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The shortest way to a great gift!

The best gift for a man who loves to cook – Top 34


Searching for gift ideas for a man who loves to cook? There’s no shortage of options. From steak knives and spiralizers to salad spinners and steaming baskets, we’ve got all the inspiration you’ll ever need.



1. Kitchen Scissors

Scissors are a staple of any kitchen. However, for precise work like snipping herbs and trimming fat, a sharp pair of professional scissors are the way to go. Look for stainless steel blades that won’t become dull over time. Soft-grip handles will also make life easier.



2. Chopping Boards

Chopping boards are a must for anyone who cooks from scratch. A premium set of bamboo boards make a thoughtful gift for cooking enthusiasts.



3. Bamboo Stove Cover

If you’re looking for gifts for someone with a compact kitchen, a stove-top cover is a perfect gift idea. These handy covers tend to be made from high-quality bamboo and can be used to add extra countertop space or double up as a sturdy chopping board.



4. Spice Mill

Many of us buy store-bought ground spices for convenience. However, these can be expensive. Spice mills allow food lovers to produce their own ground spice from peppercorns and solid ingredients with minimal fuss.



5. Knife Sharpener

Anyone who cooks regularly will know how quickly knives lose their edge. A knife sharpener is a must-have for anyone who chops and slices daily.



6. Ceramic Kitchen Knives

Ceramic knives make a fine upgrade to traditional metal ones. Unlike stainless steel knives, ceramic blades maintain their sharp edge for longer. They also don’t rust, making them suitable for cleaning in a dishwasher.



7. Meat Cleaver

Meat cleavers aren’t just for carnivores. While these mean-looking tools are handy for hacking through joints of meat, they can also be used for the precise chopping of stemmed vegetables and herbs.



8. Butcher Knives

A good set of butcher knives will come in handy time and again. A decent set should include a versatile selection of blade types. At a minimum, look for sets that include at least two paring knives and a quality boning knife.



9. Steak Knives

There’s nothing worse than sitting down to a perfectly cooked steak, only to struggle with a second-rate knife. A set of premium steak knives makes a stellar gift for meat lovers.



10. Magnetic Knife Holder

A cutlery drawer isn’t a particularly practical place to store chef’s knives. A magnetic knife holder that can be attached to a kitchen backsplash allows for quick and easy retrieval.



11. Pestle and Mortar

These timeless kitchen staples are ideal for grinding down ingredients. For something special, look for sets that are made from granite or marble.



12. Steamer Baskets

Looking to buy a gift for someone who likes to cook healthy recipes? Steamer baskets make the perfect present. Perfect for whipping up steamed vegetable dishes or preparing authentic Chinese dumplings.



13. Rice Cooker

Cooking tender rice every time is almost impossible. A rice cooker makes the process as simple as possible. When choosing a rice cooker, make sure it features different settings to handle various grains.



14. Immersion Blender

A handheld blender is a practical option for those with minimal counter space. These compact gadgets can be used directly in a saucepan or pot, making it easy to create smooth sauces and broths in moments.



15. Waffle Maker

Piping hot waffles make a brilliant breakfast. However, ensuring consistent results every time can prove difficult. A good waffle maker takes all of the hard work out of creating this breakfast staple. Simply whip up a batter, pour in, and you’re good to go.



16. Air Fryers

Here’s another great kitchen gift idea for someone who’s looking to eat more healthily. Air fryers use only a fraction of the oil as conventional fryers. Nonetheless, they produce deliciously crispy results every time.



17. Toaster Ovens

Everyday toasters are all well and good, but they’re fairly limited. A toaster oven is far more versatile. They can of course be used to produce basic toasted dishes, but can also be put to use for defrosting, broiling, and more.



18. Breadmaker

Not everyone has the time to bake bread from scratch. A compact breadmaker takes up little space on a countertop and makes producing premium loaves at home incredibly simple.



19. Outdoor Pizza Oven

For those who love al fresco dining, an outdoor pizza oven is the perfect gift idea. When it comes to model options, you have a range of designs to consider. Keep it simple with budget-friendly ovens that can be used inside and out, or spend a little more on a permanent fixture that will take pride of place in any yard.



20. All-In-One Outdoor Grills

Here’s another superb idea for those who love whipping up a storm outdoors. An outdoor grill will become a staple of any summer, with the best models providing multiple cooking zones so everyone is catered for.



21. Grill Trays

Grill trays should be a staple of any kitchen. These handy essentials can be placed inside roasting trays and tins to ensure joints of meat and other ingredients are perfectly cooked, keeping food separate from cooking juices so it doesn’t stew in the oven.



22. Zesters and Fine Graters

Graters aren’t just useful for creating shredded cheese for recipes. They can also be used to zest lemons and citrus fruit, create minced garlic and ginger, and more. Go basic with a boxed grater, or upgrade to a selection of handheld graters with various slicing holes to accommodate a range of ingredients.



23. Nesting Bowls

Mixing bowls are great for baking, but they’re also useful for preparing salads and other ingredients. A set of nesting bowls makes a terrific gift for food lovers and takes up minimal space in a small kitchen.



24. Cooking Thermometer

If you’re buying a gift for someone who loves nothing more than to prepare a full roast, a cooking thermometer will go down a storm. A digital thermometer is the only reliable way to check the internal temperature of large joints of meat.



25. Roasting Racks

Here’s another first-rate gift suggestion for roast lovers. A heavy-duty rack will ensure expensive cuts of meat aren’t left stewing in their juices for hours, ensuring deliciously browned edges and perfect crackling, every time.



26. Mandoline

A mandoline makes quick work of creating delicate slices of fruit and vegetables. Perfect for adding some variety to summer salads or fresh fruit medleys.



27. Multi-Cooker

Even the most enthusiastic cook can’t dismiss the convenience provided by a multi-cooker. The best multi-cookers combine all the functions of pressure cookers, slow cookers, frying pans, and more. They can be used for everything from steaming vegetables to frying meats.



28. Cool Rolling Pin

For many pastry dishes, a standard wooden rolling pin isn’t fit for purpose. A cool rolling pin includes a metal or marble middle section that can be chilled down in the fridge before preparing pastry for delicate recipes.



29. Milk Frother

Although milk can be frothed manually with a whisk, it’s a time-consuming process that can eat into prep time. A milk frother will prove a game-changer. They can be used to create deliciously thick milk for adding a textured top to coffees or preparing milk for baking recipes.



30. Decorative Trivets and Countertop Protectors

Make scuffed countertops and burn marks a thing of the past with trivets and surface protectors. If you want something affordable, cork and silicone trivets are the way to go. For a more stylish aesthetic, opt for bamboo or metal protectors.



31. Potato Ricer

Mashed potato is a staple side dish and go-to comfort food. However, creating deliciously smooth mashed potatoes takes considerable effort. A potato ricer ensures you’ll never have to contend with unwanted lumps ever again. Smaller ricers can also be used to produce premium purees.



32. Salad Spinner

Salad spinners aren’t just for tossing leafy ingredients together. They can also be used to clean lettuce leaves and other salad ingredients. However, once your ingredients are washed and prepared, a spinner ensures your dressing of choice enjoys maximum coverage.



33. Salad Dressing Shaker

Store-bought salad dressings are often loaded with sodium. In many cases, homemade alternatives are healthier and far richer in flavor. Salad dressing shakers will go down well with cooks who love to tackle every aspect of a recipe from scratch.



34. Spiralizer

Spiralizers are quickly becoming a staple of every kitchen and are an ideal gift for someone looking to embrace healthy eating. A spiralizer can be used to produce vegetable noodles from all manner of ingredients. A countertop spiralizer with a suction base is the best way to go for easy handling and maximum convenience.


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