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All about Amazon Aware Beauty Products


Sustainability is a normative concept that presumes that all resources are finite, so they should be conserved wisely while considering long-term priorities and consequences of the ways resources are used. In simpler terms, sustainability is all about conserving resources for the long-term future.

In recent years, people have become more aware of the existing damage to the environment. This has led to the global acceptance of the concept of sustainability. Businesses are currently at the forefront of promoting sustainability.

Sustainability is all about applying the best practices in producing and supplying goods. It includes the use of sustainable resources like raw materials. Businesses in various sectors are currently producing sustainable products as their demand. Amazon has been at the forefront of promoting sustainability in all sectors.

In 2020, Amazon launched the Climate Pledge Friendly initiative. The initiative aims to make it easy for consumers to shop for more sustainable products. So far, Amazon has more than 80000 products in their sustainable category through the Climate Pledge Friendly initiative. The commerce giant recently launched Amazon Aware as part of the initiative.

Thanks to the Climate Pledge Friendly initiative, Amazon discovered that as much as consumers would love to get sustainable products, the prices turn them away. Therefore, with Amazon Aware, the commerce giant seeks to resolve this problem.



What is Amazon Aware?


Amazon Aware is a line of everyday essentials, including apparel, household essentials, beddings and bath items, and beauty products. According to Amazon, all products on this like are certified carbon neutral and meet third-party certifications. When a product is certified carbon neutral, it has accounted for product discharges and neutralized any lingering emissions via high-quality carbon credits. Climate Partner, an external certifier, calculates the levels of carbon emissions. Amazon also guarantees that everything in the new collection is designed with sustainable materials.



Amazon Aware Beauty Products


The Amazon Aware line features beauty and skincare products for people of all skin types. The company guarantees that all the beauty and skincare products are EWG verified.



What Does the EWG Verification Mean?


EWG is an acronym for Environmental Working Group. This name denotes a 30-year-old company that tracks chemical safety in product manufacturing. EWG features a collection of chemists, epidemiologists, and toxicologists. These experts work on promoting clarity about the ingredients used in personal care products. The team puts together a list of toxic chemicals that personal care product manufacturers should avoid. Therefore, if a product is EWG verified, it is free of chemicals of concern and meets the Environmental Working Group’s standards for production. So far, only around 2071 products have received the covered EWG verification.



Qualities of Amazon Aware’s beauty products


The Amazon Aware skin and body care line boasts the following qualities:


  • Vegan Friendly

Vegan beauty products are created without animal raw materials, by-products, or derivatives, like beeswax, honey, lanolin, collagen, cholesterol, and gelatin. Instead, they are fully made with plant ingredients., like aloe, shea butter, grape seed extract, and green tea.


Vegan beauty products are typically more beneficial for the skin. They are good for sensitive skin and packed with vitamins and nutrients. As the world shifts towards sustainability, the demand for vegan beauty products also increases. According to Amazon, the beauty products in their new sustainable products are guaranteed vegan.


  • Cruelty-Free

When a product is marked as cruelty-free, it is manufactured without harming animals. For instance, the products are not tested on animals. Amazon guarantees that their new sustainable line’s beauty and skincare products are cruelty-free.


  • Free of Fragrances

All the beauty and skincare products also do not contain any fragrances. More often than not, consumers react negatively to beauty products with fragrances. The fragrances cause breakouts, especially for people with sensitive skin, Which is where Amazon Aware’s beauty and skincare line comes in to help.


  • Carbon Neutral

A product is verified carbon neutral if the amount of carbon it emits into the atmosphere equals the amount they remove. The core of Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly initiative is carbon neutrality. This also applies to all the products in the Amazon Aware line, including the beauty products.


  • Safe Packaging

Each item in the Amazon aware is packaged in either glass jars or refillable aluminum bottles with a reusable pump. Amazon aims to reduce single-use plastic with this new launch to reduce plastic waste. The products are also incredibly affordable compared to other sustainable products in the beauty and skincare industry.



Popular Aware Beauty Products


The Amazon Aware beauty and skincare line is endowed with face cleansers, body washes, lotions, and moisturizers. The products are designed for dry and oily skin.

Below are some products in Amazon’s new line to look out for and add to your self-care routine:


  • The Daily Body Wash: is a foaming gel cleanser packed in a refillable aluminum bottle. It also comes with a reusable pump. It is made with glycerin and other helpful ingredients. It is quite easy to use and incredibly affordable. It is available for $15.99.
  • The Hydrating Face Cleaner: is a gentle milky cleanser infused with sandalwood oils and avocado. It is designed to hydrate, balance, and brighten the skin without stripping it of its natural oils. The cleanser is perfect for dry and normal skin types. It goes for $16.99.
  • The Balancing Face Cleanser: is a gentle cleaner made with safe ingredients like arnica and calendula extracts. It is perfect for cleansing, soothing inflammation, and reducing blemishes. It is great for oily and combination skin types and goes for only $16.99.
  • The Hydrating Face Moisturizer: is a beauty essential for glowing and bright skin. It is designed for sensitive skin with ingredients like sunflower seed oil, cocoa butter, and avocado oil. The moisturizer features a smooth and creamy texture for easy application. This Amazon Aware beauty product costs $18.99.
  • The balancing Face Moisturizer: is a product for oily and combination skin types designed to refresh and moisturize the skin without clogging its pores with oil. It is packed with licorice root extract and vitamin C for brightening and balancing. It costs $18.99.
  • The Nourishing Body Cream: is made with a blend of shea butter and vitamin E. Its creamy and thick formula is perfect for all dry spots. It goes for $17.99.



Other Products in the Amazon Aware Line


Other than the beauty care products, the Amazon Aware line also features:

  • Apparel: is a clothing line made from recycled materials for men and women. It features t-shirts, outerwear, sleep and loungewear, and denim. They come in numerous sizes, designs, and colors. The clothes boast third-party certifications like the GRS, GOTS, and HIGG index material.
  • Bedding and Bath: it features a wide range of items like bedsheets, duvets, towels, and bath mats with certifications from FOTS and Made in Green by OEKO-TEX. They are made under socially responsible working organizations and with sustainable materials.
  • Household Essentials: include cleaning cloths, toilet papers, napkins, paper towels, and facial tissues. All these products are manufactured from 100% recycled materials with no fragrances or dyes.


Key Takeaway

With Amazon Aware and the Climate Pledge Friendly Initiative, the commerce giant intends to hit net-zero carbon by 2040. You can purchase these products on Amazon’s commerce platforms at incredible prices. The products are currently available in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

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