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The best group gift for your boss – Top 28 ideas


Gifting family and friends seems easy because you can buy them anything without crossing boundaries. However, buying a gift for your boss might be the most challenging thing because you can easily buy a gift that will make things awkward. If you’re gifting your boss as a team, you should get a well-thought gift that will leave your boss appreciated and respected at the same time.

Here is a wide range of thoughtful gift ideas for your boss ranging from personalised gifts to office ones.



1. A Brilliant Ideas LaunchPad

The brilliant ideas notebook isn’t an average pad of papers to scribble down notes. It’s a special notebook with well-designed pages that will help your boss create and write down the best ideas using diagrams and workflow charts.



2. A Productivity Planner

If your boss is an organised person, you can help them sort out their day by getting a productivity planner. It will help them plan and prioritise tasks and short-term and long-term goals.



3. A Laptop Desk

Another thoughtful idea would be getting your boss an adjustable laptop desk that will help them maximise productivity even when they’re not in the office. Getting a desk that can tilt and a storage drawer on the side will be an added advantage.



4. Daily Planner Pad

Apart from having a yearly planner, your boss needs a daily planner because it breaks things down and makes them more achievable. It’s also an artsy addition to the desk. What’s more, once a week of planning is done, they can recycle the pages and start planning another week.



5. A Charging Stand

Having your phone or devices shut down in the middle of the day can be quite frustrating. Get your boss a charging stand that will help them charge their phone while maintaining the tidiness and neatness of their space.



6. A Multidevice Keyboard

This keyboard works wonders in the sense that you can leave your laptop at the office and still get work done. It’s the best keyboard gift for a boss that is always away from the office.



7. Business Card Case

First impressions speak a lot about a person, and you want your boss to represent the company well. It would be an excellent idea to get him a leather business card case for holding his business cards.



8. A Desk Sign With A Personalised Message

Make your boss smile every day whenever they walk into their office by getting a desk sign with a friendly or motivating message. You could have their name written on it, alongside a sweet message such as “You’re the best boss”.



9. Temperature Control Smart Mug

If your boss is a coffee lover, a temperature control mug will leave them feeling appreciated and remembered. The mug ensures that coffee stays at the right temperature (not too hot and not cold).



10. Live Plants

Make your boss’ office look lively by getting them live plants. It will add style to the room while giving them something extra to do at the office – watering their tiny plants.



11. Cold Brew Bottle

Help your boss power up during a long workday by gifting them a cold brew. All they have to do is combine water and ground coffee, put the bottle in the fridge and take the refreshing caffeine drink as they work.



12. Key Cable

A portable key cable charges different Apple devices fast, and it’s six times better than the standard charging cable. The cable is knotted, giving it a unique style, and it’s easy to fish out from your bag.



13. A Durable Suitcase

Whether your boss is a traveller or not, getting them a durable suitcase for their journey will be a fantastic idea. Get a light and stylish suitcase that can hold your boss’ essentials.



14. A Leather Pen Holder

A pen holder will do the trick for bosses who take notes by hand. Get them a luxurious leather pen holder that comes with a lot of sophistication while keeping the office neat.



15. A Scented Candle

Everyone wants to live or work in a space that smells great, and the best way to achieve that is by lighting a scented candle. Gift your boss a scented candle, and if possible, you can go the extra mile and have a message written on the case.



16. An Insulated Tumbler

The ergonomic design of a classic tumbler never gets old, and it will keep your boss’ tea or coffee hot. Get an insulated tumbler that can keep drinks hot for up to 6 hours or more.



17. A Mosaic Desk Organiser

Having a neat desk speaks a lot about a person. Get your boss a stylish organiser where they can place their tablet, phone, jewellery, and any other small trinkets. The organiser will make the desk neat, and you can easily reach for anything you want.



18. Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

For music enthusiasts, a mini portable Bluetooth speaker will do the trick. It comes in handy for hikes, beach days, or even bike rides. Your boss can even listen to music in their office on slow days.



19. A Lightweight Tripod

An ultra-lightweight tripod is a wonderful tech gift because it’s perfect for carrying around. You can easily fold it and doesn’t take a lot of space in your bag. Your boss will appreciate this gift for selfies and video conferencing.



20. Compact Room Heater

If your office tends to get cold, you would love it if someone gifted you a room heater, and so will your boss. It is meant to keep the room warm, which will help your boss feel warm too.



21. Food Storage Box

In case your boss brings lunch to work, a food storage box will be a well-thought gift idea, the container keeps food warm while ensuring delicate food such as sandwiches don’t get squished as someone walks around.



22. Leather Eyeglass Case

Whether your boss misplaces her glasses or not, an eye-popping glass case will ensure their glasses stay protected, and in place, so you should get them one. It will help them avoid misplacing their glasses and, at the same time, protect them.



23. Leather AirPod Case

Have you seen your boss with earphones plugged in from time to time? Well, if yes, you could gift them a sleek leather AirPods case that will protect their AirPods and ensure they never misplace them.



24. Mug Warmer

This is yet another gift for bosses that love drinking coffee or tea while at work. The mug warmer sits quietly on a desk while keeping your coffee or tea warm as you go about your business.



25. Toiletry Bag

A toiletry bag is a perfect gift for both female and male bosses, but your female boss will more appreciate it. It will help them organise all essential toiletries, and it’s easy to carry around.



26. Hand Pomade

Whether your boss likes to maintain their well-done manicure or they are always saying how dry their hands are at the office, they will love a hand pomade gift. Get hand pomade that’s fragrant and gender-neutral.



27. Smart Squeeze Stress Ball

Work environments can be stressful and overwhelming. Help your boss relieve the daily stress by gifting them a smart connected stress ball.



28. Nightcap: Over 40 Cocktails

This book highlights over 40 recipes that are tailored for different occasions and needs.



Best group gifts for your boss – Summary


Whether your boss is a food-lover, music enthusiast, coffee addict, or none of these, the gifts in this guide are very thoughtful, and they will show them how grateful the team is for the guidance and support.


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