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75 Unique gifts for a traveler


Looking for great gift ideas for a traveler?


Our traveler gift ideas:


1. Packing Cubes: Keep their items organized on their travels.g

2. Travel Journal: Record their memories and thoughts during their journey.

3. Reusable Water Bottle: A green way to stay hydrated while on the go.

4. Travel Adapter: So they can charge their tech wherever they go.

5. Power Bank: For those times they won’t have access to an outlet.

6. Ear Plugs: Block exterior noise in the hostel room.

7. Noise Cancelling Headphones: Comfort and peace from the rest of the world.

8. Portable Coffee Cup: For caffeine on-the-go.

9. Flashcards: Learn the basics of a new language quickly.

10. Travel Pillow: Sleep comfortably on the plane or bus.

11. Memory Card Case: Keep photos, videos and documents safe.

12. World Map: A representation of all the places waiting to be explored.

13. Smartphone Tripod: Perfect for taking steady photos/videos of themselves.

14. Quick-Dry Towel: Dry off quickly after a swim or a shower.

15. Digital Charger: Keep their device running while exploring.

16. Sandals: Comfortable and versatile enough to explore town or relax at the beach.

17. Messenger Bag: Stylish and safe place to carry their items while sightseeing.

18. Microfiber Cloth: Easily clean their devices or sunglasses.

19. Book Light: Read comfortably in the dark by themselves or with travel mates.

20. Waterproof Phone Case: Protect their phone from water, sand or dust.

21. Travel First Aid Kit: Prepare for any situation quickly.

22. Contact Lenses: An alternative for traditional glasses for a more active lifestyle.

23. Neck Wallet: Keep their money and documents close to the body.

24. Kindle: An entire library in a single device.

25. Coffee Maker: Make their own coffee and save money while on the road.

26. Portable Speaker: Share their music or listen to podcasts on the go.

27. Daypack: Perfect for exploring and sightseeing.

28. Keychain Lock: Keep their valuables safe.

29. Carry On Luggage: Stylish and rugged, for the experienced traveler.

30. Earphone Splitter: Share music and videos with friends.

31. Travel Games: Keep entertained on a long flight or bus ride.

32. Camera: Capture all the amazing moments of their journey.

33. Travel Umbrella: Rain won’t stop them from exploring.

34. Portable Power Strip: Keep their devices all charged up.

35. Notebook: Jot down all the places to visit and the must-try dishes.

36. PopSockets: Keep a good grip on their devices.

37. Universal Socket Adapter: Access electricity in any country.

38. Eye Mask: A good night sleep even during bright days.

39. Headlamp: Bright, hands free light during late night hikes.

40. Flip Flops: Relax and explore the beach.

41. Belts: Keep their pants up while on the go.

42. Travel Mug: Keep their drinks hot or cold.

43. Scarf: Keep warm and add a pop of color to any outfit.

44. Headphone Organizer: Keep wires tangle free.

45. Toiletry Bag: Keep their toiletries in one place.

46. Fanny Pack: Keep hands free while sightseeing.

47. Suitcase Scale: Make sure their luggage still fits the weight limit.

48. Reusable Cutlery Set: Eat in style without single-use plastics.

49. Pen: Quickly jot down all the new information.

50. Solar Charger: Charge devices using solar energy.

51. Shirt: Look stylish when visiting new places.

52. Blanket Scarf: A stylish way to keep warm in cold planes.

53. Leather Passport Holder: Protect their passport from damage.

54. Reusable Shopping Bag: Reduce plastic consumption while shopping.

55. Credit Card Multi-Tool: A bottle opener, can opener and screwdriver in one.

56. GPS Tracker: Keep track of their luggage or give peace of mind to family.

57. Sunglasses: Keep their eyes protected from the sun.

58. Portable Charger: Keep their devices running even on the go.

59. Insect Repellent: Keep the bugs away while exploring.

60. Storage Bag: Keep items organized and save space in their suitcase.

61. Travel Compass: Always know their direction, even in the wild.

62. Camping Hammock: Relax and enjoy the view of nature.

63. Travel Journal: Write down all the places visited and experiences lived.

64. Sunscreen: A must-have for exotic travels.

65. Reusable Straws: Reduce plastic consumption while sipping drinks.

66. Socks: Keep feet warm and comfy during their journey.

67. Insect Repellent Spray: Keep bugs and mosquitos away.

68. Wool Hat: Keep the head warm during colder climates.

69. Meal Prep Container: Stay healthy while on the road.

70. Selfie Stick: Capture those beautiful monuments and landscapes.

71. Thermometer: Keep track of their body temperature in case of sickness.

72. Shirt: A new look for each new adventure.

73. Credit Card Wallet: Keep all their cards and IDs secure.

74. Microfiber Cloths: Easily clean glasses and phones on the go.

75. Travel Insurance: Have peace of mind while exploring new places.

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