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Best treat dispensing dog toys (UK) – Top 30


Treat dispensing toys aren’t just a way of spoiling your dogs with their favourite snacks. The best treat dispensing dog toys will also keep your four-legged friends entertained, helping them manage anxiety levels and prevent destructive behaviour.

Whether you’re looking for something that will help keep on top of dental hygiene or want something more advanced to offer mental stimulation, there are plenty of options to consider. Below, we explore 30 of the very best treat dispensing dog toys currently available.



1. Zellar Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

Perfect for smaller dogs, this Zellar Treat Ball makes an instant impression with its egg-shaped design. Because of its unusual shape, even the most aggressive of dogs will struggle to cause any damage to this dispenser. Easy to clean and maintain, this dispenser can be loaded with treats, saving you the need to constantly replenish it with chews and nibbles.



2. Pet-Fun Pineapple Treat Dispenser

This quirky Pet-Fun Pineapple will go down a storm with your four-legged friends. This hard-wearing chew toy is best combined with pastes to encourage good dental hygiene. It’s particularly effective if you have younger pups that are struggling with teething.



3. Pet-Fun Medium Mango

This Pet-Fun Mango is another great chew toy that will help take the edge off teething symptoms and promote better dental hygiene. The high-grade rubber material makes it particularly, while there’s plenty of space to hide small treats and pastes to keep your pets engaged.



4. Snuffle Mat Treat Dispenser

If you’re looking to encourage foraging behaviour, this Snuggle Mat is a good choice. The pile is particularly deep, meaning you can hide all manner of treats. Furthermore, this mat comes with two suction cups so you can ensure it remains firmly in place, even as your pooches rummage around looking for a snack.



5. PawsOnly Treat Dispenser Ball Toy

This PawsOnly Ball Toy is perfect if you’re looking for a low-cost treat dispenser that won’t disappoint. Simply slide a stick treat through the centre of the ball and let your dog have at it.



6. Mushroom Chew Toy and Dispenser

This Mushroom Treat Dispenser is a good option if your dog has chewed their way through countless toys in the past. There’s plenty of space to hide delicious treats, while the tough rubber construction means even the sharpest teeth won’t cause any damage.



7. Busy Buddy Squirrel Dude

If your dog loves a challenge, this Busy Buddy Squirrel Dude will go down a storm. This quirky squirrel-shaped dispenser can hide a substantial amount of treats, while the dishwasher-safe material makes cleaning a breeze.



8. Treat Dispensing Training Ball

Combine training and play with this Treat Dispensing Ball. Miniature treats can be loaded into the interior, encouraging your dog to engage with you as you teach them the basics of house training. Alternatively, it’s the ideal choice for a game of fetch in the garden or park.



9. YGJT Slow Feeder Dispenser

If you’re worried about your dog accessing too many treats in a tight window of time, this Slow Feeder Dispenser is a great choice. This toy is designed to encourage interaction, with dogs having to use their ingenuity to turn the barrel and dispense treats to the feeding tray.



10. Ertisa Strawberry Treat Dispenser

This colourful Strawberry Treat Dispenser from Ertisa is a great gift for beloved pooches. Made from durable rubber, this toy will cope well with sharp teeth and aggressive chewers. Meanwhile, it’s incredibly easy to replace treats and keep clean.



11. Pet-Fun Dumbbell Dispenser Toy

If you want your dog chowing down on too many treats, this Pet-Fun Dummbel Dispenser Toy is worth looking into. Ideal for larger dogs, this toy also comes with a granular texture to help keep teeth clean.



12. Rosewood Biosafe Puppy Treat Toy

If you’re looking for dispensers for pups and younger dogs, this Biosafe Puppy Treat Toy is the way to go. This low-cost dispenser will keep active dogs distracted, while also helping minimise anxiety and prevent destructive behaviour.



13. Lowondr Indestructible Rubber Treat Dispenser

Need a dispenser that will withstand the aggressive chewing behaviour of large dog breeds? ThisiIndestructible Rubber Chew Toy from Lewondr is the way to go. Its impressive texture makes accessing treats hard work, while also helping keep your dog’s teeth and gums clean.



14. Nabanace Snuffle Feeding Mat

Keep your dogs engaged with this colourful Snuffle Feeding Mat from Nabance. There’s an array of areas to conceal treats of all shapes and sizes, making this ideal for households with more than one pooch.



15. KONG Rubber Tire Chew Dispenser

If your dog loves nothing more than chewing everything in its path, this Rubber Tire Dispenser from KONG is an ideal investment. Available in an array of sizes, this chew toy is extremely durable. What’s more, you can add spray and paste treats along the inner rim.



16. Verla Activity Feeder Toy

This Activity Feeder Toy from Verla is a good choice for smaller dogs. Treats can be loaded at either end, while an array of textures helps keep teeth clean.



17. TOTARK Interactive Snuffle Mat

This Interactive Snuffle Mat from TOTARK is ideal for encouraging foraging activity and preventing more destructive behaviour. Not only is it great for dishing out treats, but it will also help your dog engaged and active.



18. Outward Hound Treat Maze

If you’d rather your dog work to earn their treat, this Outward Hound Treat Maze will deliver. Simply fill it with their favourite nibbles, shake the disc to release odours, and then watch as they use all their initiative to retrieve their snacks.



19. Dog Toothbrush Treat Dispenser

Treat dispensers should do more than dish out snacks to your favourite canines. This Dog Toothbrush Treat Dispenser goes above and beyond when it comes to dental hygiene. The various textures will ensure every inch of your dog’s teeth and gums are kept clean and free of harmful bacteria. Meanwhile, this hard-wearing chew toy will keep them entertained for hours at a time, relieving stress levels and boredom.



20. GiGwi Interactive Dog Chew

This bite-resistant GiGwi Dog Chew is the perfect pick for aggressive dogs. There is plenty of space inside for adding delicious treats, while the raised rubber textures will promote healthy teeth and gums.



21. FOSSA Dog Snuffle Mat

If you’re struggling to keep active puppies occupied, this FOSSA Snuffle Mat is a solid investment. With plenty of hiding places for their favourite meaty morsels, this snuffle mat will encourage foraging behaviour and combat boredom.



22. Funow Crocodile Chew Toy

If your dog is long overdue a new accessory, this Funow Crocodile Chew Toy is a terrific gift idea. Made from bite-resistant rubber, it’s a superior chew toy in its own right. However, there’s also a concealed compartment for storing delicious treats to keep them engaged.



23. PetSafe Busy Buddy Cow Wow

This Busy Buddy Cow Wow chew toy from PetSafe is guaranteed to keep your dogs entertained for hours at a time. The resilient exterior means even aggressive chewers will have a hard time tearing through it. Meanwhile, an adjustable treat dispenser ensures your dogs are never overindulging.



24. PetLove Mighty Mutts Extra Tough Dispenser

This Mighty Mutts Treat Dispenser from PetLove might look rather basic, but it’s one of the toughest toys of its kind on the market. The hollow centre can be filled with just about any type of treat, while the lightweight construction means the ball can float on water. As such, it’s a terrific toy for outdoor play and exercise.



25. Starmark Bob-a-Lot Dispenser

If your pets have made quick of previous treat toys, this
Starmark Bob-a-Lot Dispenser will level the playing field. This dispenser bobs around whenever it comes to contact with your dog, meaning they’ll have to work extra hard to access the delicious goodies inside. Furthermore, you can adjust the openings to make life even more difficult for your pets.



26. PetSafe Freezable Treat Dispenser

This PetSafe Chilly Penguin Treat Dispenser is a great value choice for those looking to set their dogs a new challenge. The freezer-safe rubber means you can serve up frozen wet and dry food, while the access points can be trimmed to suit different snout sizes.



27. KONG Reward Shell Dispenser

If your dog requires added mental stimulation, this KONG Reward Shell is something to consider. This toy bounces and rolls along the floor as dogs interact with it, meaning they’ll have to work extra hard to access treats hidden within. Ideal if you’re looking to embrace slow feeding.



28. Blue IQ Treat Ball

This Blue IQ Treat Ball is an innovative alternative to basic chew toy dispensers. Your dog will need to give its grey matter a workout to uncover how to dispense treats through one of several access points scattered across the surface of the central ball.



29. RUFFWEAR Gnawt-a-Cone Dispenser

Sometimes, it’s best to stick to something basic. This RUFFWEAR Gnaw-a-Cone is a durable choice of treat dispenser that’s large enough to house a generous portion of spread or paste. The geometric contours provide plenty of gum stimulation and help keep teeth clean, while the large size makes it ideal for bigger dogs.



30. Trixie Dog Activity Memory Trainer

If you need to leave your dog alone for several hours, this Activity Memory Trainer from Trixie is the ideal way of keeping them entertained and preventing destructive outbursts. To activate the dispensing tray, dogs will first need to place a paw on the remote control pad. Snacks are easily loaded into the spacious central chamber, while the remote can be moved further away from the main machine to increase difficulty levels.



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