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To a close of three decades now, Amazon has built a reputation of being a global powerhouse for renowned in-house brands and products. Today, the e-commerce giant boasts of selling and featuring leading product lines, including digital products, electronics, apparel, food, and fashionwear.

However, the e-retailer is commonly disputed for contributing to a more polluted world through its unknown product sources and excessing carbon packaging. Fortunately, its latest release, Amazon Aware, is here to rewrite the story. Amazon users can now find sustainable and carbon-neutral products for an environmentally sensitive lifestyle.



Here is everything you need to know about Amazon Aware products and gifts.


Amazon Aware Products Defined


The modern consumer is a more conscious buyer, looking for products and gifts designed with a commitment to a more sustainable future. In 2020, Amazon commissioned the Climate Pledge Friendly Program, an initiative established to help its users fulfil this new purchasing behavior. As part of this Program, the e-retailer has introduced Amazon Aware, a new brand featuring sustainable-conscious essentials ranging from skincare products, household items, and apparel. This means that users can discover eco-friendly essentials from their favorite retailers across Amazon-featured regions.

All products and product lines selling on Amazon Aware come with third-party, carbon-neutral certifications as outlined in Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly program. Notably, essentials selling at Amazon Aware are designed consciously, with materials such as organic cotton, polyester, and bio-based resources comprising the ingredient list.



Amazon Aware Product Certifications


Products and gifts certified to be carbon neutral must have synchrony with the certifications applying to that particular product type. For instance, apparel and fashionwear must adhere to the provisions of the Global Recycled Standard certifications to feature in Amazon Aware. An independent certifier is involved prior to Amazon’s acceptance of the product’s high-quality carbon credits.

Amazon’s pledge to net-zero carbon has solicited over 200 signatories from around the world, including such giant brands as Verizon and Best Buy. The primary goal of these partnerships and certifications is to facilitate the reduction of carbon emissions to net zero by 2040.



Amazon Aware Product Categories


Amazon Aware features distinct products in 4 major categories. These product lines include;


1. Apparel

There is no doubt that, since its inception, Amazon has made a fortune out of apparel and fashionwear. Amazon Aware brings you the everyday apparel pieces designed and curated from recyclable materials for both men and women. Such lines include sleepwear, T-shirts, and denim. From jeans and chinos to sweatpants and pullovers, Amazon Aware makes it possible for you to find wears that fit with every other piece that you own. Additionally, T-shirt lovers can custom make pieces that are both organic and made-to-fit.

Third-party certifications featured in the apparel category include HIGG Index, Global Organic Textile Standard, and Global Recycled Standard.


2. Household Essentials

Traditionally, finding a household essential with sustainability at the core of its design would ideally mean going to various retail stores. But, Amazon Aware brings you eco-friendly essentials for your day-to-day use under one e-store and with a click of a button. Thanks to Amazon Aware, sustainable-focused houseware, such as napkins, facial and paper towels, and cleaning cloths, are all made available at a go.

All the household essentials featured on Amazon Aware are fully made from recycled materials. According to Amazon, these essentials do not contain fragrances, dyes, or ingredients with carbon. Household essentials under Amazon Aware are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, the agency responsible for verifying responsible forestry.


3. Beauty and Skincare

Amazon is officially in full mode to expand its beauty portfolio, a move enhanced by Amazon Aware’s beauty and skincare collection. Currently, the brand features 7 products under this category, including body creams, face cleansers, moisturizers, and a body cleanser. Each of these products is vegan and fragrance-free, topped with aluminum packaging. Not to forget that 4 out of the 7 beauty products are refillable to minimize the single-use of plastics.

Amazon Aware involves the Environmental Working Group (EWG) for third-party certification and verification to ensure the safe and healthy use of the brand’s beauty products.


4. Bedding and Bath Products

Bringing consciousness into your bedroom and bathroom is critical to healthy living. Amazon Aware introduces you to eco-friendly bedding and bath items that help you maintain responsible living conditions. They include bath mats, plush towels, duvets, and bedsheets.
OEKO-TEX Certification, a Made in Green Label, is adopted to verify these products.



Amazon Aware gift examples


1. Women’s Fit and Flare Dress

The Amazon Aware apparel collection for women has the perfect fit and flare dress for you. Made with pure organic cotton, this dress comes with a smooth and beautiful drape that makes it cosy and comfy. Flared to the hem and fitted through the chest and waist, there is no doubt that this dress will suit you for that elegant occasion. Pick the color that best amplifies your appeal.


2. Fleece Half Zip Sweatshirt for Men

Looking for a loosely fit sweatshirt for a more chilled and gentler feel? The fleece half-zip sweatshirt will give you the exact warmth and fit that you need. Designed with a blend of certified, organic, and carbon-neutral materials, there is no better sigh of consciousness than the one you find in this sweatshirt. Its quarter-zip front will make you find comfort and style at the same time, whether in a professional or non-formal setup.


3. Balancing Face Cleanser

Made from calendula and arnica extracts, Amazon Aware’s face cleanser is formulated to brighten and hydrate your skin. The face product is built with balancing properties, where your face benefits from its ingredients without stripping its natural oils. Amazon Aware face cleanser is EWG verified, with reliable approvals from ophthalmologists and dermatologists. In addition to being fragrance-free, the cleanser is designed for use by people with oily and moist skin.


4. All-Purpose Cleaning Cloth

Amazing Aware’s All-Cleaning Cloth is a carbon-neutral cloth with certifications from third parties, such as ClimatePartner. The cloth can be used with liquid cleansers or water for better cleaning results. Unlike ordinary paper towels, this all-purpose cloth is reuse friendly.


5. Amazon Aware Toilet Paper

In addition to enjoying the notable mega rolls, the Amazon Aware Toilet Paper is packaged with plastic-free materials. Also, there are no fragrances, dyes, or inks used in its manufacturing. Made using 100% recycled paper, this toilet paper has three times less environmental impact than the options made from trees. This is definitely a great addition to having a sustainability-conscious home.


6. Organic Cotton Sheets

The Amazon Aware organic cotton sheets are a great eco-friendly option for your bedding needs. These sheets are designed with 100% organic cotton fabrics, giving you a warmer and soft feel. The eco-consciousness of the brand explains why these sheets are packaged and delivered in reusable organic cotton bags.


7. Amazon Aware Duvet Sets

Give your bedroom a serene appeal with the Amazon Aware Organic Cotton Duvet sets. The set comes with a cover and a pair of standard-size pillow shams. The organic cotton used is definitely the primary reason why the duvet’s feel is both warm and cozy. The cotton used is certified and verified by the Global Organic Textile Standard and OEKO TEX.


8. Amazon Aware Unisex Socks

Get the comfortable, lightweight, and soft feel to your feet through a pair of Amazon Aware unisex socks. You do not have to worry about itches and marks around the sock tops, thanks to the organic cotton fabric.



Amazon Aware for More Earth-Friendly gifts


From vegan beauty products and organic cotton sleepwear to organic household essentials and beddings, Amazon is rolling out sustainable-focused products for more conscious buys. The e-retailer features products from your favorite brands across the US, Europe, and Canada. Essentially, all such brands must be part of the big climate-focused initiative – the Climate Pledge Friendly program.

According to Amazon Aware, the brand’s focus on carbon-neutral certifications implies that there is partnered accountability to neutralize emissions and account for product emissions through top-notch carbon credits. This is definitely a good time to add highly eco-conscious gifts to your carts.


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