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All about Amazon Aware Clothing


Everything You Should Know About Amazon Aware Clothing

In the past few years, people worldwide have adapted sustainable lifestyles. Sustainability is based on the principle that everything needed for human survival and well-being depends directly or indirectly on the natural environment. Therefore, sustainability enforces the need to care for the natural environment for survival.

The adaptation of sustainable lifestyles results from increased awareness and concern for the state of the environment. As a result, many sustainable brands have emerged in various industries. The fashion industry has specifically experienced an increase in sustainability, with sustainable brands popping up ever so often. Companies in the fashion industry are working hard to create clothing lines, beauty, and fashion products from sustainable materials and manufacturing processes.

While many people appreciate the industry’s move towards sustainability, one significant challenge is that clothes by these brands sometimes come at higher prices. Naturally, ethically sourced clothing takes more resources and effort to manufacture. This explains the increased prices. However, many consumers are unwilling or cannot afford to pay hundreds of dollars for clothing pieces with cheaper alternatives. Many companies have not been able to produce high-quality, sustainable, affordable products. For this reason, Amazon started the Amazon Aware Clothing Initiative.



What is Amazon Aware?


Amazon Aware is a sustainable home, fashion, and beauty brand that seeks to bridge the gap between sustainability and high costs. The brand boasts affordability and carbon-neutrality. The launch of Amazon Aware is part of the company’s move toward becoming carbon neutral by 2040 fully. Amazon launched the Climate Pledge Friendly program in 2020 as an initiative to help clients discover sustainable products on its platform. Amazon has many other initiatives to meet this goal, and Amazon Aware is the latest.

The commerce giant launched this Amazon Aware for consumers who value sustainability but cannot afford to spend too much on basic products like clothes. The brand features a collection of clothing, beauty products, and various home goods. These products are certified as Climate Pledge Friendly.

Conventionally, Amazon would not be the first place you look for sustainable clothing. However, the company seeks to change this through this launch.

The biggest focal point of this launch by Amazon is that the items are certified carbon neutral. Amazon also guarantees that they are made with at least 50 percent recycled materials, according to the company’s Climate Friendly Pledge. The products are thoughtfully designed and made from recycled polyester, organic cotton, and various bio-based ingredients with specific certifications according to their type.



Amazon Aware Categories


Amazon Aware produces everyday essentials like beauty products, apparels, and household essentials. The Amazon Aware line is broken down into four main categories.

They are:


1 · Amazon Aware’s Bedding and Bath Products

The brand also features a range of bedding and bath products. They are made from organic cotton, and OEKO-TEX certifies them as Made in Green. This certification proves that they are manufactured using reduced or minimal environmental impact processes. Furthermore, they are manufactured under socially responsible working conditions.


2 · Amazon Aware’s Clothing and Apparel

The brand features basic T-shirts and sweatshirts to chinos, sleepwear, cozy loungewear, denim, activewear, and button-up shirts. Therefore, there is something for everyone, regardless of their gender, age, and size. The clothes are designed with fabric made from recycled materials. They also feature third-party certifications like the Organic Content Standard 100, the HIGG Index Material Seal, and the Global Recycle Standard.


3 · Amazon Aware’s Skincare and Beauty Products

The skincare and beauty products in the Amazon Aware collection are all tested by expert dermatologists. Additionally, they are formulated with safe ingredients like Vitamin C, avocado oil, and shea butter. The commerce giant also uses eco-friendly packaging. For instance, the skincare and beauty products are packaged in aluminium or glass jars and bottles. This is done to reduce the use of single-use plastics. Furthermore, all products are free of chemicals listed by the Environmental Working Group (EWG).

All the Amazon Aware beauty and skincare products are EWG certified. According to Amazon, each product is also vegan and designed without fragrance. They include face cleansers, body washes, lotions, and face moisturizers. They are designed for oily and dry skin.


4 · Amazon Aware’s Household Essentials

This category included facial tissues, cleaning cloths, toilet paper, napkins, and paper towels. Each product is produced from 100% recycled materials. According to Amazon, the products also do not contain any fragrances or dyes. Furthermore, these products are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), a department that ensures product manufacturers support responsible forestry.



Who can Shop Amazon Aware Clothing


All the Amazon Aware initiative products are available to customers in the United States, Canada, and Europe. However, the commerce giant is working towards expanding the brand’s reach depending on how it performs and its global acceptance. Nearly all of the clothing items in this brand are available in sizes XXS through 7X or 0 to 40 in denim. Their prices range from 18 to 59 dollars. This is far more affordable than most sustainable apparel, home essentials, and beauty products in the market. Therefore, you do not have to worry about your budget when shopping from this collection.



How to Shop Amazon Aware Clothing


Shopping for products on Amazon aware clothing is as simple as purchasing other Amazon products. All Amazon Aware products are available on Amzons’s Climate Pledge Friendly storefront. You can also purchase them directly from Amazon Aware. When shopping for these sustainable clothing products, you can filter your search by the four categories explained above or by the types of eco-friendly measures. For instance, you can search for products made from recycled or organic materials.



A Look at Some of the Items in Amazon Aware Apparel and Clothing


Below are some of the most positively reviewed items in the Amazon Aware Clothing & Apparel:


Women’s rib crewneck sweater- is made from an Ecovero Viscose blend created by amazon from renewable wood sources. It is praised for its sewing, thickness, quality, fit, and overall stylishness. This garment comes in six different colors and is avialbel in a varity of sizes. The smallest size is XX-small, while the largest is 7X-large. These sizes make is suitable for different body types.


Men’s fleece sweatpants- are a cozy style with a pull-on closure with a belt style instead of drawstrings. It is a well-made product made with cozy materials certified by OCSB. It features 55% cotton and 45% polyester. It is available in five colors and men’s sizes XX-small to 3X large.


Women’s fit and flare dress- is a 100% cotton dress designed for comfort and style. Its organic material is OCS 100 certified. It is available in sizes XX-small to 7X large and in six colors.
Men’s fleece half-zip sweatshirt made with materilas certified by Organic Content Standard Blended. These are 45% polyester and 55% cotton. The style features a collar and zipper, and it’s been reviewed to be nice and soft. It comes in five colors and sizes XX-small to 3X-large.


Women’s 100% recycled polyester sherpa jacket- combines a shirt and jacket design. It is a cozy style featuring a recycled polyester jacket, also GRS certified. It also includes an inner lining, comes in four colors, and sizes XX-small to 7X-large.


Stylish men’s cotton slim-fit chino pants designed for everyday donning. They are made from durable cotton, a zipper closure, and feature a slim-fit design. These chino panst also come in four different colors.


Amazon Aware features several incredible products. So far, there are numerous positive reviews of the collection. Most of them are focused on the prices, product qualities, and varieties.


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