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The best gift for a cooking enthusiast – Top 35


Unsure what to buy a cooking enthusiast? Food lovers can be some of the hardest people to buy for. From pots to pans to premium spices, we’ve included 35 of the best gift ideas any gourmand will love receiving.



1. Starter Sets for Novice Cooks

If you’re looking for gifts for someone just starting out with cooking, keep it simple with a starter set. This could include an assortment of basic pans, a generous collection of tableware, or a complete arsenal of knives and essential utensils.



2. Dutch Oven

These sturdy pots are the only way to go when it comes to cooking rich casseroles and recipes containing tender meat. A decent Dutch oven should be made from cast iron, with a seal-tight lid that locks in moisture. Although any Dutch oven should be suitable for moving from the stovetop to the oven, always check when selecting a model.



3. Braiser Pan

Braiser pans fall somewhere between the larger Dutch oven and a standard skillet. These hardy pans usually feature a cast-iron base and sloping size, making them ideal for whipping up casseroles and other delicious dishes that need a little longer on the heat.



4. Skillets

A good skillet is a kitchen essential. A premium ceramic skillet is a superb idea for a gift and serves as the perfect upgrade to a tired frying pan.



5. Saucepans

Saucepans are among the most versatile of all kitchen staples. When buying saucepans as a gift, choose a set that includes a good range of sizes. When choosing saucepans, look for ones that are durable, easy to clean, and score top marks when it comes to heat distribution.



6. Woks

Many home cooks use woks for whipping up stir fry dishes, but these round-bottomed pans aren’t restricted to creating Chinese dishes. When selecting a wok, opt for a coated one to ensure it lasts for as long as possible.



7. Griddle Pans

Griddles are great for cooks who like to work with stove-top recipes. They’re ideal for steak and chicken dishes, but they can also be used to produce charred greens.



8. Saute Pan

Saute pans fall somewhere in between saucepans and skillets. A high-quality saute pan can be used for a multitude of kitchen tasks, including searing cuts of meat or reducing delicious delicious sauces.



9. Stock Pots

Homemade stock tastes far better than store-bought alternatives. However, a good stockpot is essential to produce this recipe staple. If you’re prepared to spend a little more, look for stock pots made from stainless steel. Heat-resistant handles and a steamer lid are also a must.



10. Graters

A good cook needs a variety of graters at their disposal. In addition to hand and box graters for shredding cheese, there are rotary graters, spice graters, and more.



11. Spiralizers

These innovative kitchen gadgets are incredibly versatile and make an incredible gift idea for cooks looking to produce healthier recipes. Spiralizers can be used to transform zucchini and carrots into vegetable noodles. If you choose a more advanced model with multiple attachments, a spiralizer should be able to handle just about any vegetable with ease.



13. Mandoline Slicer

Technically, mandolines are a type of grater. However, these handy kitchen gadgets are used to produce consistent slices, rather than shreds of vegetables. They’re an excellent companion to a standard grater and spiralizer and are perfect for producing delicate slices of vegetables that can be tossed in salads.



14. Chopping Board Sets

No kitchen is complete with a selection of chopping boards. Your gift recipient likely has some of these in stock, but there’s a good chance they’ll soon need replacing. Spend a little more on hard-wearing bamboo boards that will cope with constant use.



15. Garlic Press

Mincing garlic is one of the most awkward aspects of recipe prep. A garlic press makes quick work of this fiddly task.



16. Trivets

It’s easy to overlook just how useful trivets are, but they can save a kitchen countertop from burns and scalds from hot pans. For budget-friendly options, look into basic cork trivets. If you want to go for the premium option, invest in elegant metallic ones with unique designs.



17. Ceramic Knives

Ceramic knives are a hard-wearing alternative to metallic blades. Because they don’t rust like standard knives, ceramic blades are ideal for cooks who work with a lot of acidic ingredients. They also stay sharp for longer.



18. Knife Blocks

If you want to go for a cheaper option, knife block makes a solid gift idea for cooking enthusiasts. A food lover with a good degree of cooking experience will probably find basic knife blocks too limiting, so choose something that includes a healthy assortment of blade types.



19. Professional Butcher Knives

If the cook in question likes to work with meat as a staple ingredient, butcher knives are a suitable gift idea. A decent set should include a boning knife, a steak knife, and a breaking knife as a minimum. Ideally, you’ll want the set to include a meat cleaver as well.



20. Premium Salt and Pepper Mills

Salt and pepper are called for in just about every recipe. Therefore, a new salt and pepper mill is always going to be a welcome gift for any foodie.



21. Kitchen Scales

Precise measurements are a must for advanced recipes. If you’re buying for a cook who values style, opt for elegant mechanical scales that will coordinate with their other kitchen essentials. If the cook in question values precision, reliable digital scales are the way to go.



22. Reliable Kitchen Timers

Nowadays, smartphones make it easy to keep track of recipe times. However, a dedicated kitchen timer will also go down well with a home cook. Magnetic timers can be placed on ovens and refrigerators, while novelty egg timers are perfect for cooks who prefer their gadgets to have some character.



23. Personalized Aprons

Cooking aprons aren’t just the preserve of restaurant workers. They’re also incredibly useful for home cooks looking to keep their everyday outfits protected from splashes and spills as they whip up a storm in the kitchen. A premium apron with a personalized message makes a fine gift for cooking enthusiasts.



24. Personalized Oven Gloves

Oven gloves are a must-have for any cook. They’re also some of the most extensively used items in any kitchen. Anyone who cooks regularly will always welcome a new pair.



25. Bespoke Dish Towels

There is no such thing as too many dish towels. Custom dish towels are a terrific gift for food lovers. Make sure you’re buying towels made from quality cotton that scores well for absorbency and easy cleaning.



26. Stackable Mixing Bowls

Stackable bowls make the perfect present for home bakers. Go for stainless steel if you’re buying for a cook who values simple aesthetics and easy maintenance. Looking for something a little special? Bamboo bowls will add some rustic charm to any kitchen.



27. Pasta Machine

Dried pasta is a store cupboard essential. However, nothing beats the taste of freshly made linguine or tagliatelle. When choosing a pasta machine, make sure it can be firmly attached to a kitchen countertop. It should also include a decent selection of attachments so various types of pasta can be produced.



28. Marble Rolling Pin

Marble rolling pins have the wow factor. However, marble rollers aren’t simply about style. When chilled, these premium alternatives to wooden rolling pins make it far easier to work with cold-sensitive doughs.



29. Recipe Books

Even the best home cook needs some inspiration now and again. Think about buying recipe books that spotlight a cuisine they may not have experienced before.



30. Recipe Boxes

Recipe tins are a wonderful gift idea for cooks who like to experiment. You can buy tins that come with pre-printed recipe cards that can be filled in with new recipes and ingredients lists. Alternatively, purchase a box of your choosing and add recipe cards separately.



31. Recipe Scrapbook

A scrapbook makes a fine alternative to a recipe box. You can simply buy a blank book that the recipient can fill in with their own recipes, or instead add a few recipes of your choosing. If the recipient has been itching to discover a closely guarded family recipe, this is a terrific way of finally letting them in on the secret.



32. Recipe Box Subscription

Some recipe subscription services charge over the odds for fairly lackluster ingredients. However, others cater to the more experienced corner of the market. Explore the expert chef recipe box market for something that will set someone special a real challenge in the kitchen.



33. Fine Spices and Seasonings

Rare spices will always go down well with cooking enthusiasts. There are obvious contenders like saffron or sumac, although more affordable ingredients like juniper berries will also make welcome gifts.



34. Luxurious Ingredients

Has that special someone been desperate to try a new recipe, but has been putting off the attempt because they can’t afford a premium ingredient? Bite the bullet for them by gifting them those luxurious last elements.



35. Restaurant Tasting Experience

Occasionally, even a die-hard gourmand might tire of cooking. A special tasting experience at a five-star restaurant will serve as a memorable alternative to everyday culinary gifts.


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