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Best gift for book lovers – Top 25


Struggling to find the perfect present for a book lover? Many of us take the easy route and purchase paperbacks or gift vouchers, but there are countless other options you can consider. Below are 25 gift ideas for book lovers you may not have considered.



1. First Editions

If you’ve got the budget to play with, a stunning first edition of a favorite book makes a wonderful gift for literature lovers.



2. Reissues of Childhood Favorites

Even the most discerning bookworm won’t be able to conceal their glee when opening up a set of childhood classics. You can buy pre-packaged sets from online stores and high street shops, or put together your own eclectic bundles.



3. E-readers

Not everyone has space for a growing library of paperbacks and hardbound novels. If you’re shopping for a minimalist, a new Kindle or e-reader will go down a storm. Just remember to add a few downloads before wrapping so your recipients have something to get stuck into.



4. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

If you’re giving an e-reader as a gift, these reading glasses are a great supplemental present. Instead of corrective lenses, these glasses block out harmful blue light from an e-reader, tablet, and smartphone screen.



5. Reading Lights

If your favorite bookworm loves nothing more than a bit of bedtime reading, reading lights make a superb gift. You can find clip-on lights that can be attached to bedside tables and headboards, as well as wearable devices that can be placed around the neck.



6. Book Stand Pillows

If you’re buying for someone with limited mobility, bookstands are a great gift idea. Go for a padded pillow design for maximum convenience and comfort.



7. Audiobook Subscriptions

Audiobooks have never been more popular. A great alternative to struggling to keep hold of an e-reader or paperback on the morning commute, audiobooks allow book lovers to keep on top of their reading without ever having to turn a page. An audiobook subscription is a wonderful digital gift idea.



8. Noise Canceling Headsets

If you’re going the audiobook route, a quality set of headphones is also worth considering. Noise-canceling headsets are best if you want to ensure the outside world doesn’t intrude on storytime.



9. Reading Journals

A premium reading journal is a must for anyone who gets through books regularly. A journal is particularly handy for those who are reading for study or are part of a book group. Spend a little more on a high-quality journal. Go for clothbound journals or embossed leather covers.



10. Novelty Bookmarks

Unless someone can read at the speed of light, they’ll need a bookmark to keep track of progress. Keep things light with a quirky novelty bookmark or choose a more sophisticated page marker with ornate detail.



11. Custom Stamps

Personalized stamps are a terrific gift idea for anyone who wants to keep their book collection in this possession. Custom stamps allow readers to put their mark on every book in their collection, guaranteeing their favorite paperbacks won’t go missing after being loaned out to friends and family.



12. Bookends

Not everyone has space for large storage units, but most people have a little room on a shelf for storing their most treasured books. A quality pair of bookends can transform even the most compact book storage areas.



13. Page Holders and Page Spreaders

Lightweight wooden or plastic page holders that let busy bookworms keep reading on the go, even if they’ve only got one hand spare.



14. Hanging Artwork

Themed artwork is an awesome gift idea for bookworms. You can repurpose old book pages or covers into a bespoke piece of art. Alternatively, have an out-of-print cover resized and printed and place it in an ornate frame for a glorious gift.



15. Author Autobiographies

Once they’ve read the entire bibliography of their favorite author, give them a gift that will teach them more about the master behind the words. Many authors have written their autobiographies, while countless more have been covered by unlicensed editions.



16. Bookbinding Kits

A bookbinding kit is a good option if you’re shopping for a creative bookworm. Don’t be afraid to spend a premium on one of these kits. The best sets will produce superior results that can be transformed into bespoke journals and beautiful gifts in their own right.



17. Bookshelves and Storage

A bulky bookcase isn’t the most practical of gifts for bookworms. However, you can still gift essential storage so literature lovers have plenty of space for housing their favorite tomes. Hanging bookshelves are a great alternative and can be used to mount small book collections just about anywhere.



18. Book and Movie Bundles

Many of the best books around have been adapted into movies. A themed bundle containing a hardback copy of the source material and a DVD of the movie adaption makes a first-rate present.



19. Blankets and Throws

Nothing beats curling up on the couch with a great book. Make reading time even better with a textured throw or sumptuously soft blanket.



20. Page Markers

An avid reader loves nothing more than annotating their favorite lines and chapters. However, all that scribbling can quickly render a book unreadable. A handy pack of sticky notes will allow bookworms to highlight favorite sections without damaging the pages of their beloved paperbacks and hardbound books.



21. Literature Tour Tickets

If you and your favorite bookworm are based in a larger city, there’s a good chance at least one world-famous author spent some time living or working within proximity. Many cities host guided tours and literary trails. Check to see what’s on offer in your neck of the woods and book a couple of tickets for a grand day out.



22. Mini Breaks to Iconic Destinations

If you’re prepared to travel further afield, think about booking a short getaway to somewhere celebrated on the page. There’s no shortage of destination ideas here. Consider the favorite books of the intended recipient and see what’s within your budget.



23. Scented Candles and Essential Oils

Delicate aromas can help set the mood for a relaxing reading session. Vanilla and lavender-scented candles are both good choices, while essential oils and incense sticks are also worth thinking about.



24. Personalized Mugs

A piping hot cup of tea and a good back make the perfect match. A personalized mug featuring characters or excerpts from famous books is a perfect present idea for literature fans.



25. Gift Vouchers

Still unsure of what to buy a book lover? Make things easier on yourself and buy a gift voucher that can be redeemed at a bookstore instead.


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