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100 Gifts for 5 Year Wedding Anniversary
Gift Geniuz
Gift Geniuz

The shortest way to a great gift!

Gift Geniuz

The shortest way to a great gift!

100 Gifts for 5 Year Wedding Anniversary


A five-year wedding anniversary is a special milestone that couples celebrate to reflect on their time together and look to the future. It is an opportunity to express gratitude, love, and commitment. Finding the perfect gift to commemorate this occasion can be challenging, but with a little creativity and thoughtfulness, you can make it a memorable one.

For a traditional gift, couples can go for something made of wood. This could be a custom piece of furniture, like a bookcase, or a wood carving of their initials. Or, you could get them a wooden carving of a special moment or object, like a tree of life or a boat. A wooden cutting board or bamboo basket is also a great option.

For a more romantic gift, consider jewelry or watches. A classic white gold or silver watch is always a timeless gift. You could also get them a necklace or bracelet with an inscription of your anniversary date. Alternatively, you could get them a piece of jewelry with a diamond or gemstone motif.

If your partner is a homebody, an experience gift could be perfect. You could arrange a weekend getaway, a romantic evening out, or a wine tasting trip. Or, you could get a subscription to a streaming service, a magazine, or a cooking class. These gifts will give them something to look forward to throughout the year.

For the gadget lover, there are a variety of tech-related gifts. A new laptop or tablet, a drone, a virtual reality headset, or a smart home device are all great options. Even a smart speaker or a digital picture frame filled with pictures of your special times together is sure to be appreciated.

Finally, you could get them something that is unique and meaningful to the two of you. A custom painting of your wedding venue, a shadow box filled with mementos, or a special edition of their favorite book are all special gifts that they will cherish.

No matter what gift you choose, make sure it reflects the love and commitment you share as a couple. With a little thoughtfulness and creativity, you can make your five-year wedding anniversary a special and memorable occasion.


100 x 5 Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts


1. Personalized wall art

2. Custom engraved anniversary watch

3. A romantic dinner at a nice restaurant

4. A bottle of wine

5. A cruise

6. Customized music box

7. A spa day

8. A private getaway

9. A night out at the theater

10. A staycation in a nearby hotel

11. A weekend camping trip

12. A romantic picnic

13. An anniversary photo album

14. A gourmet gift basket

15. A cooking class

16. An adventure tour

17. A couples massage

18. A couples cooking class

19. An engraved jewelry box

20. An engraved cutting board

21. An engraved wine stopper

22. An engraved champagne flute set

23. A personalized poem

24. A personalized mug

25. A personalized pillow

26. A personalized blanket

27. Personalized stationery

28. Personalized wall d├ęcor

29. Personalized jewelry

30. An engraved cufflink set

31. A personalized wine bottle

32. A personalized cutting board

33. A customized cake

34. A romantic dinner at home

35. A romantic night out under the stars

36. A tree planting ceremony

37. A memory jar

38. An anniversary video

39. An anniversary scrapbook

40. A night out at the casino

41. A hot air balloon ride

42. A helicopter tour

43. A private yacht charter

44. A private plane tour

45. A romantic getaway

46. An anniversary photo session

47. An anniversary gift basket

48. An anniversary journal

49. An anniversary quilt

50. A customized anniversary song

51. A customized anniversary poem

52. A customized anniversary banner

53. An anniversary cake

54. An anniversary game night

55. An anniversary scavenger hunt

56. An anniversary painting

57. An anniversary scrapbook

58. An anniversary board game

59. A weekend getaway

60. An anniversary trip

61. An anniversary gift card

62. An anniversary gift certificate

63. An anniversary subscription service

64. An anniversary subscription box

65. An anniversary subscription magazine

66. A personalized anniversary video montage

67. A personalized anniversary book

68. A personalized anniversary song

69. A personalized anniversary photo album

70. A personalized anniversary keepsake

71. A personalized anniversary journal

72. A personalized anniversary quilt

73. A customized anniversary t-shirt

74. A customized anniversary mug

75. A customized anniversary ornament

76. A customized anniversary pillow

77. An anniversary getaway package

78. An anniversary dinner cruise

79. An anniversary weekend getaway

80. An anniversary staycation

81. An anniversary spa package

82. An anniversary cooking class

83. An anniversary wine tasting

84. An anniversary painting class

85. An anniversary pottery class

86. An anniversary jewelry making class

87. A personalized anniversary journal

88. A customized anniversary candle

89. A customized anniversary plaque

90. An anniversary scrapbook kit

91. An anniversary board game set

92. An anniversary chess set

93. An anniversary wine box

94. An anniversary art set

95. An anniversary music box

96. An anniversary puzzle

97. An anniversary watch

98. An anniversary ring

99. An anniversary necklace

100. An anniversary bracelet

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