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The best gift ideas for a pregnant woman – Top 32


Has someone close to you recently announced that they are expecting? A gift for mothers-to-be isn’t always expected, but it will never fail to raise a smile. Whether it’s someone’s first child or the latest addition to an ever-growing brood, our gift guide includes ideas for everyone.



1. Maternity Clothing

Everyone likes to look their best. However, during pregnancy, expanding waists and busts can make this difficult. Some stylish maternity clothing will go down a storm with expectant mothers. Go for versatile items like maxi dresses or outerwear.



2. Store Gift Cards

It can be tricky to choose clothing for somebody else. When in doubt, a store gift card loaded with credit makes a great gift. Go for cards and vouchers from their favorite stores and let them replenish their own wardrobes.



3. Exercise Equipment

Staying in shape during pregnancy is important for a quick postpartum recovery. However, many expectant mothers struggle to make time for the gym during the last trimester. Bring the gym to them with a gift of exercise equipment.



4. Chocolate and Candy Selection Boxes

Cravings are an inevitable part of pregnancy. Make sure somebody special has something tasty to snack on by giving them a hamper of all their favorite sweet treats.



5. Pampering Hampers

We all need to take time to indulge ourselves from time to time. This is even more important for a stressed-out mother-to-be counting down the days until her due date. A bespoke pamper hamper, loaded with spa treatments and other relaxation aids makes a superb gift idea.



6. Pregnancy Journals

Keeping a journal is always a good idea during pregnancy. Putting thoughts down on paper can help expectant parents prepare for the journey ahead. Meanwhile, the finished article makes a wonderful gift for children later on in life. If a pregnant loved one has yet to start one, think about buying a high-quality journal so they can start putting pen to paper.



7. Pregnancy Planner

It’s easy to focus on preparing for the birth and what comes after, but there’s a lot to do before the baby actually appears. A pregnancy planner will ensure parents-to-be keep track of health appointments, prenatal classes, and other important events.



8. Essential Reading for New Parents

Buying for a first-time parent? Reference books will make a welcome gift. Look for titles that cover topics like postpartum care, feeding, and general health and well-being.



9. Pregnancy Pillow

Many women struggle to get enough sleep during pregnancy. A pregnancy pillow will help ensure your loved one enjoys a great night’s sleep from conception, right up until the birth itself. What sets pregnancy pillows apart from conventional sleeping aids? They accommodate changes in body shape and weight, meaning comfort and support are never compromised.



10. Support Wedge Pillow

Some people may find a full-size pregnancy pillow too cumbersome for use every night. A wedge pillow is a good alternative. These compact cushions can be placed between the legs or under the spine to alleviate pressure points.



11. Blankets and Throws

Luxurious knits can be snuggled up with during the last stages of pregnancy. Once the baby has come along, they can be used as soft furnishings in a nursery. Spend a little more on premium materials like cashmere or merino wool if you’re feeling generous.



12. Loungewear and Pajamas

Here’s another suitable gift idea for keeping expectant moms comfortable in the last couple of months before giving birth. Go for loose fits and stretch fabrics to ensure maximum comfort.



13. Luxury Robe

Comfortable loungewear isn’t just about convenience. Sometimes, mothers in waiting need to indulge with a little luxury. A premium robe can add a little glamor to everyday lounging.



14. Premium Slippers

The feet and ankles take a real pounding during pregnancy. Help take the load off with the gift of comfortable slippers or sandals. If the recipient still wants the freedom to get out and run errands, go for breathable sneakers that won’t suffocate swollen feet. For the best in comfort, a cushioned flip-flop is the way to go.



15. Personalized Mugs

If you’re looking for a cheap and cheerful memento of pregnancy, a customized mug makes a wonderful gift idea. Go for slogans or photo prints if you’re after something with a personal touch.



16. Sonogram Prints and Artwork

Receiving the first sonogram of a new arrival is one of the most magical episodes of any pregnancy. Once you’ve got your hands on a copy of the sonogram, you can transform it into something truly special. Think about printing a larger copy and framing it in an elegant surround. Alternatively, have a sonogram printed on a personalized canvas.



17. Bath Salts and Soaks

Nothing takes the edge off pregnancy symptoms than a long soak in a hot bath. You need to be careful when selecting salts and soak products and ensure they’re safe to use by pregnant women. When in doubt, stick to Epson salts.



18. Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

Essential oils are generally a safe option for expectant mothers. However, stick to diffusers rather than oils that need to be applied directly to the skin.



19. Skincare Gift Set

Skincare routines are often put to one side during pregnancy. With so many products unsuitable for use by pregnant or breastfeeding mothers, it’s easy to see why. Make sure your loved one can maintain a glowing complexion with a bundle of pregnancy-safe skincare staples.



20. Spa Day

If you want to really push the boat out, think about organizing a spa day. Just make sure you check with your spa of choice that they’re aware your guest is pregnant so they can prepare a line-up of treatments and products that are safe to use.



21. Maternity Belts

These may look uncomfortable, but maternity belts are an essential accessory for any pregnant woman. The best belts can provide welcome support for the pelvis and help keep bumps lifted.



22. Compression Socks

As babies grow and bumps swell, the veins are placed under increased pressure. Compression socks help tackle circulation issues and alleviate aches and pains in the leg and angles.



23. Caffeine-Free Teas and Coffees

It’s hard to cut out caffeine at the best of times. During pregnancy, a total lack of tea and coffee can be a real downer. While caffeine should be avoided at all costs during pregnancy, there’s no reason why beloved beverages need to be sacrificed. Caffeine-free coffee blends and specialty teas will make a fine gift for someone special.



24. Pregnancy Nutrition Books

If someone close to you has recently told you their big news, nutrition books make a thoughtful gift idea. Eating right during pregnancy can bring significant health benefits to mom and baby.



25. Gourmet Meal Delivery

Preparing meals from scratch takes a lot of work. As mothers inch ever closer to their due date, there may be zero time to cook at all. To take some of the strain off, order your friend or loved one a gourmet delivery box packed with treats fit for a queen.



26. Keepsake Box

Keepsake boxes or chests allow new parents to keep hold of little mementos acquired during pregnancy. These can include first sonograms, congratulations cards, appointment notes, and more.



27. Photoshoot Session

When the baby arrives, there’ll be no shortage of photos taken. However, many parents forget to capture the stages of pregnancy on camera. A photoshoot session is a perfect way of remembering the bump that came before the baby.



28. Maid Service

Housework rightly becomes less of a priority during the final months of pregnancy. If you can’t roll up your sleeves and help out yourself, think about booking a cleaner or maid service.



29. Baby Clothes

Clothing for newborns will also make a welcome gift. When choosing clothing for babies, make sure you’re sticking to natural materials and organic fibers that won’t aggravate delicate skin. If you’re in the dark about the baby’s gender, stick to neutral colors that will work equally well for boys and girls.



30. Prenatal Classes

First-time parents will love you for taking charge of prenatal education. Booking some introductory sessions at a nearby prenatal class will ensure they’re ready to take on anything.



31. Hospital Care Package

It’s impossible to predict how long a new mother will spend in labor or the maternity ward after giving birth. To help make the experience an easy one, a hospital care package stuffed with goodies for the entire family is a great idea.



32. Postpartum Gift Hamper

Once the delivery is done, it’s time for baby to settle in and mom to recuperate. A postpartum gift hamper is, therefore, a good idea. You can include stuffed toys and trinkets for little ones, along with pampering products and relaxation aids for new moms.


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