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Best gifts for mountain bikers - Gift Geniuz
Gift Geniuz
Gift Geniuz

The shortest way to a great gift!

Gift Geniuz

The shortest way to a great gift!

Best gifts for mountain bikers


Gifts provide mountain bikers with even more riding fun


Active mountain bikers have a very special relationship with their sport. Details are important to them. This applies to the bike as well as to the clothing. Gifts should meet these higher demands. With a little search and skill, this can be achieved. For example, a push-up on a mountain bike not only looks stylishly good. The biker can take the speed here on descents even better. The support does not interfere with him, but even provides more driving fun.

Mountain bikers want to be able to read then but not only the speed. The heart rate and data provides them with a GPS smartwatch very precisely. Simply tied around the wrist, it is a reliable companion on tours on the road or off-road.




Helpers in case of breakdowns


Mountain bikers can always use other useful companions. One of the best gifts, for example, is a pressure gauge that is always ready to hand. The quick and uncomplicated display protects the tires and ensures relaxed rides. Checking the pressure of the tires depending on the tour and the surface is child’s play. In any case, therefore, a useful gift that the mountain bikers are happy.

The same applies to the multitool. Cyclists should always carry this with them. It is the helper in an emergency, if on the road the chain breaks, the brakes are to be readjusted or other minor repairs to the bike are necessary. Without this Toul it is almost impossible to continue the journey after a defect.

Likewise, rides end faster than expected when bikers have neither a spare tube nor a pump with them. Tubes, repair kit and pump can mountain bikers as gifts therefore well use. Because breakdowns can not always be avoided. Especially since after many trips even the best tires no longer have the grip and a change becomes necessary.

Speaking of change: It is similar with the pedals and the plates under the shoes. Neither will last forever. This is another reason why they are among the best gifts for mountain bikers. Otherwise, they would have to make these purchases once anyway. A firm and secure grip on their rides they have namely only with impeccably functioning pedals and sole plates.




Top clothing for every season


Clothing is particularly important for every athlete. It must not only look top, but also fulfill its purpose. Functional underwear is also one of the best gifts for mountain bikers. In summer they do not sweat in it and feel comfortable even when touring in the cold winter. For all seasons and weather conditions, bikers are equipped with a die short pants with insert, long pants and short and long jerseys.

But the men or women on two wheels are also happy about arm and leg warmers, which they can comfortably put on or take off depending on the weather. They are the best gifts that are given to them. The same applies to a slightly thinner jacket for the transitional period and a thick jacket for winter rides at low temperatures.




Safe protection from weather and off-road hazards


Windproof gloves and hats for the helmet protect against penetrating cold, keep the body warm and are part of good equipment. Best gifts for mountain bikers who also need special footwear. Especially when riding over hill and dale, sturdy and shockproof shoes provide secure protection for the feet. And so that these remain dry and warm even in wet or cold, the very practical overshoes can serve.

As for safety, especially for mountain bikers and their rides in sometimes rough terrain, a high-quality helmet is important. And if the rides last a little longer in the dark season, lamps can provide front and rear for their own good visibility and that of other road users.

With gifts like these, you’re on the right track. They can be sweetened, for example, by energy bars, which mountain bikers also like to take during a break.


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