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The best gag, funny and prank gifts on Amazon – Top 35


Looking for a great gag gift for someone special? Maybe you’re in the market for the perfect prank for a big birthday? Perhaps you simply want to drive your coworkers crazy. Whatever you’ve got planned, you’ll need a suitable novelty gift at your disposal. Need some inspiration? Read on for 35 of the best gag and prank gifts you can currently find available on Amazon.



Funny Amazon gift ideas 1-10


1. 30 Second Dance Party

This 30 Second Dance Party button will go down a storm at your next get together. Simply press the button to select one of five uptempo tracks.


2. Donald Trump Talking Positivity Button

He’s probably not many people’s favorite president, but Donald Trump certainly had some memorable one-liners. When you need a little pick-me-up, give this Donald Trump Talking Positivity Button a press to hear one of 15 of his all-time greats.


3. 100 Games to Play with a Stick

This book isn’t intended to be taken seriously, but maybe you’ll find a suggestion that’ll inspire you. 100 Games to Play with a Stick is the perfect gift for anyone starved of imagination.


4. Giant Grand Mama Undies

Has your special someone asked for lingerie for Valentine’s Day or an anniversary? These Giant Grand Mama Undies technically qualify. Just be wary of trying this gag gift on anyone sensitive about their waistline!


5. FunFamz Spider Prank Box

This one’s been doing the rounds for decades. If you’re looking to perform a cruel prank on an arachnophobe, this FunFamz Spider Prank Box fits the bill.


6. Witty Yetis Dehydrated Water Can

This Witty Yetis Dehydrated Water Can is a pretty cheap joke, but there will be eyebrows raised if the recipient actually attempts to follow the instructions printed on the back. Thankfully, there’s a no-to-subtle reminder awaiting anyone dumb enough to attempt to hydrate thin air.


7. Do Not Disturb Gaming Socks

Novelty socks always go down well. Looking for a suitable gift for a diehard console lover? These Do Not Disturb Gaming Socks are the way to go.


8. Witty Yeti Full-Size Faking Parking Tickets

Witty Yeti have plenty of first-class prank gifts. These Full-Size Fake Parking Tickets are perfect for playing practical jokes on neighbors. Alternatively, reach for them if you’re tired of arriving home at the end of a long day only to find someone has stolen your parking space.


9. Talkie Toys Fart Button

Think this Talkie Toys Fart Button is childish? Try listening to more than a few of the 20 fart sounds on offer without raising a smile.


10. iArm Prank Gift Box

The iArm Prank Gift Box will have unwitting recipients scratching their head. Watch their eyes light up when they think they’ve been gifted the latest tech must-have. Then watch their brow furrow as they try to work out what the hell’s going on when they read the label.



Hilarious prank gifts 11-20


11. Potty Putter Toilet Time Golf Game

This Potty Putter Toilet Time Golf Game is a great, if unnecessary, way to pass the time while answering the call of nature. Guaranteed to raise a smile if you’re hosting a party.


12. These Cards Will Get Your Drunk Game

If you and your friends need an excuse to get into the party spirit, These Cards Will Get You Drunk is a game worth investigating. As with any drinking game, pretty much every outcome is designed to encourage you to raise a glass.


13. The Man Fork

What do you get for the man who has everything? The Man Fork of course! This novelty fork features additional prongs that make munching on bigger mouthfuls easier than ever.


14. HOT SEAT: The Party Game That’s All About You

HOT SEAT is the perfect card game for old friends and family reunions. The answers to questions change depending on who’s doing the asking.


15. Novelty Pizza Throw

Looking for the perfect present for a pizza lover? Well, short of the real thing itself, why not treat them to this Novelty Pizza Throw. Perfect for snuggling up with as they tuck into a fresh slice of pepperoni.


16. Minion Snake in a Can

Searching for a quick laugh? This Snake in a Can novelty gift won’t disappoint. Simply offer someone a potato chip, let them reach in, and wait for the spring-coiled snack to work its magic.


17. LIAR LIAR – The Game of Truths and Lies

Tired of your usual board games? Give LIAR LIAR a try. Suitable for all ages, this game challenges players to use their best game face. It’s not often you get rewarded for being a great liar, but here we are!


18. Emergency Dad Jokes Coffee Mug

Some dads can’t stop telling jokes. Others save the gags for just the right moment. Generally speaking, every dad joke is terrible. Give your old man some inspiration with this Emergency Dad Jokes Coffee Mug so he can add new classics to his repertoire.


19. Yodeling Pickle Musical Toy

What gift do you buy someone who has just about everything? Chances are you’ve probably not thought of a Yodeling Pickle Toy. As novelty gifts go, this one is nonsensical, but charming all the same.


20. Exploding Kittens Card Game

Need a new card deck for game night? Exploding Kittens is something to think about. Based on Russian Roulette, this is one card game to keep away from younger players. Saying that you might always want to keep it out of view of cat lovers as well.



Funny gag and prank gift ideas 21 – 30


21. The Official BS Button

Tired of a close friend telling you tall tales? One press of this Official BS Button will make your feelings clear on the matter.


22. Luwint LED Flashing Finger Gloves

Who says knitwear can’t be neon-infused? These LED Flashing Finger Gloves are a great gift for little ones.


23. True Bonny Boy Liqor Dispenser

This Bonny Boy Liqor Dispenser will take pride of place atop any drinks cabinet. That’s of course if the recipient isn’t all that discerning when it comes to interior decor.


24. Mega Hearing Booster

This Mega Hearing Booster make a great gag gift for someone getting on in years. Just be cautious if you plan on giving it to someone who’s particularly sensitive about their age!


25. Inflatable Walking Stick and Zimmer Frame

Is someone close to you celebrating a big birthday soon? This Inflatable Walking Stick and Zimmer Frame combo should go down a storm.


26. EDYELL Bluetooth Speaker Hat

What do you get an audiophile who already has all the latest tech? This Bluetooth Music Hat of course. Admittedly, the sound quality won’t match up to the latest noise-canceling headphones, but for novelty value, it’s hard to top.


27. New Wife & New Husband Voodoo Dolls

As wedding gifts go, these His and Her Voodoo Dolls are pretty quirky. Each doll features a variety of commands that spouses can stick pins in to work some voodoo magic.


28. Bicycle Seat Belt

This Bicycle Seat Bealt from Prank Pack takes safety to a whole new level. Thankfully, it’s only a prank gift box. Watch the recipient cringe as they try to conceal their disappointment, before opening the box to find the real gift inside.


29. Clear Canyons Funny Pill Box

Keeping on top of daily medication can be exhausting. Mix things up with this oversized Novelty Pill Box.


30. Gold Plated Ceramic Middle Finger Ring Holder

This Gold Plated Middle Finger Ring Holder will make a quirky addition to any dressing table or vanity stand. There’s plenty of space for storing loose pieces of jewelry, while the middle finger makes the perfect place for housing rings.



Bonus prank and gag gifts 31 – 35


31. The American Mustache Book

Looking for a tasteful coffee table book to take pride of place in a study or living room? The American Mustache isn’t that, but it will certainly impress your guests for all the wrong reasons.


32. Prank Pack Liquor Vest

Tired of carrying your drink around? This Inflatable Liqor Vest from Prank Pack takes all the hard work out of getting drunk. Each vest can store up to 8 gallons of your favorite beverage. Meanwhile, a handy straw means you don’t even have to raise a glass to your lips.


33. Hooqict Slingshot Rubber Chickens

Remember slingshotting rubber bands at the back of people’s heads in school? Take things to the next level with these Slingshot Rubber Chickens.


34. Screaming Goat Button

Here’s another novelty sound button that’s guaranteed to delight and annoy in equal measure. One press of this Screaming Goat Button and you’ll fill a room with wince-inducing bleating.


35. Gold Record-Your-Own Sound Button

Like the idea of a novelty sound button, but want to use your own recordings? This Recordable Novelty Button is the answer to your prayers. You can record up to 30 seconds of sound at the touch of a button.


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