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The best kitchen gifts for mom – Top 35


If your food-loving mom’s birthday is fast-approaching, you’ve no shortage of options when it comes to suitable gifts. From cooking mitts and measuring spoons to stand mixers and spiralizers, there are dozens of great gift ideas to suit every budget. Below, we spotlight 35 of the best kitchen gifts for mom, whatever the occasion.



1. Nonstick Cookware

Have mom’s pots and pans seen better days? Gift her a set of nonstick cookware that will make preparing those slow recipes a breeze.



2. Slow Cooker

Slow cookers or electric crock pots are now kitchen essentials. They’re ideal for people with busy social lives and long office hours. Simply throw in a few ingredients, set the timer, and in a few hours, a perfectly cooked recipe is waiting to be devoured.



3. Pestle and Mortar

A premium pestle and mortar look great in any kitchen. However, this kitchen must-have is also incredibly handy for grinding spices and preparing rubs and marinades. Think about going all out and spending a little more on a marble set. If you’re looking for something more affordable, go for granite.



4. Kitchen Cupboard and Refrigerator Organizers

If your mom likes to cook every meal from scratch, her kitchen cupboards and fridge interiors are likely crammed with ingredients. A set of organizers will help them keep a clear inventory of all their raw ingredients.



5. Dessert Plates

For many, dessert is the best part of any mealtime. Help make the final course even more special by gifting your mom a brand new set of elegant dessert plates.



6. Recipe Tin Box

If your mother has been cooking her whole life, she’s likely built up a repertoire of mouth-watering recipes. A recipe tin provides the perfect way to keep all those meal guides and ingredients lists in one place.



7. Family Recipe Scrapbook

For a more thoughtful alternative to a recipe box, think about compiling your favorite family recipes into a bespoke scrapbook. Add photographs and handwritten notes to make it even more personal.



8. Recipe Book Stand

A sturdy book stand makes a great gift for multitasking moms who spend a lot of time in the kitchen. They can also be used as impromptu tablet holders.



9. Novelty Dish Towels

Any good cook needs a constant supply of dish towels to hand. A fresh bundle of dish towels makes a superb gift idea for home cooks. For something special, put together a bespoke bundle of unique designs.



10. Luxury Cooking Apron

Spills and splattering sauces are unavoidable in the kitchen. A hard-wearing cooking apron will go down a storm with mom. Choose a heavy-duty canvas design for something that will hold up well for years to come. Alternatively, upgrade to a luxurious leather design.



11. Oven Mitts

Oven mitts will always come in handy. Go for silicone mitts for maximum comfort and safety, or take the novelty route with quirky character designs.



12. Cooking Blowtorch

A cooking blowtorch is a practical addition to any kitchen. These compact kitchen companions can be used to caramelize sugar and put the finishing touch to all manner of desserts. They can also be used to char vegetable skins and add a crunchy finish to roast meat dishes.



13. Air Fryer

If that special someone is looking to eat more healthily, an air fryer is a great gift idea. Unlike deep fat fryers, air fryers use only a fraction of the oil to deliver deliciously crisp results.



14. Utensil Rest

During meal prep, it’s easy to misplace stirring spoons, whisks, and spatulas. Utensil rests not only ensure all those prep essentials are near to hand, but they also protect countertops from unwanted splatter and food stains.



15. Novelty Measuring Spoons

For the cook who likes to be precise with their recipe prep, novelty measuring spoons make a wonderful gift idea. You can keep it simple with stainless steel, or inject some personality into gift-giving with a set of novelty scoops and spoons.



16. Speciality Knives

If your mom is looking to take on new challenges in the kitchen, invest in a set of specialty knives to help her realize her goals. Ceramic knives are perfect for the home cook who has everything.



17. Knife Sharpener

Blunt knives are a regular occurrence in the kitchens of those who cook everything from scratch. A knife sharpener ensures every blade maintains its sharp edge for longer.



18. Cut Resistant Kitchen Gloves

Even the best knife skills won’t prevent the occasional cut finger. However, a pair of cut-resistant gloves will. Once you’ve gifted mom a pair of these, she’ll wonder how she ever did without them.



19. Chopping Block

There’s always room for one more chopping board in a kitchen cupboard. Rather than waste money on a set of flimsy plastic boards, spend extra on an impressive wooden chopping block instead.



20. Premium Spices

Experienced home cooks tend to get through a lot of spices and seasonings. Replenish their stocks with a bundle of premium ground spices and spice mixes. Keep it simple with recipe stalwarts like paprika, cumin, and cinnamon, or upgrade to rarer ingredients like caraway seeds and saffron.



21. Pasta Machine

Pasta dough is easy enough to make by hand, but cutting into an assortment of shapes and strips is another matter entirely. A pasta machine takes all of the effort out of preparing delicious linguini, tagliatelle, or pappardelle at home.



22. Mandolin Slicer

Once someone starts using a mandolin slicer, it’s bound to become a go-to kitchen gadget. A good mandolin makes producing paper-thin slices of food effortless, while most models include a wide array of blade attachments. If countertop space is at a premium, go for a compact slicer that can be stored away discreetly.



23. Spiralizer

If a mandolin slicer doesn’t cut it, take the next step and give mom a spiralizer. These indispensable kitchen essentials can fulfill all the same functions as a mandolin, with the added benefit of being able to cut vegetables to just about any length. They can be used to make vegetable versions of pasta classics, as well as fast food favorites like curly fries.



24. Automatic Stirrer

Busy cooks need to be able to multitask. An automatic stirrer means there’s one less job to worry about when preparing a large meal for friends and family. For maximum convenience, choose a stirrer that includes an automatic timer so delicate sauces aren’t overworked.



25. Garlic Choppers and Presses

Chopping garlic by hand is incredibly time-consuming. A garlic chopper or press is another time-saving essential that makes a superb gift for food lovers.



26. Fresh Herbs

Fresh herbs can be used to add some punch to just about any recipe. They can be used to flavor salads or sauces, or blended into cocktails and soft drinks. Put together a bundle of recipe staples like basil, oregano, thyme, and rosemary.



27. Kitchen Greenhouse

If you’re thinking about gifting herbs, you’ll want something to present them in. A compact greenhouse that can sit atop a kitchen counter is a good option. When choosing a herb planter, go for something stripped-back and simple that allows for easy access to those flavorful leaves.



28. Living Wall

Living walls are a staple of fine dining establishments and restaurant kitchens. They also make gorgeous gifts for those with kitchens large enough to accommodate one. If your budget won’t stretch to a readymade one, put your DIY skills to good use and make one from scratch.



29. Baking Supplies

Those with a sweet tooth are always in short supply of baking essentials. Make sure they’re always ready to go with a hamper packed to the brim with premium baking ingredients.



30. Cake Decoration Essentials

Help your mom take her home baking projects to the next level with the gift of cake decoration essentials. There’s no shortage of options here. Start small with stamp sets and sprinkles, or fork out a little more on edible paint and elegant toppers.



31. Stand Mixer

Stand mixers are usually the last kitchen gadget that home cooks purchase. Surprise someone you love with a brand new mixer for their birthday or a special occasion.



32. Sampler Boxes

Introduce your favorite food lover to a new flavor experience with a sampler box. Whether it’s a stack of special seasonings or a new line of hot sauces, sampler boxes are perfect for broadening palates.



33. Recipe Box Subscriptions

Recipe box subscriptions are incredibly convenient, but many people resist splashing out on them for their own use. However, these subscription services are ideal for those just starting out with home cooking. They’re also perfect for anyone who struggles to schedule a weekly trip to the grocery store.



34. Restaurant Experience Boxes

Recipe boxes aren’t just about keeping kitchen cupboards stocked with ingredients. Nowadays, many restaurants offer menu experience boxes that can be delivered for a one-off cost. A little elbow grease is of course involved to prepare the ingredients, but easy-to-follow recipes and five-star ingredients more than justify all the effort.



35. Dinner for Two

Sometimes, even the most enthusiastic home cook appreciates the night off from kitchen duty. Choose a gift that acknowledges their love of food, without the prep and kitchen clean-up. If there’s a restaurant they’ve been itching to try, book a table and surprise them on their birthday. Alternatively, investigate dining out cards that can be redeemed at one of several different establishments.


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