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The best kitchen gifts for new homeowners – Top 35


Whenever friends or family move into new homes, it is customary to give them housewarming gifts as friends, relatives, or neighbors. Most people usually go for kitchen gifts since this is the most used room in most homes.

Below are some incredible kitchen gift ideas for new homeowners.


1. Customized Chopping Board

A chopping board is an essential product for any kitchen. It is also one of the most applied items in the kitchen. Therefore, this would be a perfect gift for a new homeowner. You can customize it with a special message to make it a personal gift.



2. A Knife Set

Every kitchen needs a set of knives, even if the owner does not cook frequently. Therefore, if you are looking for a perfect kitchen gift, a high-quality kitchen knife set would be perfect.



3. Silicone Food Huggers

Food huggers are used for keeping produce, like veggies and fruits, fresh for longer while reducing the use of plastic. This is one of the most practical and unique gifts you could get a new homeowner looking to adopt sustainable home practices.



4. An Everyday Pan

This is a great gift that the new homeowner can use for everyday cooking tasks. An aluminum pan would be even better.



5. Custom Rolling Pin

A custom rolling pin may seem like a simple gift, but it is perfect. It is a practical and effective gift and essential for any kitchen.



6. Spoon Rest

Every kitchen features spoons. Therefore a spoon rest would be a perfect gift. It is also a unique gift that the new homeowner is not likely to receive from anyone else.



7. Dishcloths

You can’t go wrong with dishcloths as a kitchen gift for a new homeowner. You can have the dishcloths personalized to make them an even better gift.



8. Reusable Storage Bags

When purchasing items for a new home, most homeowners forget about the basics, like storage bags. Therefore, these would be a good and practical gift.



9. Cocktail Shaker Set

This is the perfect gift for a homeowner fond of making cocktails or hosting. It will come in handy during occasions, including the housewarming.



10. Wine Chiller

This is a great gift that the new homeowners can use when hosting other people or enjoying some relaxing time at home. You can also have it customized or personalized.



11. Air Fryer

Air fryers are quite popular nowadays. Therefore, an air fryer would be a welcome gift for anyone who has heard of it or a modern kitchen.



12. Bowl Set

While this may seem like a cliché gift, it was sometimes going back to the basics is the best idea. It would make a perfect kitchen gift for anyone.



13. Coffee Maker

Every kitchen needs a coffee maker. Therefore, any new homeowner would appreciate this as a gift.



14. Kitchen Apron

This is a cute and thoughtful gift. You can customize it by getting it printed or embroidered with a special message. You can accompany it with a set of matching mittens.



15. Cookware Set

This is the go-to gift for anyone fond of cooking. However, getting cookware set for someone who only orders takeaways. The last thing you want is for your gift never to get used.



16. Insulated Wine Tumbler

An insulated wine tumbler keeps wine at room temperature. This is beyond a kitchen gift as the new homeowner can use it at work and outdoors.



17. Recipe Box

There’s no better time to start experimenting with recipes and learning how to cook than when you get a new kitchen. A new homeowner would appreciate a recipe box as a kitchen gift.



18. China Set

A custom or ordinary set of china would also make an incredible gift for a new homeowner. It will serve as a reminder of your thoughtfulness every time it is applied.



19. A set of Monogram Mugs

This is perhaps the most practical and usable gift you could get for a new homeowner. Most people go for single monogrammed mugs. Therefore, gifting someone, a complete set would be perfect.



20. Cold-Brew Maker

With this gift, you can make creating cold brews at home easier for the homeowner. It is a unique gift that most people don’t think of.



21. Whiskey Glasses

These are uniquely designed glasses that cannot tip over easily. They are attractive, unique, and highly practical. They are a great gift that the recipient is bound to boast over when entertaining guests.



22. Customized Coasters

These would be a perfect addition to a new kitchen. Bespoke coasters can make a statement and protect surfaces all over the house. You can have them customized or look for unique designs depending on who you want to gift.



23. Waffle Maker

You can never go wrong with kitchen appliances as gifts for new homeowners. This is especially the case for small appliances because most new homeowners focus on purchasing larger kitchen appliances. Therefore, an appliance like a waffle maker would be a perfect gift.



24. Electric Wine Opener

A serious wine drinker will love this gift. It is a unique and ideal gift that takes the hassle out of opening wine bottles.



25. Spice Rack

Any homeowner that enjoys cooking and exploring various recipes would appreciate this gift. You can customize it to match the new kitchen’s design and aesthetics.



26. Popcorn Maker

Any homeowner that enjoys frequent movie nights at home would love this gift. It is a counter-friendly appliance that does not take too much space. It is also easy to store away when not in use. A popcorn maker is one of the items new homeowners forget about when purchasing kitchen products.



27. Cheeseboard

A cheese board is a functional and chic gift for a new homeowner. You can have it engraved with a special message for the recipients. Some cheeseboard designs come with removable drawers for cutlery.



28. Glass Covers

While they are technically not kitchen gifts, they would still be perfect. They help keep bugs, dirt, and other foreign items from getting into a drink cup. You can get a set of uniquely designed glass covers for the new homeowners.



29. Mixer

This is an ideal gift for a serious or amateur cook. It will come in handy when trying recipes, making it a good kitchen gift.



30. Milk Frother

Any avid hot beverage lover would be impressed by this gift. It is great for frothing milk to make coffee, lattes, hot chocolate, and other hot beverages.



31. Custom Food processor

When looking for perfect kitchen gifts for new homeowners, it would be wise to look into small appliances. A food processor would be excellent. Ensure that it is easy to use.



32. Blender

A blender is a safe bet if you run out of kitchen gift ideas. However, ensure that it is a high-quality and functional blender that the recipients will remember you by for a long time.



33. Standing Non-Slip Mat

Standing in the kitchen for a long time can be a pain. Therefore, a standing non-slip mat would be an excellent kitchen gift.



34. Wooden Utensil Set

A fantastic kitchen gift is a wooden utensil set with a spreader, scraper, and sautee tools. It is perfect for a homeowner who is not afraid to get down in the kitchen.



35. Microwavable Storage Bowls

These are perfect alternatives for traditional plastic storage bowls. They are lightweight, microwave, and freezer-safe.

Finding out what they already have would be wise before purchasing a kitchen gift for a new homeowner. However, if you have not visited their new home yet, you can stick to unique gifts they are likely not to have.


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