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Best gifts for runners under $50 – Top 30


Buying a gift for the runner in your life does not limit you to increasingly expensive running shoes and technical kit. The following list provides 30 ideas for gifts for runners which will not break the bank.



1. Performance Socks

Runners can never have enough socks and are always glad of more. Good quality, high performance socks providing durability and comfort can be bought for under $20.



2. Head Torch

Keep your runner safe on those darker winter nights with a head torch. A basic head torch will allow them to be seen by other road users, as well as letting them see any obstacles ahead.



3. Beanie

Beanies are certainly a runner’s friend when the colder days set in. Look for a lightweight, breathable beanie that offers warmth as well as a little style.



4. Gloves

Even the hardiest runner will need a good pair of running gloves. A gift of lightweight gloves which remain windproof and water resistant will make you very popular with a winter runner.



5. Lock Laces

These easy tie elastic laces make it simple for runners to adjust the pressure on their shoes, tightening or loosening the lock element of the lace.



6. Hydration Backpack

A good gift for an endurance runner, a basic backpack allows them to carry water, gels and all other necessities.



7. Flipbelt

These lightweight belts are a modern take on the fanny pack, allowing runners to carry all their essentials including their phone, but without the chafing.



8. Leggings

Another necessity for when the weather takes a turn for the worse, leggings ensure you keep the muscles warm for better performance.



9. Shorts

While leggings are great for winter, nothing beats a good pair of shorts once the warmer days return. Decent moisture-wicking shorts with an inner lining to reduce chafing can be bought for under $50.



10. Running Journal

Runners love to keep track of their progress or lack of it. A running journal or diary is a great little gift for runners to record training runs and race times.



11. Foam Roller

Running places huge stresses on the body. A foam roller acts like a massage, helping to alleviate muscle tightness before and after a run, while promoting blood flow.



12. Yoga Mat

Flexibility is key to injury prevention, and yoga offers runners a full body work-out. Yoga can be a good recovery tool for runners, and a gift of a mat could be just the thing to introduce them to this ancient practice.



13. Weights Set

A set of weights adds another tool to the runners arsenal to help improve strength and conditioning.



14. Resistance Bands

These simple rubber bands come in sets comprising different resistance levels. Ideal for home use, they are another strength training tool.



15. Healthy Cookbook

Nutrition is key for any runner. If you are a little wary about buying specific running items as a gift, a healthy cookbook is an excellent alternative.



16. Custom Mugs

A mug personalized to commemorate a certain running event or a personal best time is a quirky, but fun gift.



17. Compression Sleeves

Compression sleeves help prevent injury and aid recovery time. If your runner has been plagued with injuries this could be the ideal gift for them.



18. ID Tags

A very inexpensive gift but one which could prove priceless. Attached to the laces, these tags hold emergency contact details in the event of an incident when out running.



19. Insoles

Comfortable shoes are essential for a runner. Insoles can reduce foot pain and offer support, but make sure you know your runner as everyone’s needs are different.



20. Sunglasses

A spare pair of sunglasses never goes amiss for runners. There are plenty of polarized sunglasses on the market for under $50.



21. Armband Phone Holder

These handy little holders keep a mobile phone secure when running, ideal when listening to music or tracking a work-out.



22. Running T-shirt

Training t-shirts are a great option, but one which can be taken to the next level if customized with an inspirational slogan personal to the runner.



23. Running Cap

Another runner’s staple, having a cap ready to replace the beanie when the sun shines is always useful.



24. Water Bottle

Whether it is a bottle which will sit on a belt or a handheld bottle, it is surprising how many runners do not possess this important accessory.



25. LED Armband

A safety accessory for night running, these adjustable bands come with LED lights as well as reflective capacity for good visibility to other road users.



26. Photo Book

Runners can amass a lot of commemorative photos from events participated in over the years. A photo book is an ideal way to keep these memories secure.



27. Running Book

There are many wonderful and inspirational running books. If your runner is a reader too, then this is a gift which makes total sense.



28. Energy Gels

If you have noticed your runner uses energy gels then a box of their preferred brand will always be a welcome addition to their stock.



29. Bath Salts

A good soak is hard to beat after a long or intensive run. Natural bath salts added to the water feels a luxurious treat, a well earned reward for the effort.



30. Beer Making Kit

Runners look forward to their post run treat and for many this is a well earned beer. What better then your own home-made supply awaiting you.



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