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25 gift ideas for someone who is going through a hard time
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Gift Geniuz

The shortest way to a great gift!

25 gift ideas for someone who is going through a hard time


Is someone close to you going through a hard time at the bottom? Any of us who’ve struggled ourselves know how tough it can be. However, we also know how much the occasional gift can lift spirits, however small the gesture. Looking for inspiration on what to buy someone who’s facing a tough time of things? Read on for 25 great gift ideas you can put together today.




Uplifting Gifts 1 – 10


1. Flowers

Nothing beats a bouquet when someone needs cheering up. There’s no shortage of options when it comes to finding beautiful blooms. If you’re not sure the recipient is going to be home to receive their gift, letterbox flower deliveries are a handy alternative.



2. Chocolates

Nothing says “I love you” like a box of chocolates. A generous dose of tryptophan also doesn’t hurt when it comes to casting the blues away and putting a smile on someone’s face. Don’t be afraid to spend a little more when choosing chocolates for someone close. Go big with an epic selection box or handpick a smaller line-up of luxurious offerings from premium brands.



3. Sweets and Candies

Even if they’re in the minority, not everyone loves chocolate. However, many of us have a sweet tooth. Sending a care package loaded with sweets and candies is a great alternative to traditional chocolates. Furthermore, loading up a parcel with childhood favorites can create waves of nostalgia.



4. Bespoked Baked Goods

If you’d rather send delicious treats you’ve made yourself, dust off your apron and reach for your baking supplies. It’s incredibly easy to whip up a batch of cookies or brownies. A touch of frosting and sprinkles will give them a final flourish.



5. Aromatherapy Gift Set

If someone special is struggling with stress levels, a bundle of aromatherapy essentials will help them unwind. You can purchase ready-made sets or put together your own. Think about including things like essential oils and diffusers. When choosing fragrance oils, stick to classic extracts like chamomile and lavender.



6. Scented Candles

You can include a scented candle or two in an aromatherapy gift set, but if you’re looking to show someone close you care, it’s worth spending a little more on a premium product. Go the extra mile and choose a premium brand like Yankee Candle or Jonathan Adler. Look for slow-burning candles to ensure the recipient gets the best possible value.



7. Pamper Hamper

Let someone know you’re thinking about them by sending them a customized hamper of pampering essentials. Bath oils, luxury soaps, and moistures all work well.



8. Herbal Tea Collection

Herbal teas have countless health benefits. Green tea provides a measured caffeine kick and is packed with nutrients. Chamomile tea can include a feeling of calm and well-being. An assortment of herbal teas is a suitable gift for someone having a hard time. Many brands offer pre-packed selections, but you can grab a wooden tea box and fill it with varieties of your choosing.



9. Motivational Prints

It can be hard to pull yourself out of a rut when you’re feeling blue. Give someone you love a helping hand with some motivational prints. Keep it simple with scrapbook size prints or pick out an extra-special poster to brighten up their walls.



10. Personalized Postcards

These make a great alternative to those short on wall space. Furthermore, they can be sent just about anywhere and are letterbox-friendly. You’ll find personalized postcards emblazoned with inspiring messages available at many online retailers. Alternatively, buy a bundle of blanks and make your own.




Going through a hard time gifts 11 – 20


11. Inspiring Reading

A good book can help someone get through the darkest of times. Think about sending a paperback or two to someone you know who’s having trouble. You can keep it simple with fiction or explore the self-help and motivational reading section.



12. Birthstones

These make a perfect personal gift for just about any occasion. However, birthstones are bound to bring a smile to those facing a particularly difficult stretch.



13. Healing Crystals

Not everyone believes in the healing power of precious stones, but those that do will love receiving one or two crystals in the mail. Clear quartz is a good bet if you’re looking for maximum healing power, although obsidian and amethyst are also solid shouts.



14. Charms and Jewelry

If you have a bigger budget to play with, think about sending a special piece of jewelry to a friend or loved one. Keep it simple with a bracelet, bangle, or necklace. If you’re short on money, a classic charm makes a first-rate gift that lets someone special know you’re thinking of them.



15. Premium Pajamas

If someone you love is housebound with an illness, luxurious pajamas and loungewear make superb gifts. Spend a little more quality garments made from materials like silk or merino wool.



16. Comfy Throws and Blankets

These can be packaged along with loungewear or pajamas, but make great gifts in their own right. Choose sumptuous fabrics in vibrant colors to bring some cheer to the recipient.



17. Gin and Mixer Hamper

If you’re struggling to nail down the perfect gift idea for a gin lover, a bespoke hamper is a fine idea. Pick a bottle or two of botanical spirits, a couple of liquors, along with a selection of dried garnishes and flavorings.



18. Craft Beer Collection

If the gift recipient is more of a beer drinker, think about putting together a craft ale hamper instead. You’ll find many retailers offering pre-packaged collections, but it’s easy enough to coordinate your own with the brands and bottles you know the recipient prefers.



19. Personalized Journal

Putting thoughts down on paper can go a long way in helping someone out of a rut. A leather-bound journal with a personalized inscription makes a beautiful gift for someone struggling.



20. Premium Stationery

If you’re thinking about sending a journal, consider throwing in a couple of items of stationery along with. Personalized fountain pens or premium ballpoint pens are the perfect writing companions for journal gifts.



Gifts for people going through a hard time 21 – 25


21. Photo Albums

Nostalgia can go a long way in lifting spirits. Delve into your camera roll to find a selection of photos that are worth printing. Once you’ve printed off a good selection, turn your treasured snaps into a photo album that tells a story of happier times.



22. Scrapbooks

Arts and crafts can help keep the mind busy and keep darker thoughts at bay. A scrapbook and crafting essentials will allow the recipient to create their own project. If you’ve any photos leftover from a photo album gift, they can be included here.



23. Magazine Subscription

A subscription is a gift that keeps on giving. Consider the interests of the recipient and pick a magazine title they’d love to read. Every month, they’ll have another reason to smile when the latest issue lands in their mailbox.



24. Streaming Subscription

If the recipient is much of a reader, you can still pursue the subscription option. Nowadays, more five-star shows than ever before are only available via streaming platforms. Gifting an annual streaming subscription is an affordable idea that’s guaranteed to cheer someone up.



25. Book a Trip

The promise of a long-overdue getaway can help someone soldier on through dark times. Think about booking a city break or short vacation that you and a loved one can enjoy together. You can bundle tickets with additional gifts like a countdown calendar and phrasebook to stir excitement.


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