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The best Virtual Reality gifts in 2022 – Top 50


Are you looking for a great VR gift? Here is our list of the best Virtual Reality gifts in 2022:


HTC Vive – An attractive option for any PC gamer who wants to experience virtual reality at home, the HTC Vine is a market leader.


PlayStation VR – Any owner of a PlayStation 4 can turn their machine into a home virtual reality experience using this add-on.


Google Cardboard VR Kit – Very much a budget option, this kit is nonetheless fun. Rather than true VR, it is an add-on for transforming compatible mobile devices into 3D eyesets.


Oculus Quest 2 – This is an all-in-one VR set that requires no further equipment. With the Oculus Rift 5 discontinued, it is also the only option in the Oculus field.


HP Reverb G2 – For a PC virtual reality experience that truly emphasises high resolution, this headset will be an excellent choice. it boasts precision in both display and audio.


Valve Index Controllers – Compatible with Vive hardware, these controllers and headset are both comfortable and sophisticated. They will, however, require physical space.


ForeVR Darts – If there was ever a simple household game that has stood the test of time, it was darts. Now, thanks to this game, darts is available in virtual form.


Unplugged – Themed around music, the SteamVR version of this game has a novel twist in that it uses Valve’s index finger tracking to simulate guitar play.


Winds & Leaves – Not all players like all the action all the time, and Winds & Leaves is a game tailor-made for those who prefer sedate experiences. The aim is simply to transform a barren landscape by planting seeds.


Zookeper Blast Quest – Any avid player of mobile puzzle games will be familiar with the Zookeeper franchise. With Blast Quest, the game gets a virtual reality overhaul.


Fruit Ninja VR 2 – For some fun that will please the whole family, it would be hard to beat a sequel to the much-loved Fruit Ninja.


Among Us VR – Yes, the mobile game sensation receives the virtual reality treatment in 2022. Available for a range of platforms, this game adds a whole new dimension to your search for the sus.


Astro Bot Rescue Mission – Available for PlayStation VR, this is an action-platformer that uses VR to create a world of cartoonish sci-fi.


Lost Recipes – Surely any genre as hands-on as the cooking game is a natural fit for VR? With Lost Recipes, you will be learning how to cook with a range of exotic ingredients.


Blade and Sorcery – Hitting a range of different VR platforms, this is a game that puts you in control of a powerful wizard as you blast your way through a world of fantasy.


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas VR – The GTA series has shown that it has the ability to adapt to any new development in games, and as demonstrated by this new addition, virtual reality is no exception.


Cosmonious High – Bright, colourful, a little crazy and, in short, just the sort of world you would like to lose yourself in, this game tasks you with solving puzzles and interacting with a collection of oddball characters.


Everybody’s Golf VR – Golf simulators appear on just about every games system, and PlayStation VR is no exception. A good choice for those who enjoy digital putting.


Half-Life: Alyx – The fan-favourite Half-Life series enters the world of VR with this spin-off starring the character Alyx. Available for a range of different platforms, and capturing the gameplay of the main series.


Resident Evil 4 – Available for Oculus Quest 2, this is a virtual reality reinvention of the 2005 classic. Just the thing for players who appreciate horror in their games.


The Last Worker – Some games have a message to them, and The Last Worker is an example of this trend. Designed for SteamVR and Oculus Quest, the game depicts a world in which people have lost their jobs to automation and asks the player to consider what it would be like to find themselves the last worker.


Minecraft VR – Available for Oculus and Windows Mixed Reality, this is a title that brings a new dimension to an old favourite. The exploration and creation of Minecraft are recreated faithfully in virtual reality.


Nerf Ultimate Championship – Yes, even Nerf guns are available in virtual reality form! With Nerf Virtual Championship you can compete against other players to see who has the sharpest aim.


Hitman 3 – Once a PlayStation VR exclusive, Hitman 3 sees its PC VR release in 2022. The perfect time to experience this controversial game of crime and murder.


The Shore VR – The Shore, an indie game that won plaudits for its originality, receives a VR makeover with this title. The plot is themed around the horror stories of H. P. Lovecraft.


Splinter Cell VR – Yet another legendary games series gets the virtual reality treatment with this stealth-oriented title.


Ultimechs – This is a multiplayer VR experience that puts you and your friends into the middle of a futuristic sport. The physics are designed to be realistic, even if the setting is fantastical.


Sword Reverie – inspired by the aesthetics of Japanese RPGs, this is a game designed to make it feel as though you have stepped into a world of anime fantasy.


Wanderer – Here we have a game that mixes the storytelling of the science fiction genre with the mechanics of a puzzle game. Compatible with PC VR and PlayStation VR, it takes into a world of wonders.


Zenith – Anyone who wants to combine the immersion of VR with the sprawling world of an MMORPG will love Zenith, an anime-themed title set in a fantasyland.


Kuo – Kuro marks Apple’s foray into the world of augmented reality. This is a full AR headset with all the power of a Mac.


Botzees – Designed for children aged between 4 and 9, Botzees is a toy kit that combines the building entertainment of LEGO and similar toys with augmented reality puzzles.


STEAM Gift Card – Steam is positively loaded with VR and AR titles, and this gift card will allow your friend to take their pick.


Tilt Five Tabletop AR Game – This kit consists of AR glasses, a holographic game board and a wand; taken together, these allow you to play a range of different board games without the need of a stack of boxes and rulebooks.


The Twilight Zone VR – Yes, players can step into the world of the classic sci-fi series with this narrative-driven VR experience.


Ziggy’s Cosmic Adventure – The title may seem like fluffy fun, but this is a game that aims to be as immersive as possible, putting you in charge of a spaceship that can be explored even before you blast off.


Simple Planes VR – Flight simulators are an excellent fit for virtual reality. if you own the original PC version of Simple Plane, you will even be able to create and install your own planes.


Green Hell – Available for SeamVR and Oculus Quest 2, this is a virtual reality reworking of the beloved PC game Green Hell. Focused on survival, the game places you in a jungle, forcing you to use tactics and scant equipment to survive.


Little Cities – Little Cities is an Oculus Quest game that tasks you with building a city of your own. You start off with a single road, and can then expand from there into a thriving town.


Paranormal Hunter – The VR support for this horror game is optional, but will truly improve the experience as you explore a virtual haunted house.


The Last Clockwinder – A quirky science fiction game for SteamVR and Oculus Quest 2, The Last Clockwinder tasks you with creating weird and wonderful contraptions from organic life to solve puzzles.


The Exorcist: Legion SIN – If the original The Exorcist: Legion VR was not scary enough, this sequel enhances the horror, the graphics and the gameplay for a still more intense experience.


Heromask Languages – Here we have a VR headset for children that offers educational benefits as well as fun and games. The set includes software designed to teach multiple languages: Spanish, French, German, Italian, English and Chinese are all covered.


Daydream View – Created by Google, this is a headset that turns your Daydream-enabled phone (if you have a modern Android phone, it is likely to be compatible) into a VR device. Because of its Google connections, it has no shortage of apps.


Beginning Windows Mixed Reality Programming – For the real tech-heads, this is a book that will serve as the perfect introduction to the world of mixed reality software on Windows.


Osmo Detective Agency Solve Global Mysteries STEM Toy – Aimed at children aged 5 to 12 years old, this is an augmented reality game that puts players in the gumshoes of elite detectives as they follow trails and examine clues.


Experience on Demand: What Virtual Reality Is, How it works, and What it can do? – Virtual reality is not all fun and games. With this book, the VR enthusiast in your life will be introduced to the serious, business-oriented side of the field.


The Augmented Workforce: How Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, and 5G Will Impact Every Dollar You Make – What the above book does for virtual reality, this volume does for its cousin, augmented reality.


Dawn of the New Everything: A Journey Through Virtual Reality – Any reader who is keen to explore the history of virtual reality will find this book utterly engrossing.


LEGO Hidden Side Graveyard Mystery 70420 Building Kit – Yes, even LEGO has branched into augmented reality. As well as being as fun to build as any LEGO creation, this playset gets even spookier with digital enhancements.


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