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Original and unique birthday gifts for your boyfriend – Top 32 gift ideas


I can’t understand why this is, but it is horrendously hard to shop for boyfriends. It is much easier to find a gift for your mother than for your boyfriend; it is much trickier when it comes to your boyfriend. Even though you sometimes wish he would give out the list of gift ideas or leaves hints on his computer, you still need to think carefully and uniquely.

You are reading this text because you have no idea what to gift your boyfriend on his birthday, or rather he didn’t leave some hint. But that should not worry you; we’ve got you covered with some of the best and unique birthday gift ideas for your boyfriend.

You might not know him better to understand what he likes if you’ve been dating for a few months. But if you’ve been dating for many years, you might be running low on what to gift him after celebrating many anniversaries, birthdays, valentine’s day, and holidays.

With the below 32 gift ideas on this list, we are sure there must be something unique your boyfriend will love. If you think you have exposed all the gifts ideas on the list, it is a guarantee he won’t complain when his gift involves you in a new lingerie set; just saying!



Birthday gift ideas for your boyfriend


1. Classic sunglasses

Everybody will love a nice pair of sunglasses. A classic sunglass will elevate his outfit and make him look cool. You can order sunglasses with prescription lenses if he doesn’t wear contact lenses.


2. Styling and shaping tool

This beard and hair tool is a smart move. He will use this tool to ensure his hairline and beards always look great. This is also a gift to you since you spend most of the time looking at his face.


3. A sleek watch

A chronograph watch with a luxe gold strap can go along with most of the outfit. It is a perfect birthday gift since he won’t want to take it off when he wears something else.


4. A heat regulating mug

If your boyfriend loves coffee, he will be stoked to have one of the heat regulating coffee mugs as a birthday gift. The only thing you need to do is connect your phone and let the temperature heat up consistently.


5. A Bluetooth speaker

It is high time to replace his old speaker that put off more feedback and fuzz than real music with a portable, state of the art speaker.


6. Cell phone charger and sanitizer

Our phones are prone to germs almost in everything we do during the day and night. That makes a phone changing box that sanitises the device using UV rays the best birthday gift.


7. Wooden puzzles

If your boyfriend constantly fidgets while watching or on a work call, he will love a pair of brain-teasing puzzles. Each puzzle will have a different feeling and challenge that will keep him busy and entertained.


8. New bar tool set

Gift your boyfriend a new bar toolset to improve his bar cart. Some set comes with a rack that can hold all the tools.


9. Heavy duty massage gun

If you are tired of him asking you to massage his back or work a knot on his shoulders, get a handheld massage device to make work easier.


10. Beard products

Get a collection of beard products. He will have an easy time since it will contain everything needed to take care of his joy and pride: balm, conditioner, a beard wash, and serum.


11. An amazing kitchen storage piece

If your guy is a chef or loves to spend time in the kitchen, he will appreciate the display of his knives placed on cool magnetic block storage.


12. Shower beer holder

Mount this device on the wall and let your man enjoy the shower while taking a sip of his favourite beer.


13. A simple sweater

Gift your boyfriend with a crewneck sweatshirt to give him comfort without displaying too much casualty. Your boyfriend can wear this sweater when he wants to look nice and cosy at the same time.


14. Handheld gaming device

This device will unwind his long day while chilling on the couch. You can buy him a switch Lite to play Mario kart until he is tired again.


15. A leather wallet

He needs to have the safest place to store his gift cards. If your boyfriend is the nice-looking guy you know, make sure you gift him a leather wallet on his birthday.


16. A cool wall art

Framed maps are beautiful and cool, but a wooden world map is an amazing and unique piece of wall art. If he loves travelling, he will enjoy filling his space with a decorative world map.


17. A shave set

If your man loves a clean shave, this is it. This set comes with everything necessary to keep a man’s face smooth, stubble-free and soft.


18. A wireless charger

This device can charge all the gadgets he uses daily. He can use this tray to store keys when he is not charging anything.


19. A travel guide book

Birthdays are the best time to remind yourself of the things you’ve done and your age. A travel book can give him the adventure he has been looking for.


20. Button-up shirt

Get your boyfriend a shirt that is unlike his other button-ups. Surprise him with a soft, silky fabric to bring out the comfort of wearing it.


21. A pair of work pants

Gift your boyfriend trousers that are professional enough to wear for work and comfortable while relaxing at home.


22. A bottle insulator

Bootle koozies are the best and cool, literally, but they don’t offer exactly what there are supposed to. Buy a stainless steel insulator to keep his drinks cold.


23. An hammock

Buy this beautiful outdoor, durable hammock that he can hook onto the trees. Both of you can enjoy the sweet sunlight during the summer.


24. A woven bracelet

Not every man loves jewellery on his wrist. A woven bracelet is one of the best, a cool yet subtle accessory he might wear on all occasions.


25. New cookware

He will enjoy a set of new cookware that includes a steamer basket, pan, and spatula. Gift him something good, easy to clean, and look beautiful in the kitchen.


26. A beer-bottle chiller

Cold beer is not pleasing at all. This beer bottle chiller will keep his beer cold while drinking.


27. Headphone

If your man likes to jam to cool and hyper music, a good pair of headphones will do the magic. Get wireless headphones!


28. A backpack

Upgrade his bag style with a sleek, waterproof, and practical bag he can carry anytime and anywhere.


29. A portable grill

Help him bring the party anywhere he goes with this amazing portable grill perfect for cookouts.


30. A soft bathrobe

Don’t worry if you can’t make it to the spa. Bring the experience at home by giving him a plush, big robe that he will never want to take off.


31. A stylish weekender

No guy wouldn’t want a waterproof duffle bag. Get a medium-sized weekender bag to carry on a holiday gateway or use as a carry-on.


32. A unisex fragrance

You man will smell cool and warm, getting all the compliments thanks to this unisex fragrance. It has a perfect blend of spices that will make him think of you all the time.


Thank you for reading, we hope you like our ideas!

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