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70 Best Gifts for Dog’s 1st Birthday


When it comes to shopping for a gift for a dog’s first birthday, there are many options available. From toys and treats to grooming supplies and beds, dogs of all ages and sizes can benefit from a special present. If you’re looking to surprise your pup with a physical gift for their first birthday, here are 70 great ideas to get you started.


1. Treat Jar – Show your pup that they’re extra special with an engraved treat jar.


2. Collar – A new collar is the perfect way to help your pup look their best on their big day.


3. Chew Toys – Chewing is an important part of a dog’s development, so give them plenty of safe and durable chew toys to keep them entertained.


4. Bed – A cozy dog bed is an ideal gift for a pup’s first birthday.


5. Blanket – A snuggly blanket is sure to be a hit with your pup.


6. Leash – A new leash is always a great gift for a pup.


7. Grooming Supplies – Keep your pup looking their best with a set of grooming supplies.


8. Dental Care Kit – A dental care kit is an important part of any dog’s health routine.


9. Toy Set – Get your pup’s playtime off to a great start with a set of toys.


10. Dog Treats – No pup can resist a delicious treat.


11. Collapsible Water Bowl – A collapsible water bowl is perfect for adventures.


12. Ball Launcher – Make playtime extra fun with a ball launcher.


13. Treat Dispenser – Get your pup excited about mealtime with a treat dispenser.


14. Interactive Toys – Keep your pup’s mind sharp with interactive toys.


15. Puzzle Toys – Puzzle toys are a great way to challenge your pup’s intelligence.


16. Training Tools – Get your pup ready for basic obedience with training aids.


17. Grooming Brush – A grooming brush is essential for keeping your pup’s coat healthy and looking great.


18. Bark Collar – A bark collar is a great way to help your pup learn acceptable behavior.


19. Pet Carrier – A pet carrier is perfect for keeping your pup safe and comfortable while traveling.


20. Dog House – Give your pup a place of their own with a dog house.


21. Doggie Door – A doggie door is a great way to give your pup easy access to the outdoors.


22. Doggy Steps – Doggy steps are a great way to help your pup get around.


23. Doggy Ramp – Make it easy for your pup to climb onto furniture with a doggy ramp.


24. Harness – A harness can be a great way to keep your pup safe while walking.


25. Dog Tag – A personalized dog tag is a great way to keep your pup safe.


26. Pet Camera – A pet camera is an ideal way to keep an eye on your pup while you’re away.


27. Pet Stroller – Make walks a breeze with a pet stroller.


28. Doggy Backpack – Give your pup a place to store their essentials with a doggy backpack.


29. Booties – Booties are a great way to keep your pup’s feet warm and protected.


30. Raincoat – Keep your pup dry in the rain with a dog raincoat.


31. Doggy Sunscreen – Protect your pup’s skin from the sun with a doggy sunscreen.


32. Fleece Jacket – Keep your pup warm with a cozy fleece jacket.


33. Doggy Sweater – A doggy sweater is the perfect way to keep your pup stylish and warm.


34. Pet GPS Tracker – A GPS tracker is a great way to keep tabs on your pup.


35. Pet First Aid Kit – A pet first aid kit is a must-have for any pup.


36. Doggy Doorbell – A doggy doorbell is a great way to teach your pup to alert you when they need to go outside.


37. Squeaky Toys – Squeaky toys are always a hit with pups of all ages.


38. Doggy Backseat Cover – Keep your car clean with a doggy backseat cover.


39. Doggy Basket – Make car trips more comfortable for your pup with a doggy basket.


40. Doggy Life Jacket – Keep your pup safe while swimming with a doggy life jacket.


41. Doggy Floaties – Give your pup a place to relax while swimming with doggy floaties.


42. Doggy Pool – Make warm days more fun with a doggy pool.


43. Doggy Playpen – A doggy playpen is a great way to give your pup a safe space to play.


44. Doggy Sling – A doggy sling is a great way to keep your pup close while on the go.


45. Doggy Camera – Monitor your pup from afar with a doggy camera.


46. Doggy Treat Dispenser – Automate mealtime with a doggy treat dispenser.


47. Doggy Treat Ball – Keep your pup entertained with a doggy treat ball.


48. Doggy Teething Toys – Make teething easier for your pup with teething toys.


49. Doggy Toothbrush – Help your pup maintain a healthy smile with a doggy toothbrush.


50. Doggy Toothpaste – Make brushing easier with a doggy toothpaste.


51. Doggy Shampoo – Keep your pup’s coat clean with a doggy shampoo.


52. Doggy Towel – Keep your pup’s fur dry with a doggy towel.


53. Doggy Cologne – Make your pup smell great with a doggy cologne.


54. Doggy Grooming Brush – Give your pup the grooming they deserve with a doggy grooming brush.


55. Doggy Grooming Clippers – Keep your pup’s fur in check with doggy grooming clippers.


56. Doggy Nail Clippers – Keep your pup’s nails short and tidy with doggy nail clippers.


57. Doggy Hair Dryer – Keep your pup’s fur dry and smelling great with a doggy hair dryer.


58. Doggy Hair Trimmer – Keep your pup’s fur tidy with a doggy hair trimmer.


59. Doggy Massager – Give your pup a relaxing massage with a doggy massager.


60. Doggy Toothbrush Holder – Keep all of your pup’s dental supplies in one place with a doggy toothbrush holder.


61. Doggy Grooming Table – Make grooming easier with a doggy grooming table.


62. Doggy Food Dispenser – Make mealtime easier with a doggy food dispenser.


63. Doggy Water Dispenser – Keep your pup hydrated with a doggy water dispenser.


64. Doggy Waste Bags – Keep your pup’s messes tidy with doggy waste bags.


65. Doggy Poop Scooper – Make cleaning up after your pup easier with a doggy poop scooper.


66. Doggy Litter Box – Make potty training easier with a doggy litter box.


67. Doggy Scent Marker – Let other animals know that your pup is in the area with a doggy scent marker.


68. Doggy Sweater Clothes – Keep your pup cozy and in style with doggy sweater clothes.


69. Doggy Winter Clothes – Keep your pup warm in cold weather with doggy winter clothes.


70. Doggy Booster Seat – Keep your pup safe while riding in the car with a doggy booster seat.


These 70 gifts are sure to make your pup’s first birthday extra special. With the right gift, you can show your pup just how much you love them.

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