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Original and unique Christmas gifts for your girlfriend – Top 35 gift ideas


It’s almost Christmas again! Time to think about original and unique gifts for your girlfriend. We have already put together some inspiration and the best gift ideas.

The rest is up to you!



1. Personalized jewellery

You could never go wrong with jewellery as a gift. However, you can make the gift more special for the festive season by personalizing it. You can do this by adding a locket or personalized embellishments, like a name initial or precious and meaningful gemstone.



2. Music box

This unique and precious gift can make your girlfriend’s year. You can personalize it with a song that means something to your relationship.



3. Intimate art kit

This is one of the unique gifts you could give your girl for Christmas. It is also a creative way to spice up your love and create an abstract, one-of-a-kind print.



4. Wine purifier

This is a great gift for a girlfriend that enjoys wine but has trouble with headaches afterwards. A wine purifier filters out histamines and sulfites. This helps reduce headaches associated with wine drinking without affecting its flavour.



5. Therapy dough

Christmas is quite a hectic time with a lot of things to do. Therefore, if your girlfriend is into Christmas activities, she may suffer stress during this period. Therefore, therapy dough would make a great gift for relaxing and refocusing.



6. Initialled notepad stationary

This is the perfect Christmas gift for your girl if she is into journaling or writing. You can make it even better by making the initials personal. You can use the initials of her childhood pet’s name or both of your names.



7. Craft cocktail jogger

This is an incredible gift that can benefit both of you. You can use it to craft your favourite cocktails during the festive season and afterwards.



8. Tree-growing kit

This is a great gift for a plant-lover. Your girlfriend can use this to grow plants or start greenery. It is also an effective and economic gift.



9. Home pedicure kit

This is an incredible and practical gift that your girlfriend can use to pamper herself at home or enjoy a good time with friends. Ensure that the kit features all essential pedicure products.



10. Beeswax lotion bar

This is a unique and incredible gift that your girlfriend is bound to enjoy and seek more of. Beeswax is a natural moisture sealant that helps restore dry skin.



11. Tablet and laptop tray

This is an excellent gift if your girlfriend enjoys watching content on her laptop or tablet. She can use the tray when relaxing on the bed, couch, or bean bag while watching.



12. Cuddle pillow

If your girlfriend loves to cuddle, but you sometimes feel uncomfortable, this is the go-to gift. It will make cuddling more comfortable by conforming to your arm’s pressure and shape. It will allow you to enjoy hours of comfortable cuddling.



13. Bluetooth waterbottle speaker

This is an excellent gift to allow your girl to listen to music while hiking or walking around from her water bottle. This way, she doesn’t need to carry a speaker or phone.



14. Quilted jewellery travel case

This is a unique, attractive, and practical gift that your girlfriend will remember you by for a long time.



15. LED trifold mirror

This gift will come in handy when your girl is applying her makeup. It will help her achieve natural and flawless looks with minimal effort.



16. Facial massage roller

This is a Christmas gift that your girlfriend can apply even beyond Christmas. It helps tone and firm facial muscles. It also helps relieve puffy under eyes.



17. Cosmetic and drawer organizer

This is a practical gift that will help your girlfriend organize her belongings and take them on the go when going on trips or visiting you for sleepovers.



18. Wireless charging station

This gift will help your girl stay online and help promote faster charging.



19. Makeup brush cleaner

Every girl would benefit from this gift. It helps take away the hassle of cleaning dirty makeup brushes. This helps promote hygiene and skin health.



20. Makeup applicator set

This is a great gift for any girl, even one that does not dabble in makeup application. It will allow her to experiment and probably discover a new interest. For an avid makeup wearer, it is the most practical gift you could give.



21. Customized weekly planner

This is a practical gift that can help your girl organize her days. You can add custom texts to make it a personal gift.



22. Organic face mask set

This will be a perfect gift if your girl is into the organic lifestyle. It is practical but thoughtful. It should that you respect her lifestyle and pay attention.



23. Cozzy weighted blanket

The weight from the blanket applies gentle pressure to the user’s body. This helps them feel soothed and relaxed. It is a great gift to help your girl relax after a long day.



24. Hand warmers

This is a great gift for the holiday. Christmas is generally a cold season. Therefore, hand warmers would make a practical gift.



25. Jewellery case

This is perhaps the most practical gift you could get your girlfriend during Christmas. It is a gift she is bound to utilize even after the festive season.



26. Microfiber robe

This is a great gift to help promote comfort and coziness during the festivities. You can make it into a festive gift by buying a Christmas-theme coloured robe. You can also get matching robes for the family.



27. Self-tanning kit

This gift could make up for your girlfriend’s inability to practise self-care during the hectic festive. However, you should ensure it comes with an instruction manual to avoid mishaps.



28. lighted vanity makeup mirror

This is an incredible gift that any woman would appreciate. It comes in handy when applying makeup in the absence of natural light. It helps achieve a perfect look with minimal effort.



29. Bean bag pillow

This could be the most comfortable gift you could get anyone. It is great for lumbar, shoulder, and back support. It promotes comfort, good posture, and health.



30. Thermal lounge socks

This may seem like a small gift. However, it is a unique gift that your girl is bound to appreciate. It helps promote comfort during the cold festive season. You can choose festive colours to add to the appeal of the socks.



31. Clip-on smartphone lens

This is a gift that will come in handy for many people. It will allow your girlfriend to capture clear memories during and after the festive season.



32. Freestanding Bluetooth speaker

This is a good gift for a girl that enjoys outdoor activities like barbecues, camping, and picnics. It is practical and can come in handy for many events and occasions.



33. Christmas ornaments

Customized Christmas ornaments would also make excellent gifts for your girlfriend. You can get ornaments made from long-lasting materials so your girl can use them for several Christmases. If you do a good job, they can become part of Christmas culture.



34. Customized throw pillow

This is a great gift that your girlfriend can use for a while. It can serve as a memento every time your girlfriend uses it.



35. Personalized tote bag

This is more than a simple gift. It is a versatile gift that will enhance your girl’s life and make her happy all day. She can use it on various occasions and days.


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