example. This gel-based cleanser is not only vegan-friendly, it comes in a recycled aluminum bottle and boasts a reusable pump. You can also buy a refillable version of this cleanser, further reducing your environmental impact.

Looking to replace your current face cleanser with something more sustainable? The Amazon Aware Balancing Face Cleanser is the way to go. This vegan-friendly formula includes extracts of calendula and arnica, without the addition of harmful fragrances. As with the previous product, this face cleanser comes in a recycled bottle, with refillable options available.



Sustainable Amazon Household Essentials


Cleaning products are an essential part of everyday life. However, we often overlook their environmental impact when loading them into our shopping baskets. Although the Amazon Aware everyday essentials range is currently rather limited, there are a few great products available that can help you mitigate your impact on the natural world.

First up is Amazon Aware All Purpose Cleaning Cloths. These reusable cloths can replace disposable wipes and paper towels. Furthermore, they’re far more durable than other reusable cloths on the market.

The United States is the leading consumer of toilet paper on the planet, with the average American getting through more than 140 rolls every year. Swapping out your current brand for Amazon Aware Toilet Paper is a good first step to reduce your carbon footprint. This 2-ply toilet paper is made from 100% recycled paper and includes no plastic packaging whatsoever.



Make the Swap to Sustainable Products with Amazon Aware


As more of us make the switch to online shopping, we need to seriously reconsider the products we’re buying. In the past, sustainable products have been hard to find, or come with a premium price tag attached. However, with online ranges like Amazon Aware making sustainable products more affordable than ever, we can all be more eco-conscious in our buying habits.


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