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Original and unique gifts for friends – Top 34 gift ideas


Are you looking forward to gifting your friend this season? Whether they celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or any other special occasion, thoughtful gifting goes a long way to strengthen your friendship.


Finding the ideal gift for your friend can be tricky no matter how much you know them. Again you don’t want to ruin the surprise by asking what gift they would love. You have to read their mind as they read yours.


Luckily, this guide shares original and unique gift ideas for friends regardless of the occasion. You can even mix them to create a custom gift basket.



A portable Bluetooth speaker

We all want one for ourselves. A portable Bluetooth speaker is a must-have these days as it comes in handy for listening to music when one is in the middle of nowhere, and it is a thoughtful gift for music lovers.



A personalised necklace

A custom necklace never goes out of style when it comes to gifting. You can customise using your friend’s name, nickname, initials or birthday month.



Boyfriend pillow

Your single friend doesn’t have to wallow in singledom anymore, thanks to the boyfriend pillow. It can cuddle her during the long nights, and it comes with the bonus of not snoring, farting or answering back.



A coffee maker

If you are willing to spend more on your friend, it doesn’t hurt to buy them a modern coffee maker if coffee is the first thing they think about in the morning. Even if that is not the case, it is a classic kitchen staple that everyone needs.



Wine box monthly subscription

A wine box monthly subscription is the best gift you can offer a wine lover, and it also brings an opportunity for long-distance friends to catch up and enjoy a happy hour of wine sipping.



Scratch off the world map

A scratch-off world map is a unique gift for the globe-trotting friend. It can help them track all the places they have been and make striking wall art.



An essential oil diffuser

If your friend loves aromatherapy, an essential oil diffuser is a perfect gift. You only have to add some essential oils to the pack and make a complete gift set for them.



A habit conditioning device

Whether it is smoking, ignoring their alarm, or biting their nails, a habit conditioning device gives your friend a shock whenever they do it.



Customised coasters

A good set of customised coasters make an excellent gift for a friend. Wood coasters are easy to customise with a name or a favourite quote.



A portable solar charger

Does your friend like being outdoors? A portable solar charger is a thoughtful gift if the answer is yes, and it can charge their devices so that they stay connected as they enjoy adventure out there. It also comes in handy during power outages and can help them stay connected even when off the grid.



Decanter Tags

Decanter tags are an excellent gift idea for the mixologist in your circle. They are customised with names of different drinks to eliminate the guesswork of figuring out which liquor is which.



A flower delivery

Flowers never go run out of style when it comes to gifting. Please find your friend’s favourite flowers, include a personalised message in the card, and surprise them.



Mindfulness and meditation cards

Mindfulness and meditation cards provide prompts and reminders for exercise and relaxation that one can do anywhere, anytime. They open the heart and the mind to promote wellness.



A personalised painting

Please select a favourite photo of your friend and have it painted for a wonderfully heartfelt gift.



Air purifier

An air purifier system cleans the air in your house by collecting the pollutants allowing everyone to breathe easy. It is a perfect gift for a friend prone to allergies.



A handheld massage device

A handheld massage device that delivers deep muscle massage is a thoughtful gift for a friend.



Candy club subscription box

A candy club subscription box is a thoughtful gift for your friend with a sweet tooth. You can have tasty sugar treats delivered to them occasionally.



Why you are my friend book

Why you are my friend book will leave your friend in awe as they read the cute little handwritten things you love about them. Ensure you include your favourite memories together.



Siblings by heart bangle

If you have a sibling from another mother, a bangle engraved with ”siblings by heart” is an adorable gift.



A customised yarn bowl

Thanks to a customised yarn bowl, the knitter in your circle is covered. It is designed to stop their thread from tangling as they knit or crochet.



A mobile photo printer

Your friend’s phone probably has thousands of digital images. A mobile photo printer allows them to print out sticky-backed photos from their phone instantly.



Beach day lounger wagon

A beach day lounger wagon with a chair serves as an all-in-one tool for relaxation on the beach for beach lovers.



Smoothie subscription box

Smoothies are nutritious, but we don’t always have the time to make them. Therefore a smoothie subscription box is a mindful gift for a friend.



Shed defender for the dog lover

Is your friend constantly complaining about dog hair all over the house? They will appreciate a dog onesie that fits snugly over their pampered dog to prevent the fur from getting everywhere.



Spa collection

We all need some time for ourselves. A spa collection basket contains everything your friend needs to pamper themselves at home.



A vertical garden

Even if your friend doesn’t have a green thumb, a vertical garden with cacti and succulents is a perfect home accessory. It doesn’t take up much space and improves the indoor air quality.



Champagne and chocolate basket

Celebrate your friend with a luxurious gift basket containing their favourite champagne, chocolates, wafers, cookies and sweets.



A custom photo book

Although digital photos are great, a custom photo book is accurate. Create a beautiful photo book of your friend’s treasured moments and surprise her.



Floaty pants

Floaty Pants are a thoughtful gift for your friend who likes relaxing in the water. It is a wearable device that allows hand-free floating for the ultimate relaxation in water.



Meal kits

Gift your friend a meal kit subscription that delivers recipes and delicious food ingredients for different dinners.



Fruit and cheese hamper

A fruit and cheese hamper comes with amazing cheeses, fruits and other goodies that complement them, a perfect gift for food lovers.



Makeup collection basket

A makeup collection basket is an adorable gift for your female friend. It may contain all the makeup essentials such as foundation, eyeshadow, lipstick, gloss, blush etc.



A fluffy bean bag

Do you have a friend who never appears to chill out? Gift them an original bean bag, and they won’t resist the urge to flop into the soft seating.



Custom suitcase

If your friend travels a lot, you can get them a strong suitcase heavily customised to their every detail.



Final thoughts on unique and original gifts for friends


You don’t need a lot of resources to get your friend a unique and thoughtful gift. Consider their likes and needs to get them a valuable gift they will forever appreciate.


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