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The best gifts for poker players – TOP 35


Poker fans are some of the hardest people to please. But, gifting a poker player shouldn’t be that difficult; you just have to find them a gift that will elevate their gambling experience. You can win any poker fan’s heart by getting them any of these top gifts in this review. If you’re looking for a gift, here are the top 35 gifts for poker players:




1. Automatic Card Shuffler

Shuffling cards takes a lot of time and it isn’t an easy task. Therefore, any regular poker player will appreciate an automatic card shuffler. It works with standard cards and is really fast in shuffling cards.




2. Gold Playing Cards and a Gift Box

A regular pack of cards is a little too dull for a gift. But, a gold playing cards set is great fun. The cards are made using a gold foil and they come with a matching deluxe wooden box.




3. A Full-blown Poker Table

A poker table is also a great gift choice. Many poker fans like hosting home games and having a good poker table at home will really elevate their excitement.




4. Poker Travel Mug

Travel mugs have always been useful for holding hot and cold drinks. Now, for poker players you can get them a stainless steel mug that’s personalised with some poker images.




5. An Ace Bottle Opener

Novelty gifts are so much fun and a bottle opener comes in handy. You can get one that’s shaped as the Ace of Spades card.




6. Poker T-shirt

Nothing says “I love poker” like a T-shirt with those exact words or a poker print. You could also get one with a picture of four ace cards on it.




7. A Coaching Program

If your friend is serious about poker, and spends a lot of time gambling, you can give them some support by buying them quality training programs. You can find many poker training sites online and it’d be a perfect gift.




8. Poker for Couples Game

If you’re getting a gift for couples that love playing poker together, then they’ll definitely enjoy the Poker for Couples game. It comes in different versions and players get rewarded with cards as they play.




9. Playing Card Cufflinks

Cufflinks are an excellent gift for a poker player that wears shirts that require fastening. It’s also great if your friend has a special poker occasion to attend.




10. A Cigar Gift Set

Have your friend feeling like the classiest person at the poker table by getting them a matching cigar and marble ashtray.




11. 200 Piece Poker Set

If the person you’re gifting hosts poker games regularly, then they will appreciate this 200 piece poker set. It comes with a box of chips, cards and a felt playing mat.




12. Waterproof Plastic Playing Cards

Cards are used regularly and they wear out easily. Get your poker friend high-quality cards that are waterproof and durable. Such cards don’t wrinkle or bend easily.




13. Funny Poker T-shirt

T-shirts are great piece of clothing to own and a funny poker t-shirt says how much a person enjoys poker. You can get them a t-shirt with a poker suit and an “Eat Sleep Poker Repeat” message.




14. Chocolate Casino Chips

Many people like eating chocolate, and these chocolate casino chips are great gifts. They are 20 in a set and your poker friend can actually share them out during a game.




15. Donkey Spinning Poker Weight Decision Maker

This Donkey spinning poker weight is a good gift for a poker lover. It features a spinning inner desk and a donkey’s tail as its pointer. Each spin lands on one of the 8 poker plays.




16. Poker Key Ring

Everyone has keys they need to carry around and a good way of gifting your poker friend would be getting them a poker key ring.




17. Poker Chips Set

All poker games need some chips and a classy chips set ensures that there’ll always be enough.




18. Playing Cards Cap

Caps can be quite fun to wear, and one with hands holding cards is just the best gift for a poker fan.




19. Jack Daniels Poker Set

Anyone that loves Jack Daniels and some poker will enjoy this set. It comes with a pack of Jack Daniels themed cards, 20 poker chips and a glass.




20. A Poker Book

There are hundreds of poker books out there, so you can surprise your friend with a poker book for their reading. It’ll help sharpen their skills and help them understand poker better.




21. Casino Games Set

For anyone that loves hosting casino nights, a night games kit would be a brilliant gift. With a roulette wheel, roulette game mat, 200 poker chips and a poker mat, it’s the best set you could ever gift a poker enthusiast.




22. Leather Ace Wallet

Wallets are great gifts and one with a playing card design should excite a poker fan.




23. A Personalised Poker Set Case

Whether you’re gifting an amateur or a professional, a personalized poker set case never disappoints.




24. Folding Poker Table

Poker enthusiast ought to find a folding poker table really helpful. It has enough room for 8 people and it can actually be folded for easy movement.




25. Playing Cards Ring

Any poker fan ought to be impressed with a playing cards ring. Made of stainless steel and different suit symbols, it’s really a thoughtful gift.




26. Personalised Poker Pint Glass

Pint glasses have always been useful and one that’s engraved with a picture of some poker cards will make your poker friend happy.




27. Marvel Playing Cards

A Marvel fan will enjoy playing poker with this set of Marvel designed playing cards.




28. A Personalised Card Protector

Most poker players have their own set of cards which need to be kept safe, so why not get them a personalised card protector?




29. Chip Carousel Set

Advanced poker players need a selection of chips, and this set has 200 of them, which is a great amount for any serious player.




30. Poker Table Cloth

Having a great table surface makes a big difference especially when playing cards. A table cloth will make things better for the players, so getting one for a friend will be amazing.




31. Funny Graphic Poker T-shirt

Poker fans with some sense of humour ought to enjoy wearing a funny graphic t-shirt. You could get them one with a royal flush picture, with a message that says “Bluffy McLiarpants”.




32. Suits Playing Cards

Special decks of playing cards make games more fun. The 6 suits playing cards set has 6 suits of cards, and all have 9 cards. The suits are squares, triangles, pentagons, circles, crescents and stars.




33. Poker Phone Grip

Phone grips are great because they help you avoid dropping your phone easily. You can get your friend a poker themed phone grip for holding their phone.




34. A Classy Drink Set

You can get your friend an engraved presentation set for drinking that’s cool and impressive. It’ll go a long way ensuring your friend has better poker nights.




35. Lavley All In Poker Socks

Everyone needs an extra pair of socks and this Lavley All In Poker pair of socks will be a great addition to your friend’s socks collection.



The best gifts for poker players – Summary


If you’ve been looking for poker gift ideas, hopefully you’ve found the perfect one after reading this review. No poker fan will dislike a good set of chips, a great poker book and a nice piece of poker apparel. All the best as you shop around!


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