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The best money saving gifts – Top 30


Gifts accompany different occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, weddings, and graduation. Most people face a rough time deciding on the best gift to give their loved ones. Before choosing any item for your loved one, it is essential to know what they like and dislike. It will help you minimise the challenge around gifting.

Another challenge develops when deciding the best gift among several things your loved one likes. In this case, money-saving gift ideas come in handy. These types of gifts are ideal for helping your loved one save an extra coin, especially if they have fallen in hard times, and it will help them boost their saving abilities.

Despite the period, money-saving gifts are helpful and thoughtful. The article below provides some of the top 30 money-saving gifts that your loved one will not mind getting from you.



Top 30 Money-Saving Gifts


1. Gift Cards

Gift cards are one of the best holiday gifts to help your loved one save money. A gift card allows them to purchase an item they need without spending any item. It is best to acquire a gift card from the recipient’s favourite shop. Some of the best stores include Walmart, Target, and other large department stores.



2. Pay for a Service

Depending on the likes and dislikes of your loved one, you can opt to pay for a service that would help them save money. If your recipient gets tired of cleaning every day, you can pay for a cleaning service to help them with the process.



3. Gift Them Using Magazine Subscriptions

A magazine subscription would be the best option for people who love journals. You can pay for them an annual subscription. It is one of the best options as it helps you and your loved one save money.



4. A Night Out

One night out is also a good gift for your loved one. This gift includes a paid dinner and a movie. You can also include a hotel room with breakfast in the morning. If the recipient has a child, you can babysit or hire a babysitting service for the night.



5. Buy Them an Item They Need

If you struggle to find a good item, it is best to ask your loved ones about what they need and gets it for them. It could be clothes, food, and household or office supplies.



6. Pay for a Sitter

Kids can make people ignore engaging in some of the things they love. You can opt to pay for a babysitter and allow your friend to go out and do what they love. If they have a pet, you can choose to pay for a pet sitter.



7. Create a Savings Account

A savings account may be the best gift for your children or grandchildren. You can save a little money and allow it to earn some interest with time. You can also deposit shares and savings bonds to allow your loved one to make more money from it.



8. Purchase a Reusable Water Bottle

A water bottle may seem too simple, but it is one of the best gifts to your loved one. Presenting them with a high-quality water bottle can help them save since they will not spend more money purchasing bottled water.



9. Pay for Streaming Services

A streaming service could be an ideal gift. Due to the widespread use of the internet, several streaming services exist. For movie lovers, you can pay for a Netflix or Hulu subscription. You can pay for music streaming apps such as Spotify if your friend loves music.



10. Pay for a Warehouse Club Membership

If your loved one stays next to a well-known warehouse, you can offer to pay an annual membership. It will help them save on food, gas, and other household items.



11. Coupon Gifts

If your friend loves couponing, then you have several gift options. You can pay for a newspaper subscription if they do not have one. You can also pay for a membership at a couponing website.



12. A Cooking Guidebook

A good cookbook is an ideal present for a friend who loves cooking. It also helps solve the problem for one who finds difficulties deciding what to cook. The recipes explained in the book should be simple, with easy-to-find ingredients and utensils.



13. Reusable Shopping Bags

Purchase reusable shopping bags for your loved ones to help them save money on purchasing plastic bags every time they go out shopping. You can also knit one if you have an idea to do so.



14. Essentials for a Container Garden

Material for a window or container garden could be the best option for those with a green thumb. It can also help save money on groceries.



15. Reusable Household Utensils

Household utensils such as lunchboxes, thermos, and napkins can form better money-saving gifts. It can help one prepare their meals and carry them to work, helping them save on buying readymade foods.



16. Books

Books are ideal for those who love reading. You can ask your friend about their favourite books and purchase one for them. You can also donate a book to them from your home library.



17. Essential Household Items

Items such as Widow AC, portable fans, and space heaters can help your friend save a lot on energy costs.



18. Cloth Napkins

Purchasing disposable paper napkins can be very expensive. You can choose to present your loved ones with clothed napkins to help them save on buying disposable napkins.



19. Gas

Several gas stations offer gift cards that are redeemable at any of their brands. You can present these gift cards to your friends.



20. LED or CFL Lights

Despite not being very attractive, CFLs and LED lights can help save more than 75% energy compared to normal bulbs. They are also durable and do not need constant replacement.



21. Quality Headphones

Quality headphones can be the best gift for a friend who loves music. It allows them to listen to their favourite songs while exercising.



22. Reusable Air Filters

Reusable air filters are better than the normal disposable ones. It allows one to wash and reuse them to remain clean.



23. Support their Hobby

You can find out some of the hobbies loved by your recipient. If they love drawing, you can purchase a drawing board, pens, or colours they can use. They will not have to spend money buying these items after gifting them.



24. Water-Saving Devices

Low-flow showerheads and faucets can help save on water bills, forming the best gift for your loved one.
Other money-saving gifts you can give your loved ones include:

• Themed baskets with several items
• An education gift such as paying for a professional course
• Pay a day off for them
• Rechargeable batteries
• Offer a donation under their name
• Pay for the prepaid cell subscription



Why choose Money-saving Gifts for your Loved Ones


Gifts should not only be presented during festive seasons such as birthdays or graduations, weddings or Christmas. When gifting your loved one, think about the costly things and find alternatives that can come in the form of a gift. These gifts will help your friends spend less money on the item.


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