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The best running gifts for her in 2023 – Top 33


The number of women participating in running has continued to rise over recent years. When looking to buy a running gift for mums, sisters, friends and relatives who run, the choice of products can seem pretty extensive.


The following is a selection of the best running gifts for the year ahead for the women in your life who run. Such gifts are an ideal way to show support and to help them achieve their running goals.



1. Running Shoes

Most runners are very brand conscious when it comes to running shoes once they find a comfortable pair which suits their running gait. If you are considering running shoes as a gift, go shopping armed with the recipient’s favored brand and model of shoes.



2. Hoodie

An excellent multi-functional gift option, hoodies are not only good for keeping warm while exercising, but are also ideal as a pre-run or post-run garment too.



3. Garmin

Another multi-functional piece of kit, one which not only allows you to accurately chart your route and heart rate, but can also play your favorite, inspirational songs.



4. Tech T-shirts

Tech t-shirts wick away the moisture as you run, helping to make you feel more comfortable on training runs.



5. Sports Bra

For female runners a correctly fitting sports bra is on a par in importance to correctly fitting running shoes. Bounce free sports bras are designed to be customized for a personalized fit.



6. No Show Running Socks

Stylish low cut no show running socks can provide a feel close to running barefoot. Look for a breathable sock which also offers good cushioning.



7. Compression Socks

Socks can make or break a run, and each runner will have their favored type. Compression socks can aid recovery while offering stability to the muscles and ankle.



8. Joggers

Comfort while running can never be over-estimated, and the looser fitting of running joggers can be ideal for work-outs as well as looking good as casual-wear too.



9. Performance Gloves

Reliable gloves which keep your hands warm, as well as being water and wind resistant, help make any winter run more enjoyable. Reflective gloves also make you more visible to other road users.



10. Tweed Beanie Hat

Not only do beanies look the part when running, this cosy style of headgear helps keep in the warmth on those cold winter runs. Thicker, tweed beanies are designed to keep you particularly toasty.



12. Visor

Not every runner likes wearing caps or beanies, so a visor can be a good alternative as it is cooler and more breathable, yet still offers protection to the eyes from the sun.



13. Ponytail Fleece Cap

These caps have openings for ponytails, while also having drop down fleece protectors for the ears and neck which are ideal when running during the colder months.



14. Stretch Arm Pocket

A practical gift where runners can store their phone and gels. Stretch arm pockets come in a whole range of fun colors and can be reflective too for added safety.



15. Recovery Sliders

Sliders are a great addition to a runner’s kit, ideal for wearing around the house after a run to offer support to the arches of the foot and the lower body in general.



16. Base Layers

Running base layers can be worn throughout the year as they wick away sweat and help regulate body temperature. When wearing a lightweight base layer further layers can be added when needed to match weather conditions.



17. Thermo Tights

Thermo tights keep the leg muscles warm and comfortable during winter runs without the need for additional layers.



18. Headlamp

If your runner clocks their miles during the darker hours, then a quality headlamp is an excellent safety tool to help them see ahead and make them visible to others.



19. Running Journal

Runners love to chart their progress, and a running journal or diary is the perfect gift in which they can record all their training runs and races.



20. Lightweight Shirt

Lightweight shirts are a sure sign the summer sun is back. Look to buy technical lightweight shirts or those made from merino wool for runners as they are more breathable.



21. Trail Shoes

If the runner you are buying for prefers off-road running then a pair of trail shoes are a must. These shoes provide all-important grip and are more robust for the uneven surfaces.



22. Sunglasses

Running sunglasses not only help to protect the eyes, they are designed to remain in place as you run and as you sweat.



23. Shorts

Runners love shorts as it means warmer days. Shorts come in different styles and lengths, so have a little nose at your runner’s chosen style prior to purchase.



24. Wrist ID

This can prove a vital piece of kit. A wrist id is a small band on which you can put contact and medical details in the event of an accident when out running.



25. Flipbelt

This is a lightweight unisex fitness waistband, where your runner can easily and securely store essentials such as their phone and which is not prone to chafing.



26. Reflective Vest and Phone Holder

Safety when running is of paramount concern, and these reflective vests not only aid visibility to other road users, but allow you to carry your phone in case of emergencies.



27. Beanie Cap with Light

For those who love a beanie, the additional safety element of a light is an excellent bonus when running in the dark.



28. Rechargeable LED armband

This is another useful safety feature for night running, as the adjustable band combines LED lights and a reflective element to increase visibility to others.



29. Personal Alarm

Running as part of a group is not always possible, so if your runner runs alone then a running personal alarm can be a very appropriate gift.



30. Vibration Plate

Easy to use from the comfort of your own home, a vibration plate can complement running by providing an indoor body workout.



31. Back Pack

If your runner likes to put in the miles, then a running backpack will allow her to carry essential supplies and water on those longer runs.



32. Medal Hanger

If you are looking for a smaller, quirkier gift a medal hanger could be just the ticket. If you have spotted your runner keeps her hard-earned running medals dotted around the house, a medal hanger can display them in style instead.



33. Gift vouchers

It can be tricky to buy gifts for runners. If you are still unsure of what to buy, or uncertain of their size or favored brand, a gift voucher allows them to buy exactly what they need without the worry of buying the wrong product.


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