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The best gifts for beer lovers – Top 25



Looking for a gift for a beer lover? Here’s our shortlist of fun and original beer gifts!



1. Beerwulf Gift Set

Beerwulf offers a range of different gift sets, ranging from the Logunitas IPA Case to the 12 Popular Beer Case. Some sets include glasses as well as beers.



2. Beer Hawk Gift Set

Beer Hawk is notable for tailoring its gift sets to special occasions. its range includes a Happy Birthday Beer Box and a romantic Valentine’s Day Gift Box, amongst other options.



3. HonestBrew Gift Membership

HonestBrew is an online store specialising in craft beers, and with a gift membership, the beer-lover in your life can reap benefits all year long.



4. Original Stormtrooper Gift Set

A craft beer themed around Star Wars, Original Stormtrooper is available in a gift set that includes Lightspeed Pilsner, Galactic Pale Ale, Stormtrooper beer mats and other goodies.



5. Beavertown Core Craft Beer Bundle

A colourful gift set, this consists of seven craft beers, each in a specially-designed tin. Beavertown also offers chocolate bars to sweeten the deal.



6. Best of British Beer’s Beer for a Year Club

This year-long gift set comprises four quarterly cases, each crammed with beer. You can choose between pale, dark and mixed sets.



7.100 Craft Beers Scratch Off Bucket List Poster

For the true enthusiast, here is a poster that not only lists 100 different craft beers, it also allows the owner to scratch off each beverage they consume.



8. IceMule Classic Backpack Cooler

This is perfect for the beer lover who likes to travel, here is an item that will keep the owner’s beer chilled on the go.



9. LittleGemsGiftsUK Personalsied Beer Caddy

This is a handsome and useful wooden beer caddy that not only holds six bottles, it also is personalised to bear the name of its owner. A particularly appropriate gift for father’s day.



10. Dartmoor Ale Soap

Delicately scented with an authentic ale aroma, this soap is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to bring the smell of beer to their cleaning habits.



11. Red Candy Dinosaur Bottle Opener

It may not be the most easily portable bottle opener in existence, but this novelty gadget will certainly make a conversation point.



12. CraftsbyCromps Scented Beet Can Candle

Each candle is designed to look like a can of novelty craft beer, and each one has a scent ranging from brewed beer to woodsmoke and leather. Best of all, you can mix-and-match designs and scents when ordering.



13. Swag Brewery Beer Hot Sauce

Beer can be more than just a drink. This line of sauces comes in three flavours (Asian Sriracha, Garlic Serrano and Roasty Chipotle), all infused with delicious beer.



14. Moons Green Hellfire Sticks Gift Tube

The true connoisseur of craft beer will appreciate the value of hot cheese alongside their drink. This gift cube features some very hot cheese indeed.



15. Guzzler Drinking Helmet

Worthy of Homer Simpson himself, this helmet has room for two cans of your favourite brew. It may not be the most fashionable item to wear about town, but it is sure to get laughs at parties.



16. Sudski Shower Drink Holder

The bathroom may not be the most obvious place to keep beer, but this shower drink holder will allow the user to combine two creature comforts in a single place.



17. Bohemia Gifts & Cosmetics Beer Bubble Bath

Anyone who ever dreamt of taking a long, warm bath in a vat of beer (and don’t deny it, there most definitely are people out there who have dreamt of just that) will be able to fulfill their fantasy with this beer-scented bubble bath.



18. People’s Captain Gift Card

A gift card for People’s Captain is a versatile present indeed. It can be used not only to buy the company’s unique craft beers, but also for t-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts featuring the iconic People’s Captain branding.



19. The Scratch & Sniff Guide to Beer: A Beer Lover’s Companion

In this world of ebooks, there are many who say they love the smell of a printed book. Well, this book provides plenty of smells, as it has a scratch-and-snuff sample of each drink it covers.



20. The Art of Homebrewing AComprehensive Guide to Homebrewing for Beginners

For any beer enthusiast who is looking into making their own beer at home, this book will be an absolute must-read.



21. The Beer Bucket List: Over 150 Essential Beet Experiences from Around the World

This is a chunky book that lists and details a wide variety of different beers. If the alcohol-lover in your life does not mind contemplating their remaining lifespans, the book will prove an invaluable guide to hunting down and sampling the true beer delights available in the world today.



22. Cooking with Beer: Add Flavor and Fun to Your Food with Everyone’s Favorite Beverage

For something even more adventurous, here’s a book dedicated to the varied fishes that you can cook using beer as an ingredient.



23. The Greatest Beer Run Ever

The history of beer is truly fascinating, with plenty of colourful stories to be told. This book is a factual memoir about an attempt to deliver beer during the Vietnam War.



24. Brewtality

Anyone who has both a love of a good beer and a twisted sense of humour will enjoy this volume, a collection of beer-themed horror stories by a range of authors with macabre minds.



25. World Atlas of Beer: The Essential Guide to the Beers of the World

For anyone who wants to learn about the varieties of beer that exist in the world today, this book will make a great starting point.


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