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The best christmas gift for coffee lovers – Top 40


This Christmas, you may want to appreciate a special someone in your life who also happens to be obsessed with coffee. Here are the top 40 best Christmas gifts for coffee lovers:



1. Coffee Beans Subscription

Any coffee lover will appreciate a subscription service that can deliver freshly roasted beans every morning at their home or office.



2. Luxury Coffee Subscription

The pleasure of unwrapping a sleek, new package of grade 1 coffee every morning will be enough to make their day productive and vibrant.



3. Coffee-Inspired Wall Art

Photography, a painting or line art that has been framed is a cute present that will make your friend’s living space more personalized. Also, they will always remember you when they look at it.



4. Personalized Mug

A coffee lover can never have enough mugs. You can order a cute mug printed with their favourite quote, their pet’s photo or a fun inside joke.



5. Cold Brew Coffee Machine

Nothing can excite a coffee enthusiast like a state-of-the-art cold brew coffee maker that will save them the daily run to Starbucks.



6. Coffee Scented Candles

You can give any space that cosy, coffee-house vibe by lighting up some coffee scented candles.



7. Milk Frother

If he loves making lattes and experimenting with latte art, this will be the perfect gift. A good espresso machine equipped with a steaming wand can be expensive. He can improvise with a hand-held milk frother that will still give the same effect.



8. “But First, Coffee” Merch

You can print out a hoodie, t-shirt, cap or blanket with the words, “But first, coffee” typed out in cool, attractive calligraphy. Your coffee-loving friend will enjoy wearing them at home or outside when running errands.



9. Reusable Coffee Filter

Maybe your friend keeps complaining that she’s run out of coffee filters. Gift her a reusable filter that will solve this problem.



10. A Quality Stainless Steel Travel Mug

A good travel mug will come in handy during those early morning workdays when they are commuting.



11. Quality Coffee Grinder

If your friend is an aspiring barista, a good, reliable coffee grinder will be an excellent upgrade from their old one. It’s a great way to motivate them and show them that you support their craft.



12. Coffee Body Scrub

Coffee scrubs are great for people trying to achieve smooth, glowing skin. Also, the refreshing smell of fresh grounds in a warm shower is to-die-for.



13. Keurig Cup Organizer

A cute stand to organize and display their collection of K-cups can be a great Christmas gift. If your friend is a neat freak that loves a clean and orderly space, this gift will be especially useful to them.



14. Stylish Coaster Set

Coasters protect surfaces from damage by hot temperatures and coffee stains. If your friend loves to entertain guests for coffee dates, a cute collection of coasters will be a gift they will deeply appreciate.



15. Professional-Grade Espresso Machine

If you want to invest in a show-stopping gift, go ahead and spoil your friend with a professional espresso machine. This will guarantee high-quality coffee at the comfort of their home whenever they need it. They won’t have an excuse for visiting the local coffee shop every morning.



16. Coffee Plant

A vibrant, indoor coffee plant will be a great addition to your friend’s home, especially if you already have a plant family.



17. ‘The World Atlas of Coffee,’ by James Hoffman

This book is considered the instruction manual for all serious coffee brewers. It talks about the history of coffee, different brewing methods, and how coffee has influenced cultures worldwide.



18. Collapsible Coffee Straw

Since there is already enough plastic waste accumulating on the earth, get them a cute, stainless steel reusable straw that is easy to clean and collapsible for convenience and portability.



19. A Sleek, Glass Pour-over Coffee Pot

The elegance and class that comes with having such an element in your kitchen is a no-brainer.



20. Portable Coffee Maker

If your friend loves the outdoors and is often hiking or camping, a portable coffee maker will be a fantastic gift. They’ll be able to brew and enjoy a fresh cup of coffee anywhere.



21. Airtight Coffee Beans Cannister

An experienced coffee brewer will know and appreciate the value of a vacuum coffee canister. It helps keep the beans fresh, ensuring delicious coffee with every brew.



22. Coffee-flavored Candy

This is for that coffee lover who nurtures a sweet tooth.



23. French Press Coffee Maker

Coffee enthusiasts always have a french press coffee maker in their brewing collection because it offers versatility during the brewing process. If your friend doesn’t already have one, get her this piece of equipment that is not only affordable but also a staple for every coffee lover.



24. Stainless Steel Gooseneck Stove Kettle

If your friend prefers the traditional way of brewing coffee, this is an excellent gift. It can also save them on kitchen space as it can be set on the stove like an attractive piece of art.



25. A Cute, Stylish Kitchen Scale

Any serious coffee enthusiast will not miss a kitchen scale in their cabinets. Go for one that won’t be an eyesore in their kitchen and they’ll appreciate the special thought.



26. Ceramic Latte Cup Collection

For coffee enthusiasts that love to entertain friends, a collection of attractive latte cups are a must.



27. Coffee Roaster

Although expensive, a coffee roasting machine will save your pal money in the long run because they will roast their own coffee at home. Also, if they’re aspiring to become baristas, this gift will mean the world to them because it will set them up really nice for their career.



28. Fancy Coffee Spoons

Your friend will appreciate a set of stylish coffee spoons with a unique shape that will make her excited to brew her own coffee every morning.



29. A Fancy Brew Stick

Consider buying them a cute, stylish brewing stick for stirring the coffee grounds. This will be a great addition to their tools collection.



30. Stylish Sensory Cup

Coffee brewers always have a small cup for testing their brew’s taste and scent. Instead of using a plain cup, get them a special sensory cup designed for that specific purpose.



31. ‘Craft Coffee: A Manual,’ by Jessica Easto

If your friend is new to home-brewing, this book will give them useful tips on which tools to buy, how to brew coffee at home and how to discover new tastes.



32. Alcohol-infused Coffee

This is a fun Christmas gift that is sure to make your coffee enthusiast friend excited. It’s great for people who enjoy drinking responsibly.



33. State-of-the-art Coffee Sieve

If your friend is usually irritated by the tiny coffee grounds that manage to pass through the sieve, consider getting them a micro-filtration coffee sieve that will keep their coffee pure and clean.



34. Temperature Control Mug

If your friend detests drinking warm coffee, this gift will enable them to keep their coffee hot throughout the whole day while it’s still sitting in the mug.



35. Coffee Cream

Some delicious cream on top of hot, freshly brewed coffee is any coffee lover’s ideal way of starting their day.



36. Set of Coffee Tasting Glasses

Coffee is meant to be enjoyed. If your friend is an aspiring barista, they will appreciate a fancy set of clear coffee tasting glasses that make every brewing session memorable.



37. Reusable Coffee Pods

Coffee pods are convenient but not so environmentally friendly. Reusable ones make a perfect gift for the eco-conscious coffee lover.



38. A Titanium Coffee Cup

Such a gift is perfect for the avid outdoor lover who enjoys brewing their coffee over an open fire. This gift is long-lasting and valuable too.



39. Coffee Scented Perfume

The smell of freshly brewed coffee is far from pungent. Some people may appreciate a perfume that can make them smell like their favourite obsession.



40. Coffee With A Cause

If your friend loves giving back to society, buy them a coffee subscription from a company that does the same. There are some that donate a portion of their proceeds to charity, and others produce their coffee under conditions that highly favour the often underpaid farmers.


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