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The best gift ideas for a male friend turning 40 - Top 32 - Gift Geniuz
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Gift Geniuz

The shortest way to a great gift!

Gift Geniuz

The shortest way to a great gift!

The best gift ideas for a male friend turning 40 – Top 32


Knowing what to buy as a birthday gift can be difficult in a normal year. However, for a landmark birthday like a 40th, you want to buy something a little more special to mark the occasion.

The following are a few ideas, covering a range of budgets, on what to buy your male friend as they approach their big day.



Best experiences as a gift for a male friend


1. Driving Experience Day

Let your friend release their inner Lewis Hamilton with a driving experience day. From track to off-road rally your friend will have the ultimate fast car driving experience.



2. Stadium Tour

If they have a favorite sport or team then a behind the scenes stadium tour is a great gift. Many of the top stadiums have tours where you can visit areas normally off limits to spectators such as the changing rooms, as well as heading out pitch-side through the players tunnel.



3. Hot Air Balloon

A gift for those with a head for heights, but the feel and the spectacular views will make for a memorable day. Setting off from a choice of locations, you can ensure your friend has a magical flight as they float along in a hot air balloon with the countryside below.



4. Brewery Tour

Your friend can learn about how their favorite tipple is brewed before sampling the end product. For anyone who loves their beer, a brewery tour is the perfect gift.



5. Golfing Day

A round of golf followed by lunch at a top quality golf course is sure to get you in the good books of any golf loving friend. A golf lesson with a pro or a golf simulator session are decent back-up gift plans.




Food & Drink gifts for a friend turning 40


6. Luxury hamper

A luxury hamper containing some of their favorite foods is nailed on to be a winner as a birthday gift for a landmark birthday. Look at independent producers for something really special, and try to add a bottle of champagne.



7. Gin and Chocolate Hamper

If your friend is a gin lover, then a more specific hamper like this could be just the ticket. You will find hamper offerings to suit their preferred tipple if gin is not their thing.



8. Bar Fridge

What man does not like the idea of his own bar fridge, somewhere to keep his beers cool and preferably not too far from the sofa and TV!



9. Whiskey Glass Set

This is a stylish gift, usually coming with two quality made whiskey glasses and presented in a beautiful looking box.




Best tech gifts for friend’s 4oth birthday


10. Gaming Console

He may be 40 but if he still loves gaming the latest console from his preferred manufacturer is bound to put a smile on his face.



11. Smart Speaker

An internet enabled device that exists with just one purpose, to abide by the saying ‘your wish is my command’. An ideal gift for a busy male friend.



12. E-reader

If your friend is an avid reader, then an E-reader might be just what he needs, particularly if they travel a lot. This little device saves taking all those books along.



13. TV Firestick

Offering loads more channels and choice from the comfort of his sofa, a TV firestick will convert a TV in to a smart TV and enable him to stream content from his chosen platforms.




Best personalized gift ideas


14. Personalized Whiskey Glass

A whiskey glass engraved with their name and a special message is a lovely keepsake for a 40th birthday. The glass is often accompanied by a miniature bottle of whiskey.



15. Personalized Grilling Tools

The sun is out and it’s time to wheel out the barbecue. A personalized barbecue tools set will add a professional touch next time everyone comes round.



16. Personalized Duffle Bag

If your friend does a lot of traveling, then a personalized duffle bag not only looks smart, but is ideal for lugging all his essentials from place to place.



17. Personalized Collage Frame

Gather some of their most precious photos in to a lovely collage frame as a celebration of the first forty years of your friend’s life.




Top practical gift ideas for a friend turning 40


18. Wristwatch

Watches never go out of fashion and are a great gift to mark a landmark birthday, whether it is a stylish traditional watch or a modern smartwatch.



19. Coffee Maker

If your friend struggles to get going until their first cup of coffee, then a coffee maker will soon have them the barista quality coffee required to kick start their day.



20. Outdoor Jacket

A good quality jacket geared for outdoor wearing will get plenty of use and is a highly practical gift. Just make sure you know their size and style preferences beforehand.



21. Travel Laptop Bag

Practical more than exciting admittedly, but anyone who travels a lot for work will soon appreciate the benefits of a quality travel laptop bag in making life easier on the road.



22. Drill Kit

There always seems to be new jobs around the house and new things to fix. A drill kit is a very practical gift for a DIY enthusiast.



23. Noise Canceling Wireless Headphones

Noise canceling headphones will allow your friend to enjoy their podcast or music without the distraction of outside noise, ideal when traveling.



24. Car Vacuum

If you have a friend who always seems to be brushing out crumbs and cleaning the inside of their car, then a gift of a car vacuum will be a useful gadget for them.




Top subscription gifts


25. Beer Subscription

If your friend is a beer lover, a beer subscription is a great way for them to sample new beers as well as having their favorites delivered to their door each month.



26. Condiment and Spice Subscription

This is one for the cooking enthusiast, a regular delivery of the condiments, spices or even barbecue sauces they love, as well as new ones to try.



27. Book Subscription Boxes

A physical book is still hard to beat for an avid reader, and a book subscription box can see a delivery of hand picked books sent to your friend every week or month. His favorite books can be kept for a lifetime too as treasured items.



28. Beard Care Subscription

Beards seem all the rage again, so a beard care subscription will help keep your friend’s beard suitably manicured. Subscriptions can be customized to deliver their favored grooming products.




Smaller gift ideas


29. Wallet

A stylish wallet is always a good gift for a male friend no matter which birthday they are celebrating. Embossing the wallet will add a personal connection.



30. Hip Flask

Hip flasks just look good as well as being a practical gift, particularly for a golfing friend. You can personalize the hip flask with a suitable message to mark his landmark 40th birthday.



31. Custom Bamboo Cutting Board

A little more specific this gift idea, but bamboo is a durable material which is less likely to stain, and less likely to split as it is resistant to water absorption. Sourced responsibly, bamboo is an eco-friendly, renewable material.



32. Engraved 40th Birthday Frame

Mark your friends landmark birthday with an engraved frame. You can include your favorite photo of them, alongside a personalized message for a truly special gift.


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