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The best gift ideas for a male friend on his birthday – Top 35


Do you have a male friend you would like to gift? Worry not; here are top 35 gifts that will be perfect for your male friend. Here you’ll find an assortment of masculine gift ideas that will make your friend feel loved. Whether he is into sports, reading, cooking, hanging out or travelling, you won’t miss a gift!



1. A T-shirt of His Sports Team

Most guys love sports and enjoy watching matches of their favourite teams. Your friend will really love wearing a t-shirt of his favourite sports team on the next match, so it will be the perfect gift idea.



2. A Fancy Phone Case

Nowadays almost everyone has expensive smartphones on hand throughout the day. One of the best gifts for your make friend will be a leather phone case that’s slim and classy. It will keep his phone clean and protected.



3. A Cool Swing

When considering getting a gift for a guy, you should think of a baseball decanter set. This is especially if your friend has a strong love for sports. Having a baseball bat at home will be the best thing.



4. A Whiskey Gift Set

Another cool gift for your make friend is a customised whiskey glass. They can chill as they drink in this fancy customised whiskey glass. If need be, go an extra mile and have their name on the glass.



5. A Liquor Flask

People like carrying around a drink whenever they’re hanging out. Help your friend carry his liquor with him by getting him a fancy liquor flask that’s portable and concealing in a way that no one will know the contents inside the flask.



6. A Poker Set

Men are known for their love of sporty activities. Getting your male friend a poker set will help him unwind while indoors with friends and it’s a great way of passing time.



7. An Ammo Box

Whether your friend is in the military or he just has a gun, ammo boxes are a brilliant gift idea. These boxes are versatile and come in handy as storage containers for ammunition.



8. A Chess Set

Get him a wooden chess set to keep him and his friends occupied during their free time. Chess is one of the best indoor board games that can really keep someone busy and entertained.



9. Instant Port Smart Wi-Fi 6

It is a perfect gift for novices in the kitchen. Any guy will find this device convenient – you can control it from your mobile device to schedule, adjust, cook and monitor your meals.



10. A Water-resistant Backpack

Upgrade your friend’s outdoorsman’s camping game by getting him a water-resistant backpack to keep his entire essential luggage safe and dry in wet conditions.



11. Cashmere Sheet Set

As evidenced by reviews, cashmere sheet sets are loved by everyone. The sheets are breathable and very soft, giving you maximum comfort – they won’t leave your friend stuffy at night.



12. Bluetooth Speaker

Another gift your male friend will love is a portable Bluetooth speaker. They can play music outdoors, in the bus, at work or anywhere else.



13. A Designer Watch

One thing that enhances any man’s attire is a good watch. Therefore, gift your friend a designer watch that matches their taste and it will upgrade his look instantly.



14. Leather Card Holder with Compartments

Keeping important business cards is essential and card holder will be a good gift for your working guy friend. He can keep his cards and papers there and access them easily at any time.



15. Yeti Rambler Tumblr

This is a durable thermos that keeps beverages cold or hot even outdoors. It’s ideal for the office and people who love outdoor excursions.



16. A Refractor Telescope

Does your friend mention his admiration of the sky? You can help him explore space by getting him an affordable telescope.



17. A Gift Set with Razor Stand

Help make your friend appear neat and presentable – gift him an engraved razor and shaving essentials for him to trim that excess beard.



18. Long-sleeve Turtleneck

Have you noticed men look good in turtlenecks? Then you should definitely buy your male friend a long-sleeve turtleneck. They can wear it with jeans, khaki trousers or even shorts and still look great.



19. Travelling Manicure Set

Men will hardly go to the spa for manicures and pedicures, so bring it to him by getting a manicure set. It will keep your friend’s fingernails and toenails in check at all times.



20. A Valet Tray

If your guy friend has a drawer that seems to overflow into his living space, gift him a valet tray. He can use it to store his junk while preventing the unwanted overflow.



21. Gravity Blanket

Most people will appreciate getting a weighted blanket that feels like “you’re getting a hug”. A gravity blanket goes further by giving you a deep touch pressure stimulation which helps you drift off into sleep easily.



22. A Keychain

If you’ve noticed your guy friend walks around with a batch of keys without a keychain you could get him one. It makes carrying keys around easier and losing them is almost impossible.



23. Thermal Light Shirt Jacket

This jacket will come in handy during rainy days. It’s a water-resistant shirt jacket that’s light-weight but thermo-regulating, so it’ll keep someone warm without being heavy.



24. Men’s Designer Fragrance

Gift your edgy friend a fragrance to make him smell good and unique. There are so many unisex and masculine fragrances out there and you can’t miss one that suits your friend’s personality.



25. A Pedant Necklace

Another great gift idea for a male friend is a gold or silver pedant necklace. You can have his initials curved on it, or a special message going out to him.



26. Scuff Slippers

A pair of cosy house slippers is inevitable especially during wintertime. These slippers will make anyone feel comfortable and warm enough when walking around the house even during cold days.



27. Coffee and Espresso Maker

Is your guy friend a coffee enthusiast? Make his morning routine more special by gifting him a coffer and espresso maker. Your friend will make his coffee in minutes and for sure he’ll live to remember you.



28. A Tactical Knife

If your friend is an outdoors person who enjoys hunting, camping, fishing and hiking a personalised tactical survival knife will make his life out there easier. It will help him during an emergency, and for food preparation.



29. Wireless Phone Charger

Technology keeps improving and only a few people can keep track. You can surprise your guy friend with a versatile wireless phone charger. He can use it as home, in his car, at work or outdoors.



30. Wall-mounted Bottle Opener

Men love visiting each other and taking some beers together, but it’s a little hectic having to rummage around the kitchen looking for a bottle opener. That’s why it’ll be a brilliant idea to get your friend a wall-mounted bottle opener that will never get lost.



31. Air Purifier

An air purifier is a perfect gift for a high-tech fan that keeps the room cool even in summer. It purifies air and draws in pollutants from the surrounding space. It gets rid of odours, fumes and any other unwanted smell from the atmosphere.



32. Jogger Pants

Getting your male friend jogger pants is also another excellent gift idea. Most men look cute in sweatpants, and they are comfortable, so your friend will appreciate such as gift.



33. A Turntable

If your friend is a music aficionado he will adore a retro turntable in his living pace. He can throw in some of his favourite records to make his day feel special.



34. Tie Set

You can decide to keep things classic by getting him personalised ties and socks. He can wear the ties for events, special occasions or work.



35. Living Composter

Get a living composter for the environmentally conscious friend. A living composter will make his home free of carbon footprint and eco-friendly.



Final thoughts on gift ideas for a male friend’s birthday


There you have it: 35 top gift ideas for your male friend. From the options listed in this guide you won’t miss something to gift him. Whether it’s a simple t-shirt or a fancy turntable, there’s something for everyone!


Thanks for reading, we hope you enjoy our gift ideas!

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