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The best gift for movie lovers – Top 37


We all know that one movie lover who is passionate about sitting behind a screen to watch a brilliantly crafted movie. And in an age of limitless streaming platforms, cinephiles seem to have it all. With a click of a button, movie enthusiasts can get every classic film anywhere and at any time. It is no secret that finding the perfect gift for film nerds around you can be quite an uphill struggle.

If you are looking for gift ideas to shake things up a little, these top 37 best gift ideas for movie lovers will help you get started.



1. Personalised Snack Bowl

Roll out a movie night treat to your giftee with a personalised snack bowl. While you can throw snacks in any container, a personalised bowl will create a thrill for any movie lover. Consider a unique, fun, and strong message when personalising the bowl.



2. Projector Screen

A home theatre set is not complete without a good screen. With a projector screen, movie buffs can enjoy the pleasure of a good movie both indoors and outdoors.



3. Movie Quote T-shirt

In an era where t-shirts have earned much popularity, customising a piece for a movie lover would definitely make a great deal. Go for one of the random quotes the cinephiles keep using if any.



4. Movie-Themed Seasoning Pack

The mood does not feel right in a movie theatre without some tasty popcorn. Gift your cinephile with a movie-themed seasoning set packed with the right flavours.



5. Shearling Slippers

Shearling slippers are designed for warmth and comfort. Movie lovers enjoying a film at home would definitely love to be in such footwear.



6. Extra Big, Comfy Blanket

Watching movies at home is cosier, thanks to the warm and comfy pillows and blankets that one has to bring along. Having an extra big blanket makes it even better for cuddling.



7. Mini Portable Projector

Movie enthusiasts do not need a big screen to have a movie-theatre experience. With a mini portable projector connected to a smartphone or tablet, you can transform any wall in your home into a theatre-size screen.



8. Film Trivia Game

Gifting a film lover with a trivia game is a great way to test their movie knowledge. The trivia comes with thousands of questions on movies, the movie industry, and movie personalities.



9. Floor Pillows

Floor pillows do not just bring ambience to a room. They also add the vibe a film lover would need in a screening room.



10. Neck Pillows

Watching feature films and movie series can be quite taxing on the cinephile’s neck. Help film lovers around you ease the neck and shoulder tensions by gifting them a neck pillow.



11. Phone Virtual Reality Headsets

With modern Android and iOS technology, cinephiles can now enjoy a movie theatre experience using a smartphone. The phone VR headset amplifies the view of a small screen into an electrifying 3D sensation.



12. Candy Snack Box

Packed with candy and snacks, this box delivers the ultimate craving treat a movie lover would need for a film night.



13. Snack Organiser

For movie lovers with large families, snack organisers are not only essential for saving on space, but they also come in handy in keeping the house organised during movie nights. They can hold large amounts of snacks and candy without getting tipped over.



14. Inflatable Movie Screen

For movie marathons who would do anything to have a good time outdoors, the inflatable movie screen makes a perfect gift for them. With this screen, you can turn a backyard into a movie theatre.



15. Streaming Decider Dice

When much time is spent deciding what to watch, a streaming decider dice makes it easy to pick the movie of the moment. Roll the dice, select a film, and get yourself entertained.



16. Masterclass Subscription

If the movie buff in your life not only loves movies but also has interests in filmmaking, getting them a Masterclass subscription on movie production would come in handy. Fortunately, there are plenty of such Masterclasses available online today.



17. Movie Scripts

The Internet has made almost every piece of information accessible, and movie scripts are not an exception. Getting a script for their favourite movie would make a perfect gift for a passionate movie lover.



18. A Powerful Home Theatre Audio System

If your cinephile already has the perfect screen for movie nights, then it only beats logic to gift them with an audio system that syncs with the modern 4K HDR visuals. Home theatre soundbars are designed for such performances.



19. Customised Coffee Mug

Marathon film watchers have an intriguing sense of liking for coffee and other caffeinated beverages. So why not gift the movie lover in your life with a personalised coffee mug?



20. Device Holder

Enhance their movie experience with a portable device holder. An ideal device holder should securely keep remotes, phones, chargers, and game controllers in place.



21. Anti-Blue Light Glasses

While watching movies for hours is fun, dealing with the eye strains for keeping up with the blue screen light is not a thing any cinephile wants. Gifting them with an anti-blue light pair of glasses can be quite a thoughtful idea.



22. Ticket to a Studio Tour

A studio tour is the best way for a cinephile to experience the skill, technology, and magic behind the production of a film. Is there an encounter more thrilling than going behind the scenes of a fully functional studio?



23. Vintage-Based Keychain

If you cannot afford a luxurious or expensive gift for the movie lover around you, a vintage keychain personalised with a movie-based message would make a clever pick. The captions could be anything, including a movie title, quotes, characters, or a quote of the cinephile’s favourite scene.



24. Scratch Off Poster Challenge

Your movie nerd will fall in love with this challenge. The idea behind the scratch-off poster challenge is to help them keep track of their progress as they explore some of the best movie releases.



25. Movie Socks

When you are out of gift options, movie socks are a subtle way to replicate your cinephile’s favourite films. Ideally, the socks should depict popular films or movie scenes.



26. Wireless Headphone System

When they do not want to include everyone else in their movie and sound experience, film marathon watchers find wireless headphone systems quite helpful. You might want to consider the headphone systems of the highest quality.



27. Ultra-Comfy Robe

Movie nights at home are not exciting without soft and comfy wear, and a night robe would perfectly fit that description.



28. Director’s Chair

This lightweight piece of furniture is designed for use by film directors in a film set. There is no better gift for an aspiring movie director than this iconic director’s chair.



29. Movie Atlas

Movie atlases such as the famous Cinemaps are considered crucial for film referencing by movie lovers. Gift your cinephile with this incredible outline of hand-painted maps of some of their favourite movies.



30. Letters from Hollywood

This piece of literature is a perfect gift for lovers of classic Hollywood. The book provides context and backstories of some of their favourite Hollywood stars.



31. Scrapbook Album

Scrapbook albums allow cinephiles to keep a collection of photos taken during movie nights. Help them get a record of their best memories on special film nights by gifting them with a photo album scrapbook.



32. Movie Encyclopedia

Surprise your movie lover with this precious guide of the popular Marvel films. The encyclopedia captures every fact and piece of information necessary relating to various Marvel heroes.



33. Movie-Based Ornaments

You can never go wrong with movie-based ornaments when gifting a movie buff. The good thing with such ornaments is that they can be kept and celebrated for decades.



34. Superhero Toys

Kids and tweens can never outgrow superhero toys. Make memories for your movie-loving child with a toy of their favourite comic hero or heroine.



35. Popcorn Machine

Any cinephile will enjoy making their own popcorns for a perfect movie night mood. A popcorn machine is a classic addition to a traditional home theatre setup.



36. Large-Screen Android TV

Android TVs are here to revolutionise entertainment. Get your movie marathon watcher a large-screen Android TV for limitless entertainment from multiple streaming options.



37. Minimalist Film Poster

Help your movie lover reimagine their favourite movie using a minimalist movie poster.


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