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The best gift for gamers in 2022 – Top 50


Are you looking for the best gift for a computergames fan? Here is our list op ideas, we hope you’ll get inspired



1. Lego Super Mario: Luigi’s Mansion Haunt-and-Seek Expansion Set

Anyone who owns the original ‘Luigi’s Mansion Lego set will love this expansion, which includes new characters such as the Garbage Can Ghost and Grabbing Ghost.



2. Halo Infinite Funk Pops

2022 sees the release of three new Funko Pop vinyl figures tying in with Halo Infinite. These are Escharum with Gravity Axe, Grunt Conscript with plasma Pistol and Spartan Mark V with Energy Sword.



3. Game On! 2022

Younger gamers will appreciate this comprehensive guide to both new games of 2022 and established hits. Aimed at ages 7-10.



4. Among Us Nintendroid Figures

Tying in with the hit puzzle game, these figures are not at all sus. Red, black and cyan figures are currently available for preorder, and will be released in September 2022.



5. Final Fantasy Music Boxes

From the opening theme to the original Final Fantasy through to the “searching for friends” theme from Final Fantasy VI, each of these six attractive music boxes will play a piece of music from a different Final Fantasy game.



6. Xbox Controller Alarm Clock

Shapes exactly like a classic Xbox controller, this is actually an alarm clock that has all of the features you could hope for.



7. Official Fortnite 2022 Calendar

Enter 2022 in style with this officially-licensed calendar, which has one scene from the beloved games series for each month.



8. Building Your Gaming PC AT All Costs 2022

If the gamer in your life is something of a tech-head, then they will appreciate this step-by-step guide to building a gaming PC.



9. The Art of Death Stranding

Tying in with the hit Kojima Productions game, this is a handsome art book with plenty of beautiful illustrations. You could also go all-out and buy the Ultra-Limited edition.



10. Venom Multi-Colour LED Light-up Console Stand

Compatible with the Xbox Series X, this is a stylish-looking stand that is both attractive and useful.



11. Monopoly Roblox Edition

Any fan of the online gaming sensation Roblox will get a kick out of this special edition of the classic board game Monopoly.



12. Art of Elden Ring

One of the top game releases of 2022 is sure to be Elden Ring. For the full experience take a look at this art book that sheds new light on the game’s fantasy world.



13. Starfield Logo T-shirt

If the gamer in your life is hyped for Bethesda’s upcoming Starfield, then they will appreciate this t-shirt featuring the game’s logo.



14. Doom Mancubus Mini Collectible Figure #10

Any fan of the much-loved Doom figure will get a laugh out of this figure, which makes the dreaded monster oddly cute.



15. X-01 Power ARmor Statue

This Fallout statue is available in two variants: institute and Hot-Rod flames. Each is a limited edition and will be treasured by any gamer.



16. Paladone Xbox Heat Mug

This mug has two designs themed around the iconic Xbox controller, one black and one green. when it heats up, it will change from the black to the green design.



17. Samus Aran (Metroid Prime 3: Corruption) Figma Figurine

The legendary Metroid heroine is re-created down to the tiniest detail in this high-quality figurine.



18. Nintendo Switch Card Case

This gift is not only attractive but useful. It has space for eight different Nintendo Switch game cards, all together in a convenient case.



19. My Nintendo Calendar 2022

Nintendo’s best loved characters and games are represented on thsi 12-month calendar.



20. Halo Master Chief Limited Edition Cable Guy

An Xbox owner can keep their controller safe and secure with the help of a miniature version of Master Chief from Halo.



21. Nintendo Switch online 12 month gift card

Subscriptions to online services make great gifts. If the gamer in your life is a Nintendo fan, they are sure to appreciate this gift card.



22. GSP 602 Gaming Headset

Boasting heavy-duty earphone, a microphone and adjustable features, this is a headset that will suit anyone who takes gaming seriously.



23. Xbox Wireless Controller – 20th Anniversary Special Edition

Anybody with fond memories of wrapping their hands around the original Xbox controller will appreciate the nostalgia value of this anniversary remake.



24. Health and Mana Necklace Trinket

Anyone who has played RPGs will know the value of red potions for health and blue potions for mana. Well, with these attractive necklace trinkets, you will have easy access to both.



25. Super Mario Piranha Plant Light

Remember the pesky Piranha Plants from Super Mario? Well, here is a household light that replicates their iconic appearance perfectly.



26. Sony PS5 HD Camera

If you a buying a gift for a PlayStation 5 owner, then they may well appreciate the opportunity to add a whole new level to their gaming experience with this HD camera.



27. The Legend of Zelda Official A5 Diary 2022

Just the thing for keeping track of your personal quests over the course of the year.



28. PlayStation Plus Subscription

This subscription will be essential for anyone who wants to play their PS5 online.As an added bonus, it grants access to a selection of free games.



29. Legend Of Zelda Cookbook

Boasting 20 recipes inspired by the various food found across the land of Hyrule, this is a gift that will fit into the kitchen as much as the gaming room.



30. Pokémon 2022 Day-to-Day Calendar

Get a pocket monster for every day of the year with this adorable calendar.



31. Devil MAy Cry Action Figure: Dante Luxury Edition

The Devil May Cry hero has never looked better than in this highly detailed action figure.



32. Funko Plush: FNAF Dreadbear: Jack-O-Bonnie (Merchandise)

If you ever wanted to cuddle up with one of the deadly robots from Five Nights at Freddy’s, now is your chance.



33. Razer Kraken Kitty RGB USB Gaming Headset

For something both whimsical and practical, give a thought to this headset. All of the technical features that you would expect are accompanied by a pair of cat ears and a funky pink scheme.



34. Secretlab Titan Evo 2022

This chair is comfortable, flexible and just the thing for any gamer who wants to ensure that their back is kept in good condition while they play.



35. Steam Gift Card

Any PC gamer will be spoilt for choice when they receive this gift card for the sprawling games provider.



36. Razer Kishi Controller for Android

Those who enjoy mobile games often have to make do with default interfaces. This intuitive controller, however, brings the feel of console gaming to mobile entertainment.



37. Super Mario Brothers heat-changing mug

Another entry in the ever-popular ranks of heat-changing mugs, this features two scenes from the classic NES Super Mario Bros: one a daytime scene, the other a subterranean level.



38. Gold Cayde Tubbz

The beloved character from Destiny II is reincarnated in rubber duck form. Just the thing for your bathtime.



39. Leveled Up To Daddy 2022 Video Gamer Soon To Be Dad 2022 Essential T-Shirt

This is a fun T-shirt that any avid gamer will love if they are having a child in 2022.



40. Cuphead and Mugman Action Figures

The main characters from the hit indie game are immortalised in poseable form.



41. Arcade1Up Midway Legacy 12in1 + Riser

No fewer than 12 classic Midway arcade games can be played with this replica cabinet.



42. Arcade1Up Pac-Man Stool 2021

The iconic graphics from Pac-Man are recreated in their most comfortable form yet thanks to this attractive stool.



43. Game & Watch: The Legend of Zelda

The first game in the Zelda series is recreated in handheld form with this LCD game.



44. Doom Classic Box-Art T-Shirt

Available in a range of sizes, this attractive t-shirt features the iconic box-art of the classic shooter.



45. Minecraft Creeper glass tumbler

Have your drink from this glass tumbler, and you will be able to share your beverage with the face of the Creeper.



46. Star Wars: Battlefront II Vintage Collection Gaming Greats Action Figure 2022 ARC Trooper

Those with fond memories of Star Wars: Battlefront II will appreciate this detailed 10cm figure.



47. Rainbow Six Extraction Chibi Ela

The fan-favourite Rainbow Six character is now available in chibi-fied form.



48. Tom Nook Mega Plush

Shaped liek the head of Animal Crossing’s beloved raccoon, this oversized plush will certainly make your household a lot more cuddly.



49. Pokemon: Pikachu Glow Gift Box

This attractive gift box includes two coasters, a mug and a glass, all glowing in the dark.



50. Halo Master Chief CosCup

Kick back and enjoy a drink from this reusable cup, shaped like a cylindrical version of Halo’s Master Chief.



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